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Italian Wolf

Italian WolfOriginal.png

Friend Data
Voiced by:
Ishigami Shizuka 石上静香
Attack Type:
Short-Range Short Range.png
Medium NexonMedium.png
"Wolf Federation" Wolf Federation.png
Yes NexonNocturnal.png
Imitator's Light Echo
ID #:
Italian Wolf Nexon Game

Italian Wolf appeared as a minor character during the original Kemono Friends mobile game. She is also a member of the Wolf Federation.


She has personality of a stalker, demonstrated when she shares her vast knowledge of Gray Wolf's daily routine


Ufufu, I'm Italian Wolf. I admire cool Gray Wolf big sis! She's a good communicator, but did you know she's always practices her smile in front of the mirror? Huh? Why do I know you asked? Fufu, rather than talking about it, that big sis she's cute as ever ... ... ah, stop that big sis!

Role in the Plot

Italian Wolf's Character Quest

In Italian Wolf's Character Quest, Serval asks her why she is so attached to Gray Wolf. Italian Wolf explains that it is because of an experience early in the days of the Wolf Federation, and tells her a story about a time from when she was more immature. She explains that Gray Wolf wanted to synchronize the meanings of the howls that the wolves use, and Italian Wolf was opposed to it, angrily storming out of the meeting. As a result, she was attacked by Ceruleans and badly hurt, and eventually, after giving up and howling for help, Gray Wolf came to her rescue, forgiving her for all of her actions. Since then, Italian Wolf has had the utmost respect for Gray Wolf.

Valentine Event Quest

In this quest Italian Wolf intends to give Gray Wolf chocolate as valentine gifts and in order to do this she decides to go together with Japanese Wolf. Her journey hasten when she hears that Continental Sisters also intends to give Gray Wolf valentine chocolate.

Italian Wolf first destination is Japari Cafe Gokoku region branch in which she tastes Marble Cat's handmade "Marble Chocolate". She did blunder by eating the rest of chocolate and in the end didn't get any chocolate from her journey. She finally meets with Eastern Wolf at Kyoushu region and both express their rivalry towards each other.

Her next stop is Venezuelan Red Howler place in which she finally get her first chocolate that is "Midnight Sexy Flirting Chocolate". Before she parts way with Venezuelan Red Howler, she compliments the later for having wonderful voice not inferior to that of Gray Wolf.

When she finally gets the chocolate, she reunites with Japanese Wolf and come back to Gokoku region to handed it to Gray Wolf. She arrives there at the same time with Continental Sisters and once again both Eastern Wolf and Italian Wolf boast the chocolate they have on their hand. When they do this, without the group realizing, Celliens surrounded them and they don't have any choice but to work with each other in defeating the Celliens.

To her surprised, Italian Wolf found out that Gray Wolf has collected every single of famous chocolate the group had gathered. And more so when she finds out Gray Wolf gives all those chocolates to non other than Dire Wolf. In the end they give each chocolate to Gray Wolf and noting that she can't finished them all by herself, asks everyone to eat it together with her. While the quest ends in happy note, Italian Wolf is the only one who doesn't feel so and calls Dire Wolf a cheater.

Wolf Federation Group Quest

In this quest she first appears after the second victim, Aardwolf have been found covered in ketchup. Other members of Wolf Federation quickly turn their suspicion on her because she was caught sneaking behind Gray Wolf; leading others to think she plans to attacked her.

When the situation worsen she enters into argument with Hokkaido Wolf who suspects her to be the one who attacked Dhole and in respond demands Hokkaido Wolf to take back her word.

When Gray Wolf explained the truth about the act they played, Italian Wolf can't believe it at first and seems hesitant to stands by her side although she immediately trashes this thought and feels remorse for even doubting her word. In the end she helps Gray Wolf in defeating the Cellien responsible for division among the Wolf Confederation.


Gray Wolf

She looks up to Gray Wolf to and calls her "big sis" (お姉様)


Friend Stats
Maximum HP: 9,922 Maximum ATK: 6,119
Movement: 89 Attack Speed: 44
Knockback: 35 Anti-Knockback: 44
Reach: 40 Damage Per Second (Single Target): 2,692
Skill Charge Speed: 4.55 Maximum Targets: 1
Advantageous Terrain: NexonPlains.png Disadvantageous Terrain: NexonSky.png

Voice Lines

Line Japanese English

お姉様 … … 今日素敵です。イタリアオオカミの心はお姉様でいっぱいです Big sis... ... Today you look gorgeous. Italian Wolf heart is full with Gray Wolf big sis
Battle Cry

すごい緊張感 … … でも頑張ります What a great tension... ... But I will try my best

確かこんな感じですよね I'm positive you do it like this

お姉様のように戦えたでしょうか I wonder if I can fight like Gray Wolf big sis
Level Up

私、タイリクオオカミお姉様に少しでも近づけましたかね? Could I even by a little bit closing in to Gray Wolf big sis?
Wild Release

お姉様とみんなを守るために新たな力をゲットです To protect big sis and everyone I get new power

Home Screen Lines

Line Japanese English
Line 1 どうも~っ!あの方に一歩でも近づくために今日も頑張りますよっ! Greetings~! To get closer to that person even by one step, today too I will do my best!
Line 2 真似するのは結構自信アリです!……タイリクオオカミお姉さまに限りますけどね! I have enough confidence to imitate someone!... ... It's only limited to Gray Wolf big sis though!
Line 3 夜の広い原っぱ……。くぅ~いいですね!考えただけでテンションあがっちゃいます Open field in the night... ... Uuh~ how nice! Just thinking about it my tension up
Line 4 お姉さまについて、語らせたら止まりませんよ?語るべき事はたくさんありますから If you make me talk about big sis, I can't stop you know? It's because there a lot of things that need to be talk
Line 5 お姉さまの香り……。位置はあの辺ですね……、なんてジョークですよジョーク Big sis smell... ... The location is around there... ... it's a joke, just a joke
Line 6 あなたって素敵です!お姉さまの次に、ですけどね? You're so lovely! You're after big sis though?
Line 7 ちょっとお暇な感じですかー?それじゃ、タイリクオオカミお姉さまをアナライズする準備を…… Are you feel a bit free? Then, do the preparation for analyzing Gray Wolf big sis... ...
Line 8 「 」さんは、タイリクオオカミお姉さまの次ぐらいに、気になる人です! [Protagonist]-san is someone I take interested in after big sis!

Wolf Federation Wolf Federation.png
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