Italian Wolf's Character Quest

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Italian Wolf


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Italian Wolf's Character Quest is a quest in the original Kemono Friends mobile game centered around Italian Wolf. It takes place in the An'in Region, and revolves around an early moment in the Wolf Federation's history, before Gray Wolf was considered the official leader.


In Italian Wolf's Character Quest, Serval asks her why she is so attached to Gray Wolf. Italian Wolf explains that before she became friends with Gray Wolf, the Wolf Federation would often hold meetings in their Wolf House. Serval comments that Italian Wolf is talking quietly, which she admits is because she is embarrassed, because at the time, she acted childish and would often get into trouble. Italian Wolf then begins to tell Serval the story, starting a flashback.

In the beginning of the flashback, Gray Wolf has called a meeting proposing that because there are more Celliens than before, the Wolf Federation should match their howls so that it is easier to communicate. Italian Wolf rejects this idea, and Gray Wolf asks her to try the suggestion first, but Italian Wolf refuses because she believes Gray Wolf is trying to appoint herself as leader. While Japanese Wolf and Coyote agree with the proposal, Italian Wolf states that she will never do such a thing, and that she is fine on her own. She then leaves the Wolf House meeting towards the forest, complaining to herself that Gray Wolf is selfish.

In the forest, Celliens ambush Italian Wolf, although she manages to fight them off fine. As the day turns to night, she begins to regret running from Wolf House, but is ambushed by Celliens. While she manages to defeat them, her leg is injured. She then hears Gray Wolf howling, asking where she is, but because of her stubbornness, she refuses to answer the call. Afterwards, she is ambushed by Celliens again, which she is again able to defeat, but her injuries worsen, leaving her unable to walk. Even more Celliens then appear, and while Italian Wolf is once again able to repel them, her clothes are now covered in mud.

Italian Wolf hears Gray Wolf howling again. She hesitates to answer, but in her injured condition, she decides she has no choice, and responds. When Gray Wolf arrives, she seems hurt as well, but she assures Italian Wolf that she simply tripped and fell. Gray Wolf then proceeds to defeat the Celliens that attack afterwards. Japanese Wolf catches up to Gray Wolf, scolding Italian Wolf for running away on her own, followed by Coyote catching up as well.

Gray Wolf asks if Italian Wolf is okay, and Italian Wolf hesitates to respond, feeling guilty that she caused so much trouble. Seeing that Italian Wolf cannot walk on her own, Gray Wolf asks her to ride on her back. Gray Wolf then explains that the reason she called the meeting is because she considers the others in the Wolf Federation her friends, and she wants to proect them. Gray Wolf then asks Italian Wolf to be her friend, causing Italian Wolf to cry, and thanks her.

The story ends, and Italian Wolf explains to Serval that ever since that incident, she refers to Gray Wolf as her big sis, and considers her a good leader. She then demonstrates how well she imitates Gray Wolf's howl, causing Gray Wolf to come over to where Italian Wolf and Serval are.


