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Japanese Wolf

Japanese WolfOriginal.jpg

Friend Data
Voiced by:
Kanda Akemi 神田朱未
Attack Type:
Short-Range Short Range.png
Medium NexonMedium.png
"Wolf Federation" Wolf Federation.png
Double Moon Echo
ID #:
Japanese Wolf Pavilion Nexon Game Stage Play

Japanese Wolf appeared as a minor character during the original Kemono Friends mobile game. She is also a member of the Wolf Federation.


She has strong curiosity. She is the self proclaiming "Discover interesting thing squad" leader.


Order carnivora, family canidae, genus canis, I'm Japanese Wolf. I have a lot of curiosity and I perform various observations on anything that catches my eye. Also I'm really interested in you, I observed you steadily... ... Eh? Don't call me stalker!

Role in the Plot

Japanese Wolf's Character Quest

In Japanese Wolf's own quest, she meets Caracal, who mistakes her for a predator due to a play on words in Japanese. Caracal attempts to run away, but Celliens appear and prevent her from doing so, and Japanese Wolf saves her. She clears up the misunderstanding, and explains that in the past she was revered as if a god, due to another play on words in Japanese, surprising Caracal. Just then, Celliens attack again, and Japanese Wolf once again saves her, causing Caracal to praise her. Japanese Wolf enjoys the praise, and asks her to do it more, annoying Caracal. As Celliens attack once more, Caracal interjects saying that she does not need to be protected every time, and the two resolve to defeat their enemy together. Afterwards, Japanese Wolf feels accomplished as a result of working together to fight a strong enemy, and asks Caracal to form a group together with her. Caracal declines, stating she is already part of the Nyan Nyan Family, disappointing Japanese Wolf, who misses the feeling of fighting together with others, as all of her friends are extinct. Still, she thanks Caracal for giving her an opportunity to experience this feeling once more. Caracal, feeling sorry for her, then tells her that even though she won't form a group with her, she will still play with her sometimes. This makes Japanese Wolf happy, and Serval appears and sees the excitement, wanting to join in. The quest ends with Serval and Japanese Wolf, energetic as always, frustrating Caracal as she asks them to stop acting like that out of nowhere.

At some point after this quest, she joins the Wolf Federation and becomes a member of a group.

Italian Wolf's Character Quest

Japanese Wolf has a minor role in Italian Wolf's Character Quest. She attends the Wolf Federation meeting at the Wolf House, and agrees to Gray Wolf's proposal. Later, she joins Gray Wolf's search for Italian Wolf, and scolds Italian Wolf for running off on her own once the group finds her.



She gets along well with Quagga and always make each other eyes sparkle.

Gray Wolf

Gray Wolf sometimes plays along with her in search of interesting things. Gray Wolf always feels anothers eyes gaze at her when she is in the middle of this activity. Probably Italian Wolf. She knows Gray Wolf the longest.

Common Ostrich

Because she observes things intensely, Common Ostrich misunderstands her for trying to eat her egg.


Friend Stats
Maximum HP: 8,553 Maximum ATK: 6,577
Movement: 94 Attack Speed: 44
Knockback: 62 Anti-Knockback: 66
Reach: 30 Damage Per Second (Single Target): 2,893
Skill Charge Speed: 2.86 Maximum Targets: 2
Advantageous Terrain: NexonForest.png Disadvantageous Terrain: NexonSky.png

Voice Lines

Line Japanese English
ニホンオオカミだよ! 私、気になることがいっぱいなの。それを一緒に見つけに行こう? I'm Japanese Wolf! I'm interested in so many things. Let's go find that out together!
Battle Cry
気になる物発見! I spotted something interesting!
目一杯声を出すよー! I will say it out loud!
よーし、終わったね! じゃ、次に気になるものに向けて、ゴー! Alright, it's over! Okay, let's head to the next interesting thing.
Level Up
強くなったか気になる? 気になる?  Are you curious that I have become strong? You curious?
Wild Release
これなら色んな物探しに行けるね? うう〜 ワクワクしてきた With this we can go searching for various interesting things right? Uuh, I've become excited

Home Screen Lines

Line Japanese English
Line 1 気になるモノはっけーん!ごーごー! Found interesting thing! Go, go!
Line 2 趣味はもちろん、気になるモノ探し!二つの目だけじゃ足りないよー My hobby is of course, searching for something interesting! It's not enough with only two eyes.
Line 3 特技はキョロキョロすること!……あれ、特技じゃないかな? My special skill is looking around restlessly!... ... Eh, maybe that's not a special skill?
Line 4 タイリクオオカミちゃんもね、たまに私と一緒に気になるモノ探しをしてくれるんだー You know, sometimes Gray Wolf-chan searches interesting things together with me.
Line 5 気になるモノを発見し隊リーダーの私から、気になるあなたに感謝の気持ちを、ありがとう! The feeling of gratitude from me the leader of discover interesting things squad to you whom I take interest in, thank you.
Line 6 たまにはゆっくりするのも悪くはないよねー Sometimes being at ease is not a bad thing.
Line 7 やあやあ、「 」!今日も一緒に、珍しいものを、探しにいこーう! Hey, hey, [protagonist]! Today too, let's go search for something unusual!

Wolf Federation Wolf Federation.png
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