Team I'll Bite You

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Team I'll Bite You (Japanese:チーム・噛んじゃうぞ) is a reptile and amphibian based group. This group was formed in the group quest "Love at first sight! Poison Girl in Love". The leader is Tsuchinoko.

Group Link: Poison Poison Bite

Poison Poison Bite (Japanese:毒毒バイト) is a group link that poisons the entire enemy for a certain period of time, dealing damage based on ATK every second for 15 seconds. The damage varies depending on the number of members participating in the link; if 5 people participate, the damage rate is 120%. the effect can only be activated once per WAVE.


Name Voiced by Attribute Size Nocturnal ID
African Rock PythonNexonIcon.png African Rock Python Kanda Akemi  Passion Large  No 00100
Alligator Snapping TurtleNexonIcon.png Alligator Snapping Turtle Maeda Ai Passion Medium No 00128
Amazon Tree BoaNexonIcon.png Amazon Tree Boa Kaneko Yūki Passion  Medium No 00302
American AlligatorNexonIcon.png American Alligator Morishita Yukiko Pure Medium Yes 00165
AxolotlNexonIcon.png Axolotl Masumi Asano Cool Medium No 00030
Black MambaNexonIcon.png Black Mamba Aizawa Mai Pure Large Yes 00190
BoomslangNexonIcon.png Boomslang Suwa Ayaka Passion Medium Yes 00191
Coastal TaipanNexonIcon.png Coastal Taipan Tsuda Minami Pure Large Yes 00245
Emerald Tree BoaNexonIcon.png Emerald Tree Boa Kawakami Rio Pure Medium No 00301
European RatsnakeNexonIcon.png European Ratsnake Kōno Marika Pure Large Yes 00300
Frilled LizardNexonIcon.png Frilled Lizard Hirohashi Ryō Passion Medium No 00029
Galápagos TortoiseNexonIcon.png Galápagos Tortoise Suwa Ayaka Cool Medium Yes 00166
GharialNexonIcon.png Gharial Mikami Shiori Pure Medium No 00296
HellbenderNexonIcon.png Hellbender Numakura Manami Pure Large No 00375
Indian Star TortoiseNexonIcon.png Indian Star Tortoise Maeda Ayaka Passion Medium No 00298
Japanese Giant SalamanderNexonIcon.png Japanese Giant Salamander Takeuchi Wakako Pure Medium Yes 00125
King CobraNexonIcon.png King Cobra Yoshikawa Miku Cool Large Yes 00460
Komodo DragonNexonIcon.png Komodo Dragon Suwa Ayaka Cool Medium Yes 00192
Leopard TortoiseNexonIcon.png Leopard Tortoise Yahagi Sayuri Pure Medium No 00299
Northern Dwarf SirenNexonIcon.png Northern Dwarf Siren Murakawa Rie Pure Medium No 00374
Okinawan HabuNexonIcon.png Okinawan Habu Murakawa Rie Cool Medium Yes 00151
Panther ChameleonNexonIcon.png Panther Chameleon Suwa Ayaka Cool Medium Yes 00189
Red-Eared SliderNexonIcon.png Red-Eared Slider Ōzora Naomi Cool Small No 00099
Red-Footed TortoiseNexonIcon.png Red-Footed Tortoise Tsuda Minami Passion Medium No 00297
Saltwater CrocodileNexonIcon.png Saltwater Crocodile Uwagawa Emi Passion Large No 00124
Satanic Leaf-Tailed GeckoNexonIcon.png Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko Yamazaki Haruka Pure Small Yes 00258
Spectacled CaimanNexonIcon.png Spectacled Caiman Murakawa Rie Passion Large Yes 00204
TsuchinokoNexonIcon.png Tsuchinoko Masumi Asano Cool Medium Yes 00067
Yamata No OrochiNexonIcon.png Yamata No Orochi Kuwashima Hōko Passion Medium No 00180

Team I'll Bite You Team Ill Bite You.png
African Rock PythonAlligator Snapping TurtleAmazon Tree BoaAmerican AlligatorAxolotlBlack MambaBoomslangCoastal TaipanEmerald Tree BoaEuropean RatsnakeFrilled LizardGalápagos TortoiseGharialHellbenderIndian Star TortoiseJapanese Giant SalamanderKing CobraKomodo DragonLeopard TortoiseNorthern Dwarf SirenOkinawan HabuPanther ChameleonRed-Eared SliderRed-Footed TortoiseSaltwater CrocodileSatanic Leaf-Tailed GeckoSpectacled CaimanTsuchinokoYamata No Orochi