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Kemono Friends Puzzle


Mobile Game
Japanese Title:  ?
Romanized Title:  ?
Developer: Funple Stream
Genre: Match-3 Puzzle
Platform: iOS and Android
Release Date: 2-21-2018

Kemono Friends Puzzle Puzzle Gokko, known as Kemono Friends - The Puzzle internationally, is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Funple Stream, released worldwide on 21st February 2018 for iOS and Android. It is notable for being the first game in the Kemono Friends franchise to be released internationally and with translations.


A screenshot of some of the game's advertising material, posted on the twitter handle '@waseda_kemono'.

The game is a match-3 tile-matching puzzle game similar to titles such as Bejeweled; however, little else concrete about the game is known at this point, such as objectives or further gameplay elements.

From what has been shown in the livestream and in promotional pictures, certain points of gameplay can be inferred; gameplay appears to be set in stages, with each stage having a goal score or number of matches. There are 5 basic tile colours, along with special tiles that aid in clearing the board (there appear to be 'bombs' that destroy all tiles in an area, as well as tiles that clear all other tiles in a given direction when activated). The player will also have access to items that presumably serve similar purposes. Furthermore, there will be stages that require a certain number of designated 'highlighted' tiles to be cleared in order to advance.

Kaban and Serval, in their anime incarnations (at least visually), will appear in the game, as well as Hippopotamus, Crested Ibis, Suri Alpaca and other Friends from the anime. Lucky Beasts and Ceruleans will also appear seemingly as gameplay elements, though their function at this point is unknown.


First announcements of a new game in the Kemono Friends franchise were made on January 31st, and gameplay was first showcased on the Kemono Friends Game Gallery livestream held on February 2nd, where the release date of "late February" was also revealed. The game was made available on the Apple Store for iOS and Google Play store on February 22nd. A launch trailer was uploaded to the FUNPLE STREAM YouTube channel on February 21st.

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