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Mongolian Wolf

Mongolian WolfOriginal.png

Friend Data
Nickname Lin-Lin
Group "Wolf Federation" Wolf Federation.png
Voice Murakawa Rie 村川梨衣
Game Data
Attribute Passion
Attack Type Short-Range Short Range.png
Size Medium NexonMedium.png
Nocturnal No
Skill Decisive Victory Dance Performance
ID 00383
Mongolian Wolf Nexon Game

A Mongolian Wolf Friend named Lin-Lin appeared as a minor character during the original Kemono Friends mobile game. She is also a member of the Wolf Federation.


She has an ambitious personality, and considers every member of the Wolf Federation, especially Eastern Wolf, as her rival. She is also a bit cocky, stating that no other wolves could match her. Her hobbies are reading business books and traveling in search of knowledge. Her dream is to become the leader of the Continental Sisters, a group within the Wolf Federation. that consider themselves to be the elite guards of Gray Wolf. She uses 私 (watashi)to address herself, but also speaks in the 3rd person.


Taking part in the Continental Sisters, I'm Lin-Lin the Mongolian Wolf. Lin-Lin has visited many places, you know? Lin-Lin knows everything, she is an extremely talented wolf. Other wolves are no match for Lin-Lin. I'm aiding Gray Wolf, and then someday I will become everyone's leader.

Role in the Plot


She first appears discussing about Continental Sisters plan to give Gray Wolf chocolate on valentine day and voices her concern about the possibility Gray Wolf received large number of chocolate and can't differentiates their gifts.

When Continental Sisters meet with protagonist group, Lin-Lin teases Rinka the Eastern Wolf for being embarrassed when Mirai introduces her. On the other hand she boasts herself when Mirai in turn tells everyone the fact about Mongolian Wolf.

Lin-Lin then comes to Golarin the Golden Tamarin Lion's place after she heard that Golarin has made special chocolate. After learnt that Lin-Lin has extensive knowledge, Golarin asks her to tell her how to become like a Lion and in return she will gives her special chocolate. To this Lin-Lin only tells Golarin to drink lot of milk. Golarin doesn't really believe it but she gives her special chocolate either way. When Serval notices it has fortune slip in it, Golarin tells her that if they hit the jackpot, she will give another one. Lin-Lin then asks Golarin to tell her which one is the jackpot one and promises her the information to become closer with Lion. Golarin in the end falls to Lin-Lin scheme.

After the Continental Sisters got their chocolate, they start arguing among themselves and Italian Wolf on which chocolate is the best one with Lin-Lin nominates her "Golden Premium Chocolate". Their fight stops when they see Gray Wolf has gathered a large amount of famous chocolate and gives it to Dire Wolf. Lin-Lin noted that Gray Wolf face beaming with joy, further explains that she rarely shows Gray Wolf shows that kind of emotion.

Bird Garden

In this quest she is spotted together with Inka the Indian Wolf relaxing at the Peafowl's Cafe while chats with her about the events during valentine day; complains that Tsunko the Tundra Wolf and Rinka the Eastern Wolf are being to frantic during that time it's making her tired.

She then notices that the cafe owner; Indian Peafowl and White Peafowl are closing their store because both Professor Konoha and Assistant Mimi come to use them as samples for experiment. Seeing this, Lin-Lin complaints that she can't have another tea but being reminded by Inka it's not time for that as Tsunko and Rinka stand behind them having listened to Lin-Lin badmouthing them. Realizing she's in trouble, she runs away from both of them.


Eastern Wolf

She considers Eastern Wolf her biggest rival; however, Eastern Wolf herself only considers Italian Wolf to be her rival.


Friend Stats
Maximum HP: 8,990 Maximum ATK: 6,169
Movement: 90 Attack Speed: 51
Knockback: 51 Anti-Knockback: 59
Reach: 30 Damage Per Second (Single Target): 3,146
Skill Charge Speed: 2.78 Maximum Targets: 1
Advantageous Terrain: NexonForest.png Disadvantageous Terrain: NexonSky.png

Voice Lines

Line Japanese English

チュウゴクオオカミのリンリン言うヨ!タイリクシスタズの次期リダーでス I'm Lin-Lin the Mongolian Wolf! Continental Sisters next leader
Battle Cry

この才能に秀で様子がいいネ The state of this talent is excellent

リンリンの才能は見せちゃうネ Let Lin-Lin shows her talent okay?

リンリンが一番活躍したヨ Lin-Lin had the greatest success
Level Up

才能あるリンリンが強くなったら、もう鬼に金棒なのネ If talented Lin-Lin get stronger, It's like strong person getting more stronger
Wild Release

リンリンに限界はないヨ There is no limit to Lin-Lin

Home Screen Lines

Line Japanese English
Line 1 ふっふー、才能者であるリンリンをリーダーにするとはお目が高いネ。いいヨいいヨ! Fufu, you have good eyes to choose the talented Lin-Lin as a leader. Nice, really nice!
Line 2 リンリン実はネ、ビジネス書を読むのが好きなのヨ! The truth is, Lin-Lin like to read business book
Line 3 リンリンは勉強、好きなのネ。世界のあちこち、旅できるの嬉しいヨ Lin-Lin like to study. It's lovely for able to travel the world here and there
Line 4 目指すはタイリクシスターズのリーダー!だからリンカも、他のオオカミ達もライバルヨ! My goal is to become the leader of the Continental Sisters! That's why Rinka and other wolfs too is my rival!
Line 5 いつかタイリクシスターズのリーダーの座について、みんなを引っ張っていきたいネ! Someday Lin-Lin will become Continental Sisters leader and
Line 6 タイリクシスターズ次期リーダーのリンリンに目を付けるとはさすがネ! To set your eyes on Continental Sisters next leader Lin-Lin; that's impressive!
Line 7 リンリンより勉強好きなんて意外ネ!大好きな「 」について行くって決めたヨ! It's so unexpected that you like to study more than Lin-Lin! It is decided that Lin-Lin will follow her dearest [protagonist]!

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