Character English Japanese
SCENE: An'in Region (Outside Lodge) -
Hey, Italian Wolf, why do you look up to Gray Wolf? Was there anything that lead to that? ねえ、イタリアオオカミって、どうして、タイリクオオカミに憧れてるの?何かきっかけとかあるの?
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
Ufufu, you want to hear about that? The reason I adore big sis… … That’s… … from when me and big sis weren't close friends. We conducted a meeting at the Wolf House... うふふ、聞きたいですか?私がお姉さまをお慕いするようになった理由... ... あれは... ... まだ、私とお姉さまが親しくなる前のことです。私達は、オオカミハウスで、ミーティングを行なっていました
E-eh? The story's already starting?... I can’t hear it. あ、あれ?もう始まってるの?... ... 聞こえてないね
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
I’m embarrassed… … At the time, I was a bit, um, mentally immature, or, uhm… … I had a tendency to flare up and lash out against my surroundings… … 恥ずかしながら... ... 私、当時は、ちょっと、精神的に幼かったといいますか... ... 周囲に対して突っかかり気味でした... ...
FLASHBACK: (Scene change to Wolf House) -
Gray WolfNexonIcon.png
Gray Wolf
Everyone, thank you all for gathering here. I’m sorry if it’s a bit rushed, but I have a proposal. Lately, the number of Celliens has increased. In order for us wolves to communicate among ourselves better, I was wondering if we could coordinate the meanings of our howls. みんな、集まってくれてありがとう。さっそくだけど、提案があるの。最近、セルリアンも増えてきたことだし、私達、オオカミの仲間で連携を取りやすいよう、遠吠えの意味を共通化できないかしら
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
Eeh? I don’t think that’s important. ええっ?そんな必要ないと思いますけど
Gray WolfNexonIcon.png
Gray Wolf
Well, don’t say that. I've prepared some options, so would you take a look for a bit? まあ、そう言わずに。いくつか用意してみたから、少し見てくれるかしら?
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
(Gray Wolf-san is acting high and mighty… … Does she want to become the leader?) (タイリクオオカミさんったら、偉そうに... ... 自分がリーダーのつもりなんでしょうか)
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
I think that’s good! Practicing howling with everyone looks fun! 私はいいと思うなー!みんなで遠吠え練習するの、楽しそうだよね!
Yeah, howling in a chorus together will be more exciting with more people. ああ、遠吠えでコーラスをするのは、大勢の方が盛り上がるからな
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
Yes! It looks like everyone can become one group! だよねー!みんなで一つの群れになれるみたい!
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
Wha… …! I won't do something bothersome like that! I’m fine by myself! なっ... ...! そんな面倒なこと、私はしませんからね!私は、ひとりでも平気ですから!
Gray WolfNexonIcon.png
Gray Wolf
W-wait… … Italian Wolf. あっ、待って... ... イタリアオオカミ
SCENE: (Scene change to a forest in the An'in Region) -
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
Jeez, Gray Wolf-san! Doing whatever she pleases… …! Hn… …!? A Cellien in a place like this!? Fine! I'll show you that I’m fine even by myself! まったく、タイリクオオカミさんったら!勝手に進めちゃって... ...! ん... ...!? こんなところにもセルリアンが!? いいでしょう!一人でも平気だってこと、証明してあげます!
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
It’s become dark… … With this outcome, maybe it would have been better if I had stayed at the Wolf House… … 暗くなってきましたね... ... こんなことなら、オオカミハウスにいればよかったかもしれません... ...
! !
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
!? There's still Celliens left!? Haah, haa… … S-somehow, I've repulsed them, but… … It looks like I injured my leg… … !? セルリアン、まだ残ってたんですか!? はあ、はあ... ... な、なんとか、撃退しましたけど... ... 足を怪我したみたいですね... ...
??? *howl… …!* ワオォォォーン... ...!
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
That's Gray Wolf-san's howl?... If I'm correct, that means… … “where are you”… … I-I can do it by myself. Do you think someone would reply to that!?... Ow! That hurts?!... … The wound from earlier is pretty bad. I have to get out of the forest quickly… … これはタイリクオオカミさんの遠吠え?あれは、たしか... ... 『どこにいるの』って意味ですよね... ... わ、私はひとりでできるんだから。誰か返事してあげるもんですか。いたっ!?... ... さっきのケガ、結構ひどいですね。早く、森を抜けないと... ...
! !
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
Kyaaa! きゃああああ!
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
Uh… … my leg got worse because of the fighting… … …! There's more Celliens over there!? Uuh! It’s hurt!... … I can’t walk… …! I-I must get away, somehow… …! Haah, haah… … My clothes got dirty because of the mud… … Why is this happening to me… … うっ... ... 戦ったせいで、足のケガがひどくなっちゃいました... ... ... ...! また向こうにセルリアンが!? うっ!いたっ!... ... 歩けません... ...!な、なんとか、離れないと... ...!はあ、はあ... ... 泥でお洋服が汚れちゃいました... ... なんでこんな目に... ...
! !
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
It can’t be!? Again! Uh!? I-I can’t fight with this leg… … えっ、うそ!? 全っ!? っ!? も、もうこの足じゃ戦えない... ...
??? *howl* ワオォォォーン... ...!
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
