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Friend Data
Voiced by:
Hirohashi Ryō 広橋涼
Attack Type:
Short-Range Short Range.png
Medium NexonMedium.png
"Nyan Nyan Family" Nyan Nyan Family.png
Yes NexonNocturnal.png
Aerial Loop Claw
ID #:
Caracal Manga Pavilion Nexon Game

Caracal appeared as a major character during the original Kemono Friends mobile game. She is also a member of Nyan Nyan Family.


She's a fun loving energetic character. Among the friends it seems she's the only one who knows the park guides real name "Mirai" although she says that she will probably forget about it someday as she rarely called her "Mirai".


Suborder feliformia, family felidae, genus caracal. I'm Caracal. the ear tuft have a good sense right? I like nap and interesting stuffs but I think the activity I can't get bored easily with is watching Serval. Well, maybe because I know Serval the longest, I understand how to deal with her.

Role in the Plot

She appears in the 1st chapter when she mistook Cerval as Serval and when she meets with the real Serval she shows her that she is angry. After that she accompanies the protagonist until the end.

Common Vampire Bat's Character Quest

Caracal appears alongside Serval in this quest, talking to Serval about being pranked so frequently, eventually getting caught up in the pranks herself. When Namichi helps them hunt Celliens later on, she explains the bat's custom of altruism to Serval.

Japanese Wolf's Character Quest

Caracal is a major character in this quest, where she encounters Japanese Wolf, and due to a variety of misunderstandings, believes her to be a predator. Once the misunderstandings are cleared up, she and Japanese Wolf talk more, though when Celliens appear, she finds Japanese Wolf continually acts as if she needs protected. Eventually, Caracal gets fed up, telling her firmly that she can defend herself, and fights Celliens alongside Japanese Wolf. Japanese Wolf is so happy to fight alongside someone else again that she begs Caracal to form a group with her, which Caracal declines, due to already being a member of the Nyan Nyan Family. Japanese Wolf is downhearted, as group activities are rare for her now that all of her friends are extinct, so Caracal agrees to play together with Japanese Wolf on occasion. This makes Japanese Wolf so happy that it attracts Serval, who joins in on the fun, annoying the more serious Caracal.



Serval is Caracal's best friend and often bring her into conversation


She has close relationship with the park guide Mirai, but admit that she never called her with that name and thus probably will going to forget it

Silver Fox

She considers Silver Fox medicine prescription ability is in the same level of that Serval clumsiness

Japanese Wolf

Caracal and Japanese Wolf initially have a rocky relationship, but the two become friends who occasionally play together following Japanese Wolf's quest.

Star Beasts

She can makes all the three star beasts to do her bid by orders them to kidnap Serval out of jealousy.


Friend Stats
Maximum HP: 7,865 Maximum ATK: 2,903
Movement: 91 Attack Speed: 48
Knockback: 46 Anti-Knockback: 56
Reach: 15 Damage Per Second (Single Target): 1393
Skill Charge Speed: 3.33 Maximum Targets: 3
Advantageous Terrain: NexonPlains.png Disadvantageous Terrain: NexonSky.png

Voice Lines

Line Japanese English
はいはい、私、カラカルに任せておけば大丈夫よ。少なくとも、サーバルにやらせるよりはましだから Alright, It's okay to let Caracal take care of it. At the very least, It's better than letting serval do it
Battle Cry
まっ、怪我しないようにね Well, don't get yourself hurt
油断してちゃダメ You must not be careless
よしよし、頑張った頑張った Alright, I've done my best
Level Up
うむ、悪くないんじゃない? Hm, not bad isn't it?
Wild Release
へえ、いいじゃない? この力で大活躍ってね Eh, isn't it great? Doing very well with this power

Home Screen Lines

Yamata No OrochiNexonIcon.png
"I'll hear what you have to say."
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