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Dire Wolf

Dire WolfOriginal.png

Friend Data
Group "Wolf Federation" Wolf Federation.png
Voice Mariko Kouda 国府田マリ子
Game Data
Attribute Cool
Attack Type Short-Range Short Range.png
Size Large NexonLarge.png
Nocturnal Yes NexonNocturnal.png
Skill Ancient Heavy Attack
ID 00461
Dire Wolf Festival KF3 Nexon Game Stage Play KemoV Gallery

Dire Wolf appeared as a minor character during the original Kemono Friends mobile game. She is also a member of the Wolf Federation.


She has warlike personality and believes that the only thing to get strong is by exercise and no others. She also recruit person who wants to become her pupil. She looks down on other wolves stating they had become weaker over time


Speaking of the largest wolf in the history, it's about me Dire Wolf. These days Wolves had become considerably mellow! Ha ha ha! From my perspective every one of them are the same with juvenile. So lenient! With that power like a mere child's play, they can't even keeping up with me.

Role in the Plot

Dire Wolf's Side Quest

“The strongest wolf in all of history, Dire Wolf. Because of her all-around great skill, everyone in Japari Park knows about her. Recently, she seems to be addicting to riding bicycles, but I don't really like it. But after seeing Dire Wolf do it, everyone in the Wolf Federation learned how to ride a bicycle. It seems that today will be the day I make my cycling debut.”
Hokkaido Wolf, in her diary

In the beginning of the story, Hokkaido Wolf is asking if Dhole and Mexican Wolf agree that they hate bicycles, and that the best feeling is running with your own legs. Mexican Wolf doesn't agree, saying that everyone is using bicycles and that it seems more convenient than running, which Dhole agrees with. Hearing this from two of her best friends, Hokkaido Wolf decides to agree to learn how to ride a bicycle. Dhole tells Hokkaido Wolf that Cycling Class has open applications, and invites her to join them to apply. Hokkaido Wolf asks Dhole not to hurry, as she has not properly prepared herself for the classes.

The story moves to the cycling class, where the teacher, Mandrill, is teaching the students about the road signs in Japari Park, telling them to pay attention to the signs to avoid getting into an accident. Hokkaido Wolf speaks up to say that she is having difficulty remembering all of the signs before being cut off by African Wild Dog, who is in charge of practical training. Dhole notes that this class is very strict, and then African Wild Dog states that as the class has come here to learn how to ride a bicycle, she will not allow them to go home until they are able to ride one. The class has a difficult time learning, leading Hokkaido Wolf to wonder if the class is run by a mysterious organization. African Wild Dog jokingly compliments how graceful the class's falling is, but asks them not to become discouraged, as this is all part of the first step of learning to ride a bicycle.

After a few days pass, the group is finally able to ride a bicycle, and all they need to do is pass the final test. Mandrill and African Wild Dog join the class on the way to the testing grounds, and state that reaching the testing grounds is, in fact, part of the final test. They explain that in order to reach the site where the test will be held, the class will need to go through rugged mountains and a river with a fast current. African Wild Dog then says that there is one last thing about the final test - today, the instructor will be Dire Wolf, and as such, only members of the Wolf Federation will be able to take the test. However, they will be able to take it as many times as they like. After finally arriving at the testing grounds, Dire Wolf welcomes the group, and asks them if they have any questions before they begin the test. Hokkaido Wolf decides to ask Dire Wolf why she has become addicted to riding bicycles, who then explained that it happened a long time ago and begins to tell a story.

The scene changes to a flashback in which Dire Wolf becomes bored because the day is too peaceful, and decides to go to Gray Wolf's place to train. On the way there, Dire Wolf saw Serval riding a bicycle, and began to chase her, scaring Serval. Later, Dire Wolf spoke with Mirai saying that she followed Serval until it was dark, and was confused by why she was scared of her. Mirai explains that wolves have a tendency to follow moving things, and being chased by a wolf for such a long time frightened her. Dire Wolf understands, and asks Mirai how Serval is doing. Mirai explains that unfortunately, Serval is traumatized, and that she feels afraid and wants to run away whenever she sees a bicycle. Dire Wolf, however, intrigued by bicycles, vows to learn to ride one herself.

The story returns to the present, with Dire Wolf explaining that after that day, she has trained on her bicycle in the middle of rain and wind, and even during storms. After learning how to ride a bicycle, Dire Wolf says that she has never ran around chasing any moving things since, and that riding her bike has become a daily hobby. Mexican Wolf asks Dire Wolf what happened to Serval, which prompts Dire Wolf to reply that she began to ask Serval to do touring with her. At first, she was afraid, but after a while, her fear and trauma disappeared and that the two often tour together. Dire Wolf now asks the group to return to business now that she has told her story, as it is time for the final test to begin.

