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Friend Data
Voiced by:
Ōnishi Saori 大西沙織
Attack Type:
Long-Range Long Range.png
Medium NexonMedium.png
Azure Dragon's Skill of Salvation
ID #:
Seiryu Nexon Game

The goddess Friend Seiryu appeared as a minor character in the original Kemono Friends game.


She doesn't like to be bothered to help others too much as she thinks that would spoil them.


I'm the one who responsible to protect Japari Park eastern part, four divine beasts Azure Dragon of the East. Using the power of pure water and the tail I'm proud of to save everyone is my duty. However, do what you can accomplish with your own power! I'm not going easy by only helping weaklings. So don't cause me so much trouble okay?

Role in the Plot

Seiryu's Character Quest

In the beginning of the story, Crested Ibis is monologuing about four Friends that protect Japari Park. She states that they have power exceeding normal human ability, and that Silver Fox tells her they are located in places of power found in the east, west, south, and north. She ends the speech stating that in times like these, when Ceruleans have evolved, they must borrow the power of these Four Gods. She begins to investigate, alongside other Friends, so that she may find the Four Gods and ask them for help.

At a waterfront, Giant Armadillo and Giant Pangolin are doing research somewhere that the water levels have increased to unnatural levels. Pangolin wonders why this has happened, and notes that the water has increased to such a point that it could be said the waterfront is flooding. However, they decide they do not care about the cause, pridefully stating that it is unimportant for the "General Merchant Duo". After an hour, Armadillo discovers a clue; a blue scale.

Mirai and Serval appear and greet the two merchants. Pangolin and Armadillo then ask what brings them to the waterfront, prompting White Rhinoceros to explain that the group is searching for the cause of the flooding. Pangolin thinks that a Cerulean may be responsible, but Silver Fox states that there is another potential cause - Seiryu, one of the Four Gods. Armadillo considers "Seiryu" and "Four Gods" to be interesting names, and organizes her thoughts to recall the events she had witnessed in the past hour. Thomson's Gazellle compliments Armadillo's analysis of the events.

Pangolin, seeing that they are in similar situations, suggests combining forces and investigating together. Serval agrees, but states that with the current water current, it will be very difficult. Caracal complains that searching for the Four Gods is very tiresome, but Serval says that at this point, they need Seiryu's power. An hour passes, and the group is unable to find any more clues. Pangolin states that with the information they have, it seems more likely that a Cerulean is the cause of the flooding. Crested Ibis then finds a giant, snail-shaped black Cerulean, and decides to draw it in closer by using her song. However, before she can, she discovers that the Cerulean has already been defeated, surprising Serval and Caracal.

Seiryu then finally appears, saying it was good luck that they can see her defeat the Cerulean with one blow. Pangolin recognizes Seiryu's scales, and verifies that the blue scale she picked up earlier is Seiryu's. Seiryu comments that Pangolin is eccentric for carrying her scale around. Silver Fox asks to confirm that Seiryu is indeed the eastern guardian of Japari Park, the Azure Dragon of the East, which Seiryu confirms. Thomson's Gazelle pleads to Seiryu to lend them her power, but she refuses. White Rhinoceros begs for her to hear their explanation, but Seiryu states that she does not lend her power to those who are weak.

Silver Fox questions Seiryu about her role as a park guardian. Seiryu replies stating that if Japari Park is in extreme need of help, she will help, but that until then, they should all just try to fight the Ceruleans with their own power. Seiryu then blames the local Friends, saying they are lazy, doing nothing but blaming Ceruleans on the flood and rambling to themselves. She proceeds to state that to her, the investigation was nothing but childish play. Pangolin is bewildered by this, asking Seiryu to repeat herself, which she does. This angers Pangolin, who accuses Seiryu of being lazy, saying that up until now all of the Friends have been trying their best to protect the park. Armadillo warns the group to be cautious, as she has never seen Pangolin this angry.

