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Friend Data
Voiced by:
Satō Akari 佐藤朱
Attack Type:
Long-Range Long Range.png
Medium NexonMedium.png
Purifying Flames of Conviction from the Sky
ID #:
Suzaku Nexon Game Gallery

The goddess Friend Suzaku appeared as a minor character in the original Kemono Friends game.


She hates lazy people and threatens them by burning that corrupted nature using hell fire purification. She is a member of four divine beasts that responsible for Japari Park security. 3 bundles of hair on top of her head pointed out to lazy people location. She uses 我 (ware) to address herself.


I'm the one who responsible to protect Japari Park southern part, four divine beasts Vermilion Bird of the South. I'm controlling fire element. Hell fire purification will burn all. So please be careful when handling it. The reason I lend you my hand is because I acknowledge your power. I will not tolerate negligent in daily devotion.

Role in the Plot

Suzaku's Character Quest

The story opens with Silver Fox monologuing about the four Friends that protect Japari Park called the Four Gods. She explains that they have power surpassing humans, and they can be found in places of power in each of the four cardinal directions. In these dangerous times when Ceruleans are evolving, she states they must borrow they power, and launches an investigation to find them, and ask for their aid.

The story then cuts to the Park Central, where Mirai has just announced Indian Peafowl as the winner of the 1st Japari Park Miss Feather Contest. Thomson's Gazelle compliments Indian Peafowl's feathers, calling them beautiful, which White Peafowl agrees with. However, Professor Konoha then interrupts, saying she disagrees with the contest results. Confused, Indian Peafowl asks why the Professor and her assistant are saying this, causing the Professor to reveal a fiery red feather, stating that the true winner should be whoever this feather came from.

Because she wants to know who the feather came from, the Professor says she wants to investigate, and states that she requires one of Indian Peafowl's feathers. She resists, but in the end, the Professor still successfully plucks one of the feathers. Serval asks if she is alright, and Peafowl responds that she is. The Professor then says that if Peafowl feels regretful of this outcome, she should have a contest with the owneer of the feather. Upon hearing this, Peafowl tells Professor Konoha that she will prove that she will not lose to whoever owns this feather.

Silver Fox notes that she has never seen this kind of feather before, and asks the protagonist to join the peafowls in discovering its owner. Mirai doesn't mind the request, but asks where a good place to start would be. Professor Konoha then chimes in, stating that she remembers where she found the feather, but warns that the place is very rough. Determined, Indian Peafowl says that she will go, as this is a matter of pride. They then arrive at the volcano area, prompting Caracal to complain about the heat. Mirai says that it would be very difficult to reach their destination unless you had a lot of stamina. After experencing the heat, the Professor and her assistant decide to withdraw, allowing the protagonist to be the judge on whose feathers are more beautiful. Serval comments that the two are very self-serving.

Serval suggests that Indian Peafowl go home if she is unable to handle the heat, to which she replies that she is eager to meet her rival, so she cannot back down despite the harsh conditions. After some time investigating, the group finds they still haven't found the owner of the feather. Silver Fox says it is impossible to go any further, and suggests the group head back. Indian Peafowl feels like she cannot walk anymore and is going to collapse. Suzaku then appears, warning them to not head into such a dangerous place, and offers to carry a tired Indian Peafowl on her shoulder. Indian Peafowl is surprised to see someone offer help, but says she cannot see her very well, which prompts Suzaku to say that was rude. Mirai then states that the Friend who just appeared is Suzaku, one of the Four Gods.

Suzaku introduces herself as the southern guardian of Japari Park, and compliments the group for their endurance in going through such harsh conditions to meet her. Indian Peafowl then states that Suzaku's feathers are beautiful, making Suzaku happy. However, she then says that they are missing something important that they must do when they visit her. Serval is confused, causing White Rhinoceros to say that she thinks there is something special that Suzaku asks of visitors. Suzaku grows impatient, asking where the group's offering is. Caracal then explains that they didn't bring an offering. Hearing this, Suzaku says that even though she wants to acknowledge their dedication, she must rescind her compliments because they forgot to bring her an offering.