Dhole asks why Dire Wolf changed the topic so suddenly, prompting Dire Wolf to tell her that the Wolf Federation has become weaker, and she has prepared a program to make them stronger. Hokkaido Wolf asks about the bicycle test, and Dire Wolf calls her a fool, saying that touring is the same as fighting. By becoming stronger, they will no longer have to worry about the conditions of the road or the severity of the weather, they will be able to ride a bike all day. This prompts Mexican Wolf to sigh after hearing such a ridiculous reason to fight. Hokkaido Wolf accepts Dire Wolf's challenge, after which Dire Wolf howls. Dhole thinks that running away might be a good idea, but Mexican Wolf tells her not to worry because Hokkaido Wolf is with them. Hokkaido Wolf prepares to fight with Dire Wolf, though Dhole notices that Hokkaido Wolf is trembling.

After a battle, the three of them together defeat Dire Wolf, causing her to laugh and acknowledge the group's strength. African Wild Dog and Mandrill congratulate the wolves on passing the test. As a reward, she grants each of the wolves their own new bicycle and asks them go touring together with her. Dhole notices that Hokkaido Wolf is excited despite saying earlier that she hates bicycles. Hokkaido Wolf responds by saying that this bicycle is gift, and that she will gladly accept it, although she isn't sure if she is going to use it or not. Dire Wolf then asks the group to participate in the upcoming Tour-de-Japari Park. The three wolves are confused, and ask why, causing Dire Wolf to say that she wants to see her pupils win the race.

Later, at the end of the Tour-de-Japari Park, Superb Lyrebird announces that participant number 31, Hokkaido Wolf, has won the race, asking the spectators to give her their applause. Hokkaido Wolf then delivers a speech regarding her victory, thanking her friends Mexican Wolf and Dhole for helping her. Mexican Wolf is very happy to hear that she was helpful. In the final part of her speech, Hokkaido Wolf thanks Dire Wolf for training her. Dire Wolf says that she is very happy with the three of them, but that they cannot rest yet and must train for the next race, prompting Hokkaido Wolf to retort her statement.


Hokkaido Wolf, Mexican Wolf, and Dhole

She teaches Hokkaido Wolf, Mexican Wolf, and Dhole how to ride bike and in the end making them win a bicycle competition called Tour-de-Japari Park.


The first time she wants to learn how to ride a bicycle is from Serval. At that time she chased her, leaving Serval in a traumatic states. As time passes the two become friends and often touring together

African Wild Dog

African Wild Dog is her assistant at the Bicycle school


Mandrill working as a teacher at the Bicycle school


Friend Stats
Maximum HP: 10,252 Maximum ATK: 6,966
Movement: 95 Attack Speed: 51
Knockback: 27 Anti-Knockback: 57
Reach: 40 Damage Per Second (Single Target): 3,552
Skill Charge Speed: 3.23 Maximum Targets: 1
Advantageous Terrain: NexonPlains.png Disadvantageous Terrain: NexonSky.png

Voice Lines

Line Japanese English

ダイアウルフだ。どうしたどうしたたるんだ顔をして。どれ、一つあたしと組手でもしようじゃないか I'm Dire Wolf. Hey, hey, what's with that saggy face? Well, let's sparring with me one time
Battle Cry

セルリアンか。あたしに向かって来るその意気や良し! 全力でお相手しよう Cellien? They're coming towards me vigorously. Let's meet them with full power!

ぬるいな! How lenient!

あたしにとって勝利は当然だ! For me winning is to be expected!
Level Up

また強くなってしまったか。他のオオカミたちにも分けてやりたいくらいだな I have become strong yet again. It makes me want to share this power with the other wolves
Wild Release

更なる高みが見えてきた気がしたぞ! お前のおかげだな、感謝する I feel like I saw more height! It's because of you, I'm grateful

Home Screen Lines

Line Japanese English
Line 1 さて、今日はどんな強者と出会えるか……楽しみな一日だな! Now then, what kind of strong person will we meet today... ... this'll be a fun day
Line 2 お前には感謝している。とにかく、戦う相手には事欠かないからな! I'm grateful to you. Anyhow, you're more than enough to be my fighting opponent!
Line 3 一に鍛錬、二に鍛錬だ!前時代的と言われようが、強くなるにはこれしかない First is training, and second is training! It's old fashioned but to become strong that's the only way
Line 4 私が鍛えてやれば、どんなもやしっ子でもたちまち強くなれるぞ!教え子募集中だ! If I were to train someone, even a weak child can become strong! Right now I'm recruiting disciple!
Line 5 誰も追い付けぬ高みを目指すのはいいが、誰も追い付いて来ぬのはつまらんかも知れんな Aiming high that no one can't catch up with you is fine but if there's no one can't catch up with you, it would be boring
Line 6 オオカミどもを集めて稽古をつけてやりたいな I want to gather the wolves and train them
Line 7 あたしの鍛錬によくついてきているな「 」!褒美にハグしてやろう、こちらへ来い! You catch up with my training very well [protagonist]! As a reward, I'll hug you; come here!


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