Riukiu Region

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Riukiu Region

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Riukiu Region (Japanese:リウキウチホー Hepburn:Riukiu Chiho) is one of the regions of Japari Park. The region has been the setting for several games.


This region is modeled after the Ryukyu region of Japan. The climate in this region has changed with the passage of time. When humans were in the park, the climate was tropical, but when humans were out of sight, the climate became as varied as that of the Kyōshū Region.

Riukiu is often associated with the Shisas, a pair of UMA Friends based on the Ryukyuan guardian dogs of the same name. It was also featured in the manga, which depicted the region as a resort area heavily resembling Okinawan culture, from its lifestyle down to its language.



In Kemono Friends (2015 Mobile Game)

This region was the setting for Chapter 8 of the game. Friends such as two Shisas, Okinawan Habu and Okinawa Rail live here.

In Kemono Friends: Welcome to Japari Park!

This region is visited by Nana and Ezo Red Fox in episode 14 of the manga. They met Shisas and Silver Fox and went to the aquarium.

In Kemono Friends Festival

The Japari Festival is being held in this region of the game, and Aardwolf and Serval will be attending the festival. Sandstar Volcano also exist in the region, but it has a different shape than a volcano in the Kyōshū Region.

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