(Gray Wolf-san! She's still searching for me… …? B-but now I can’t show my face… …!) (タイリクオオカミさん! まだ私を探して... ...? で、でも今更どんな顔で... ...!)
! !
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
!?... … Uh. *howl!* っ!?... .. ウ、ウオオオォォォーン!
??? *… … running!* ... ... ドドドドドドッ!
Gray WolfNexonIcon.png
Gray Wolf
Italian Wolf!? I've finally found you! イタリアオオカミっ!? やっと見つけた!
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
G-Gray Wolf-san… … Your clothes are all battered. Could it be that you kept looking for me… …? タ、タイリクオオカミさん... ... 服が、ボロボロ。まさかずっと私を探して... ...?
Gray WolfNexonIcon.png
Gray Wolf
I just fell down a bit. Don’t worry, I will save you now… … Now, Cellien, you've caused a lot of trouble, huh? 少し転んだだけだよ。安心して、今助けるから。... ... さあセルリアン、イタズラがすぎたわね
! !
Gray WolfNexonIcon.png
Gray Wolf
I will not allow you to touch my friend even one more time! これ以上、私の仲間に手は出させないわよ!
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
(She really came for me… … she came so fast… …) (ほ、本当に来てくれた... ... こんな早く、来てくれた... ...)
Gray WolfNexonIcon.png
Gray Wolf
Fuh… … I defeated all of the enemies. ふぅ... ... 敵は全部倒したわ
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
Ah! They're here! Jeez, don’t run ahead alone! あっ! いたいた! もう、ひとりで先走っちゃダメだよ!
I know she was missing, but don't go looking for Italian Wolf alone. I’ll worry, you know? イタリアオオカミがいなくなってから、ひとりで探しに行くとはな。心配したぞ?
Gray WolfNexonIcon.png
Gray Wolf
I’m sorry. But things ended well, so it’s okay, right? Hey, Italian Wolf? ごめんなさい。でも大丈夫だから、いいでしょう? ねっ、イタリアオオカミ?
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
… … Uhm, uhm (I’m the one in the wrong here… … Surely, she's going to scold me harshly… …) ... ... ええと、その(私が悪いんですし... ... きっと、すごく叱られるんでしょうね... ...)
Gray WolfNexonIcon.png
Gray Wolf
A bad wound, huh… … Come on, get on my back. ひどいケガね... ... さあ、私の背中に乗って
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
Eh? (Why… …? I'm the one who ran away, but you don't even say anything?) え?(どうして... ...? 飛び出したのは私なのに、何も言わないんですか?)
Gray WolfNexonIcon.png
Gray Wolf
Hey, Italian Wolf. The reason I called everyone to the Wolf House howling meeting… … is because I want to protect my important friends. ねえ、イタリアオオカミ。私が遠吠えミーティングにみんなを呼んだのはね... ... みんなのことを、大事な仲間だと思ってるからよ
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
… … … …
Gray WolfNexonIcon.png
Gray Wolf
To help each other as friends, communication is important. Fighting as a group is our strong point as wolves. Thank you for howling earlier and calling me. Thanks to that, I could run to you immediately. 仲間と助け合うには、コミュニケーションが大事よね。群れで戦うのが私達オオカミの強みだもの。さっきは、遠吠えで呼んでくれてありがとう。おかげで、すぐに駆けつけることができたわ
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
… …! (No… … I said something selfish, and I caused trouble, but… …) ... ... っ!(そんな... ... 私、わがまま言って、迷惑かけたのに... ...)
Gray WolfNexonIcon.png
Gray Wolf
Italian Wolf, from now on, let’s become friends, too... … Oh? イタリアオオカミ、これからも、仲良くしましょうね。... ... あら?
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
*sleep… …* すぅ... ...
Gray WolfNexonIcon.png
Gray Wolf
… … It’s safe, and she’s tired, so she fell asleep, huh... ... ... 安心したら、疲れて寝ちゃったのね
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
Thank, you… … very, much… … *sleep… …* あり、がとう... ... ござい、ます... ... すぅ... ...
SCENE: (Scene change to An'in Region, outside the lodge, flashback ends) -
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
Since then, I've called Gray Wolf by the name Gray Wolf big sis. Her back's warmth that day… … I'll never forget it! Gray Wolf big sis is strong, kind, and cool… …! She’s fit to become our leader! あれ以来、私はタイリクオオカミお姉さまと呼ぶことにしたんです。あの時の背中のぬくもり... ... 私は一生忘れません!タイリクオオカミお姉様こそ、強く、優しく、クールで... ...!私達のリーダーにふさわしい方です!
Hee. Because of that, you imitate the Gray Wolf that you adore. へえー。それで、憧れのタイリクオオカミの真似をするようになったんだね
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
Yes! I will show you the howl that Gray Wolf big sis uses to call her friends. *howl!* はい!タイリクオオカミお姉さまの、仲間を呼ぶときの遠吠え、やってみせますね。ワオオオォォォーン!
Oh, cool!... … Hm, someone's coming? おお、かっこいー!... ... あれ、誰か来たよ?
Gray WolfNexonIcon.png
Gray Wolf
What? I was called, has something happened? どうしたの? 呼ばれてきたけど、なにかあったの?
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
G-Gray Wolf big sis came! た、タイリクオオカミお姉さまがやってきましたー!
Gray WolfNexonIcon.png
Gray Wolf
Eh, what happened?! Suddenly, I'm being hugged… …!? え、どうしたの? 急に抱き付いて... ...!?
Oi, Italian Wolf? おーい、イタリアオオカミ?
Italian WolfNexonIcon.png
Italian Wolf
Ufufufu, big sis! うふふふ、お姉さまー!
Uh, no good. Looks like she’s not listening to me anymore… … うん、ダメだ。私の声はもう聞こえてないみたいだね... ...
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