Japari Café 2

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Japari Café 2

Japari Cafe 2 Album Art.jpg

Song Data
Release Date December 13th, 2017
Price ¥3240
Catalog # VICL-64869
Publisher Victor Entertainment
Composer(s) Various
Performer(s) Various
Duration 33:17

Japari Café 2, released 12/13/2017, is a character song album for the Kemono Friends anime. It contains seven original songs and the Kemono Friends version of 40mP's Do Re Mi Fa Rondo. The physical release of the album also contained piano sheet music for Fre! Fre! Best Friends.


An official promotional video was uploaded to YouTube prior to the album's release.

Track Listing

Track # Name Performer(s) Composer Length
1 Nakayoshi March Kaban, Serval Jin 4:59
2 My Pace Chaser Raccoon, Fennec no_my 4:45
3 Tanoshii Tanoshii Tanoshii! Asian Small-Clawed Otter sasakure.UK 3:41
4 Tottemo Kashikoi Jururi "Recipe" Northern White-Faced Owl, Eurasian Eagle Owl 伊藤翼 3:54
5 THE WANTED CRIMINAL Margay, PPP 伊藤翼 4:10
6 Yukemuri Utopia Silver Fox, Ezo Red Fox 小野貴光 3:39
7 Watashi-tachi no Story PPP 三矢禅晃 5:18
8 Doremifa Rondo (Friends ver.) Doubutsu Biscuits, Kaban, PPP 40mP 3:17


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