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Friend Data
Voiced by:
Aizawa Mai 相沢舞
Attack Type:
Healer Recovery.png
Medium NexonMedium.png
The Trembling Mountains and I
ID #:
Hipparion Nexon Game

Hipparion appeared as a minor character during the original Kemono Friends mobile game.


She's a mountain sommelier and really loves everything about mountain. When she's doing nothing, she always feeling like she's in the mountain. She wrote best seller book called "100 Japari Park famous mountain that I choose" which leading to hiking boom in Japari Park.


Ya, the mountain sommelier that run around a numbers of mountain is me. Mountains are good. By knowing about mountain, your heart and life will become rich. Every mountain has different personality. The sound, the smell, sludge extent, slope difficulty, the warmth. Would you let me choose the mountain that fit you?

Role in the Plot

Hipparion's Character Quest

During her character quest, she together with Thomson's Gazelle went to climb mountain together. In the middle of their journey she complaints that Lulu is moving to fast and after some time she lost sight of her only to get surprised when Lulu running towards her being chased by Celliens. After they defeated the first wave of Celliens, Hipparion proceeds to explains about various types of mountain on which Lulu responds that the subject sounds difficult for her. When they finally reach the summit Hipparion tells Lulu that the mountain they're on right now has the best or second best scenery she'd ever seen and comments that Mountain Goat would be happy to see it. After this Lulu asks Hipparion if she can draw in which Hipparion responds that she couldn't and tells Lulu to just keep the scenery in her heart. Not satisfied with this Lulu starts playing with echo and Hipparion follows suit. After this Lulu realized that Hipparion starts fantasizing and this make her rather scared. In the end Hipparion decides to asks the protagonist to come to this mountain the next time they meet stating that she must not monopolize all the scenery for herself.

Rose and the Two's Bond ~Part 2~ Event Quest

In this quest she appears with Rothschild's Giraffe together in the mountain searching for wild strawberry. Rothschild's Giraffe tells her not to taking a side trip and reminds her that they're in hurry. To this Hipparion responds that she just can't ignore the mountain calls which soon turn out to be a large number of Celliens coming towards them.

Autumn Super Picnic Event Quest

In the beginning of this quest Serval wrote in her diary that Hipparion's best seller book "100 Famous Japari Park Mountains" has led to mountain climbing fever. Describing the book lit the fire on its reader's heart through its mountain description and the praise dedicated to them. After some walk Serval's group finally meet with Hipparion who's in the middle of scolding Eurasian Beaver to not bother the nature. When Hipparion turns her attention towards the group, Serval immediately asks Hipparion to sign her "100 Famous Japari Park Mountains book" encouraging the protagonist to do the same. Not long after this Sable Antelope appears and gives Common Eland who's in the company of Serval's group an ointment knowing that she would get herself hurt. When being asked why she's here, Sable Antelope responds that she has some business with Hipparion. After the climbing end Serval's think that she knows more about the mountain after hearing Hipparion explanation. Serval then asks Hipparion to introduces higher mountain for her to climb in which Hipparion introduces her to "Crazy Big Hill".

Hinamatsuri Event Quest

In this quest she and Przewalski's Horse are used by Common Chimpanzee as living battery to powered the Hinamatsuri's stand of Serval's group. While she admits she's really tired because of that, she nevertheless happy to see both the empress and emperor of the Hinamatsuri doll which represented by Silky Anteater and Fossa.


Mountain Goat

She thinks Mountain Goat action is dangerous and hopes that she enjoys the mountain more.

Mountain Tapir

Mountain Tapir comments that Hipparion talk enthusiastically when it comes to mountain talk. She enjoys the conversation but sometimes she doesn't understand what Hipparion is talking about.


She's one of Hipparion acquaintance.


Friend Stats
Maximum HP: 2,157 Maximum ATK: 1,441
Movement: 85 Attack Speed: 46
Knockback: 16 Anti-Knockback: 23
Reach: 250 Damage Per Second (Single Target): 662
Skill Charge Speed: 2.5 Maximum Targets: 2
Advantageous Terrain: NexonSky.png Disadvantageous Terrain: NexonSandySoil.png

Voice Lines

Line Japanese English

ヒッパリオンだ。山ソムリエとは僕のことさ。よければ、君に似合った山を選ばせてくれないかな I'm Hipparion. Mountain sommelier is me. If it's okay with you, would you mind to let me choose the mountain that match with you?
Battle Cry

山に色々あるように、敵にも色々いるようだね Like there are various type of mountain, there also various type of enemy

感じるんだ。山の癒しを I feel it. The soothing sensation of the mountain

ふむ、なかなかの戦いぶりだったと思うよ Hmm, I think it's a good fight
Level Up

山を知るためには、強さも重要だということだよ To know about the mountain, power is an important thing
Wild Release

今までわからなかった山のサウンドが、僕にささやいてくるんだ。山ソムリエとして進化した気分だよ Up until now the sound of the mountain that I don't know, whisper into my ear. I feel like as a mountain sommelier, I'm evolved

Home Screen Lines

Line Japanese English
Line 1 なるほど、僕の力が必要、と。山ソムリエの僕に任せておいて I see, so my power is needed. Leave it to me, the mountain sommelier
Line 2 山が呼んでいる……。行かなくてはならないな。君も一緒にくるかい? The mountain is calling... ... I must go. Would you like to go together?
Line 3 山についてならば、僕の意見が役に立つはずさ。ぜひ、頼ってくれ If it's about the mountain, my opinion should be useful. So please, rely on me
Line 4 シロイワヤギは少し危ういね。頂点だけではなく、もっと山を感じるべきだと思うのさ Mountain Goat is a bit of a risky person. I think that she should enjoy the mountain more, not only about the summit
Line 5 君はまるで……そう、山と同じようなとてつもない温もりを持っている。不思議な人だ You look like... ... yes, like a mountain; you have great warmth in you. What a strange person
Line 6 何もすることがないときは、常に山の動きを感じ取っているよ When there's nothing to do, I'm always immerse myself in feeling the mountain movement
Line 7 「 」、君と登った山も100を超えたね。記念に、僕の想いを聞いてくれるかい? [protagonist], the mountain I climbed with you is already more than 100 huh. As a commemoration, would you like to hear my feeling?

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