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Friend Data
Group "Nyan Nyan Family" Nyan Nyan Family.png
Voice Kakuma Ai 加隈亜衣
Game Data
Attribute Cool
Attack Type Mid-Range NexonMediumRange.png
Size Medium NexonMedium.png
Nocturnal No
Skill 100 Instant Strikes: Grand Aerial
ID 00207
Jaguarundi Nexon Game

Jaguarundi appeared as a minor character during the original Kemono Friends mobile game. She is also a member of the Nyan Nyan Family.


She has a tsundere like personality. Her ability is remain unperturbed no matter what other say.


Good afternoon, my name is Jaguarundi. I'm often being called like a small lion. Also I'm often being called like a weasel or an otter... ... You can call me anything you like. Because in the end I am what I am and not other person

Role in the Plot

Beach Flag Event Quest

In this quest she competes in beach flag festival because she have heard an interesting information regarding Sable Antelope from Takin. It is turned out that Jaguarundi is taking an interest in mysterious package delivered by Sable Antelope and no matter how she asks about it, Sable Antelope refuses to tell her what it is. She tells the protagonist group that once she interested in something she will never let it go and before part ways reminds Serval to be cautious with Sable Antelope.

After watching one of Sable Antelope flag race Jaguarundi remarks that Sable Antelope is good at hiding her true nature before being interrupted by Quagga who ask her to do tail shaking together in which she refuses by saying that she has something urgent and doesn't have time to do that. In the next race Jaguarundi able to take a peek on what Sable Antelope brings but couldn't figure out what it is and guesses that it's a big ball filled with catnip or even new type of Cellien.

In the final race Jaguarundi finally challenges Sable Antelope in which Sable Antelope must show her what thing she delivers if she lost and in turns Sable Antelope can orders her and Serval anything if she win. Sable Antelope agrees with this and they have a race which ended with Jaguarundi's victory. Sable Antelope then reveals that the thing she delivers is giant firework, this revelation makes Jaguarundi feels awful for suspecting Sable Antelope to be a bad guy and disappointed with the information Takin gave her. To make up for this Jaguarundi agrees to help Sable Antelope in her delivery.

The Fireworks That Bloom in the Night Sky Event Quest

In this quest Jaguarundi is seen together with Sable Antelope preparing the fireworks for the event. Medium Tree Finch asks both Jaguarundi and Sable Antelope about Resplendant Quetzal whereabout in which both of them answer with negative response.

That Friends Now? ~Jaguarundi Memoirs~ Event Quest

In this reminiscent quest, Jaguarundi writes about the event that happened during beach flag competition. The scene then changes to her and Sable Antelope in the hot springs. Sable Antelope asks what is she doing in which Jaguarundi answers that she gets immersed with reading her own diary. After they finished with the hot springs both of them agree to have table tennis competition.

Operation Crime Eradication Event Quest

In this quest she works undercover as the shoplifting G-Man. Coypu realizes her and starts conversation with Jaguarundi only being told to be quiet by her because Jaguarundi's worry that the shoplifting Cellien will realize her presence.


Otter Friends

She thinks the otters are cuter than her

Sable Antelope

She interested in a box that Sable Antelope delivers and challenge the said person into a race. She ends up as the winner and order Sable Antelope to show the delivery box which appeared to be firework. She then apologizes to Sable Antelope for interrupted her delivery and asks her to go to hot springs together.


She drags Serval to enter the race in order to defeats Sable Antelope


Friend Stats
Maximum HP: 8,282 Maximum ATK: 3,892
Movement: 92 Attack Speed: 46
Knockback: 48 Anti-Knockback: 36
Reach: 100 Damage Per Second (Single Target): 1,831
Skill Charge Speed: 4.55 Maximum Targets: 2
Advantageous Terrain: NexonForest.png Disadvantageous Terrain: NexonSnowfield.png

Voice Lines

Line Japanese English

ジャガランディよ。私のことは好きに呼べばいいわ。どう言われようと気にしないから I'm Jaguarundi. You can call me whatever you like. I don't really care about it
Battle Cry

戦うの? しかたないわね Fight? Can't be helped

火の粉は払うまでよ I can only attack to defense

お礼を言う必要はないわ。自分のために戦ったのだから There's no need to say thanks. Because I fight for my sake
Level Up

そう、強くなったの? ありがとう I become stronger huh? Thank you
Wild Release

何があっても迷わない。私は、私の信じる道を歩むだけよ No matter what happened I will not hesitate. I, I'm only walk the way that I believe in

Home Screen Lines

Line Japanese English
Line 1 ついていくかどうかは、自分で判断するわ。誰の指図も受けない Wether I'll follow you or not, I'll decide it on my own. I don't take any order from anyone
Line 2 趣味?そうね、誰にでも気軽に言うような趣味は持ち合わせていないわ Hobby? Let's see; I don't have any hobby that can be said easily to anyone
Line 3 何と言われようと動じない。それが私の強さであり、不器用さなの。……急だったわね、忘れて No matter what they said, I will stood firm. That's my power and also my awkwardness... ... so sudden isn't it? Please forget it
Line 4 似てると言われるけど、カワウソたちの方が可愛いわ。私なんかよりよっぼどね It's said that we're similar but the Otters are cuter. Much better compared to me
Line 5 ……あなた、悪くないと思うわ。それだけよ ... ... You're not bad. Just that
Line 6 別に人を嫌いなわけじゃないわ。こういう性格なだけ I don't really hate others. It's just my personality is like this
Line 7 「 」は、私がつんけんしてるって言わないのね。私の事を理解してくれている、素敵よ [protagonist] doesn't say that I'm unsocial huh? You understand me; that's lovely

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