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Nyan Nyan Family (Japanese:にゃんにゃんファミリー) is a group based on medium-sized feline Friends. This group is based on the group quest "Fluffy Nyaon♪ Welcome to the Cat Tea Party!" and was formed in The leader is Serval. The first group formed.

Group Link: Special technique Fake out like cats

Special technique Fake out like cats (Japanese:必殺猫だまし) is a group link with the effect of paralyzing all enemies for a certain period of time. The number of participants in the group link increases the duration of the paralyzing effect. If 5 members participate, the effect duration will be 12 seconds. The effect can be activated only once per WAVE.


Name Voiced by Attribute Size Nocturnal ID
Asian Golden CatNexonIcon.png Asian Golden Cat Lynn Passion Medium No 00158
BinturongNexonIcon.png Binturong Inoue Rina Cool Medium Yes 00309
Black LeopardNexonIcon.png Black Leopard Okutani Kaede Cool Medium Yes 00019
BobcatNexonIcon.png Bobcat Maeda Ayaka Cool Medium Yes 00156
CaracalNexonIcon.png Caracal Hirohashi Ryō Pure Medium Yes 00025
CellvalNexonIcon.png Cellval Nonaka Ai Cool Medium Yes 00468
Clouded LeopardNexonIcon.png Clouded Leopard Mami Yamashita Cool Large Yes 00169
CougarNexonIcon.png Cougar Kanae Itō Cool Medium No 00020
Domestic CatNexonIcon.png Domestic Cat Kuwashima Hōko Pure Medium Yes 00183
Eurasian LynxNexonIcon.png Eurasian Lynx Misaki Watada Passion Medium Yes 00157
Flat-Headed CatNexonIcon.png Flat-Headed Cat Takayanagi Tomoyo Pure Medium Yes 00205
FossaNexonIcon.png Fossa Kuwashima Hōko Cool Medium Yes 00464
Geoffroy's CatNexonIcon.png Geoffroy's Cat Kaneko Yūki Passion Small No 00103
Iriomote CatNexonIcon.png Iriomote Cat Kōno Marika Pure Medium Yes 00159
JaguarundiNexonIcon.png Jaguarundi Kakuma Ai Cool Medium No 00207
Jungle CatNexonIcon.png Jungle Cat Shōji Umeka Pure Medium No 00129
LeopardNexonIcon.png Leopard Maeda Ai Passion Medium Yes 00018
Marbled CatNexonIcon.png Marbled Cat Takahashi Minami Cool Medium Yes 00206
MargayNexonIcon.png Margay Haruka Terui Passion Medium Yes 00059
MeerkatNexonIcon.png Meerkat Takeuchi Wakako Cool Medium No 00105
OcelotNexonIcon.png Ocelot Shiraishi Ryōko Pure Medium Yes 00037
Peach PantherNexonIcon.png Peach Panther Yukiyo Fujii Pure Medium Yes 00054
Sand CatNexonIcon.png Sand Cat Saitō Yuka Passion Medium Yes 00056
ServalNexonIcon.png Serval Nonaka Ai Passion Medium Yes 00010
Snow LeopardNexonIcon.png Snow Leopard Ōnishi Saori Cool Medium Yes 00084

Nyan Nyan Family Nyan Nyan Family.png
Asian Golden CatBinturongBlack LeopardBobcatCaracalCellvalClouded LeopardCougarDomestic CatEurasian LynxFlat-Headed CatFossaGeoffroy's CatIriomote CatJaguarundiJungle CatLeopardMarbled CatMargayMeerkatOcelotPeach PantherSand CatServalSnow Leopard