Seiryu challenges Pangolin, asking whether or not she can stand against her, then changing into a dragon. Serval and all the others team up and manage to defeat her, but they tire themselves out in the process. Seiryu acknowledges their power, saying she had already heard of the actions of Serval and the protagonist, and thought this was a good chance to verify their strength. Pangolin apologizes for snapping to Seiryu, who dismisses the fight as if it never happened, as they already made up with each other.

Seiryu then asks Pangolin how she treats her tail, as she finds it to be very beautiful. Pangolin rejects the statement, saying that Seiryu's tail is more beautiful than hers. Armadillo interjects and suggests they stop so that they can discuss this all once they have become friends, but Pangolin knocks her out instead for being a nuisance. Seiryu speaks up and says she can stop the flooding, but asks that the group allow it to continue for now. Silver Fox asks Seiryu her motive, to which she responds that she wants everyone to become stronger, welcoming them to fight her again at any time. Because of this, Serval playfully warns Seiryu to prepare for defeat when the group returns later on.


The Four Gods

Together with three other divine beasts, they protect the park from any invader that means to cause harm.


While she admits that seeing Suzaku intervention on other people is interesting, she thinks her action is annoying. On the other hand Suzaku doesn't like her lazy attitude and plans on correcting her behavior


Friend Stats
Maximum HP: 5,402 Maximum ATK: 3,119
Movement: 95 Attack Speed: 62
Knockback: 64 Anti-Knockback: 46
Reach: 280 Damage Per Second (Single Target): 1,933
Skill Charge Speed: 3.23 Maximum Targets: 4
Advantageous Terrain: NexonWaterfront.png Disadvantageous Terrain: NexonPlains.png

Voice Lines

Line Japanese English
ジャパリパーク東方守護者セイリュウよ。用があるなら手短に言いなさい I'm Seiryu, protector of the eastern part of Japari Park. If you have anything to do with me, said it briefly
Battle Cry
どれほどの時を経ても、無謀な者は不変ね。ならば、徹頭徹尾完膚なきまで倒すわ No matter how long the time passes, it seems reckless person never change. If that's the case, I will thoroughly completely obliterate them
じわじわを楽しみなさいな Please enjoy it slowly
要らぬ道草はこれでおしまい With this, needless waste of time is over
Level Up
私に力を授けたのね、まぁいいわ So you grant me this power, well, okay then
Wild Release
私はセイリュウ、己の限界を超えるなど造作もないな。見くびらないでほしいわね I'm Seiryu, exceeding your limit is easy for me. I don't want you to look down on me

Home Screen Lines

Line Japanese English
Line 1 別に同行はいいけれど、私ばかりを頼らないでちょうだいね I'm fine with moving together but don't rely too much on me okay?
Line 2 しっぽの手入れは欠かさないの。救済、攻撃など私の務めを果たす為に必要不可欠なのよ I never miss to tending my tail. To save, to attack, anything to fulfilled my duty, it's something indispensable
Line 3 スザクは他者への介入が過ぎる。はあ、そこが面白くもあるのだけど……煩わしい Suzaku is meddling too much with other's business. Haah, there's something interesting in that but... ... so annoying
Line 4 正直の頭に神宿る……。あなたはその典型。まあ、多少ならば力を貸してあげるわ Honesty is the best policy... ... You are that archetype. Well, if it's only for a bit, I'll lend you my power
Line 5 私、聴力が秀でているの。だからどこにいても発言には慎重になさい。聞いているわよ、全て I have great hearing ability. That's why wherever you are, mind your word. I hear them all
Line 6 何も無き事は良き事良き事。救済しなければならない事態なんて、皆無であるべきだわ Nothing happen is a good thing. The circumstances where I need to save someone shouldn't be exist
Line 7 認めねばなりません、「 」の努力を。私の想いと力、受け取りなさい、強く、強く I must acknowledge your endeavor, [protagonist]. Take my feeling and power, strongly, strongly

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