Suzaku then says that if they want to be recognized despite not bringing an offering, they must defeat her beast form. Serval immediately regrets eating all of the group's Japari Buns, as she believes they could have used them as their gift. Indian Peafowl then says that even though Suzaku has beautiful feathers, she does not appear to be taking care of them properly. Suzaku states that she does not feel they need taken care of, and uses her feathers as a broom. Peafowl is angered, and Mirai reminds her that she came here to prove that her feathers are more beautiful. However, Peafowl admits that she has no choice but to admit that Suzaku's feathers are the most beautiful, but that she despises how Suzaku treats them. The group then fight Suzaku and defeat her beast form.

Suzaki admits defeat, but is confused with how many visitors have come to see her. Just then, the Professor and her assistant return, prompting Serval to comment that she hates how the duo abandoned them earlier. Konoha then gives Suzaku a large number of Japari Buns, and Asssistant Mimi-chan presents Suzaku with a device they invented while they were away from the volcano to help keep Suzaku cool when she feels like it, similar to a portable fan. Indian Peafowl then asks for Suzaku's permission to take care of of her wings. Afterwards, Suzaku asks the group to eat Japari Buns with her while she explains the history of Japari Park. The Professor and her Assistant listen diligently, surprising Caracal.

Indian Peafowl then absentmindedly takes one of Suzaku's feathers, angering her. Peafowl apologizes, but Suzaku says that she is going to lecture her for this. However, she decides not to, as she is too tired. Addressing the group, Suzaku says that defeating her just once is not enough to make her lend her power in the fight against the Ceruleans. Serval agrees to fight her again if she has too, and her determination and commitment pleases Suzaku.


The Four Gods

Together with 3 others divine beasts "Byakko", "Genbu", and "Seiryu", they protects the park from any invader that try to destroys it


She doesn't like Seiryu who lazily does her job and plans on correcting her behavior.


Friend Stats
Maximum HP: 4,872 Maximum ATK: 8,531
Movement: 90 Attack Speed: 41
Knockback: 52 Anti-Knockback: 59
Reach: 310 Damage Per Second (Single Target): 3,497
Skill Charge Speed: 2.78 Maximum Targets: 1
Advantageous Terrain: NexonSky.png Disadvantageous Terrain: NexonSnowfield.png

Voice Lines

Line Japanese English
ジャパリパーク南方守護者スザク。我の力を使いこなしてみせるのじゃ I'm Suzaku, protector of the southern part of Japari Park. I'll show you the absolute command I hold over my power.
Battle Cry
業火を恐れないなら来るがいい。電光石火で努めるのじゃ! If you aren't afraid of hellfire, then it's all right if you come. Work at the speed of light!
灰塵と化せぇ! Burn to ash!
我に逆らわない方がいいじゃよ? でないとこうなってしまうのじゃ You don't want to cross me, you know? If you do, you'll end up like them.
Level Up
我はまだまだ強くなれるのじゃ。だって我はスザクじゃからな I'm getting stronger and strong. It's because I'm Suzaku.
Wild Release
高ぶるのじゃ〜 おまえのおかげじゃな。礼を言うぞ I'm excited~ it's all thanks to you. You have my thanks.

Home Screen Lines

Line Japanese English
Line 1 今日も明日も精進あるのみ。怠るでないのじゃ!では行くぞ! Today and tomorrow too, you have to dedicated yourself. Don't be lazy! Now, let's go!
Line 2 我が頭に立つ三束の髪はの。怠惰な者がいると、その方向に傾き、居場所を教えてくれるのじゃ These tree strands of hair on my head you see; if there's someone lazy, they'll point out to their direction and tell me where they are
Line 3 怠惰な毎日を過ごす者は我の下へ来い。浄化の業火で腐った性根を焼き尽すのじゃ! Anyone who spend their time lazily, come forward to me. I will burn all that rotten disposition using hell fire purification!
Line 4 セイリュウの面倒臭がりは、ちと目に余るでの。我が正してやろうと思ってるのじゃ! Seiryu's laziness can't be tolerated even for a bit. I shall correct her!
Line 5 お前のこと一度は認めたが……最近たるんでないか?もしそうなら……めっ、なのじゃ! I acknowledge you once but... ... lately you become slack don't you? If that's the case... ... it's a no!
Line 6 ここまではよくやっているの。その調子で、未来永劫奮起するのじゃ! You did good this far. Rouse yourself forever with that mood in mind
Line 7 日々、精進しておるようじゃの「 」。ういやつじゃ、我が力と想いを授けてくれよう Looks like you dedicate yourself every day [protagonist]. Oh fine fellow, I will grant you my feeling and power

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