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Kemono Friends Festval

Festival Logo.png

Mobile Game
Japanese Title:  ?
Romanized Title:  ?
Developers: Goodroid
Publisher: Goodroid
Genre: Adventure RPG
Platform: Android, iOS
Release Date: Spring 2018
"T-that's not all of it!"
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Kemono Friends Festival is an upcoming Kemono Friends mobile game developed by Goodroid. It is the second RPG in the Kemono Friends franchise, with the first being the Nexon game, and the third mobile game overall. The game was announced on March 26th, 2018.


The majority of the gameplay of Festival is currently a mystery, other than the fact that it is an RPG in some form. However, it is known that the game will contain gacha elements, and that Friends will likely be ranked in terms of stars similarly to the original mobile game.

Due to the presence of Celliens and an HP stat, the game will likely have combat.


Serval is still danced crazy! At the Japari Festival!

The story takes place during the same time as the Japari Festival, where Celliens have been sighted recently. Meanwhile, several Friends find a book that tells of a hidden treasure that the Friends decide to look for.

Pre-Registration Campaign

Pre-reg steps.png
  • 10,000 - 300 Miracle Gems
  • 30,000 - 900 Miracle Gems
  • 60,000 - 1800 Miracle Gems
  • 100,000 - Shiserval Right

Confirmed Friends

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