Kemono Friends 3: Planet Tours

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Kemono Friends 3: Planet Tours

Kemono Friends 3 Planet Tours Logo.png

Arcade Game
Japanese Title: けものフレンズ3: プラネットツアーズ
Romanized Title: Kemono Furenzu 3: Puranetto Tsuaazu
Developers: SEGA
Publisher: SEGA
Genre: Card Game
Platform: Arcade
Release Date: 2019

Kemono Friends 3: Planet Tours is an upcoming arcade game developed and published by SEGA. The game will release in 2019, and is intended to be a sequel to Kemono Friends 2, though it is unknown if it will be as plot heavy as its sibling title, Kemono Friends 3. The game will utilize SEGA's Aime service, which uses a card that allows players to access their player data even after they leave the arcade. Kemono Friends 3 was first announced by SEGA during their Tokyo Game Show 2018 stage event, and formally unveiled on January 12th, 2019, alongside Kemono Friends 3. It is unknown if the game will be playable outside of Japan.

Further details are currently unknown, but the game will be shown at JAEPO 2019 from 1/25/ to 1/27, where details will likely be shared.


A promotional image of a Planet Tours arcade cabinet.
Before playing Planet Tours, a player must first acquire an Aime card distributed by SEGA which can be purchased within arcades for ¥300. The player will then insert their Aime card into the arcade cabinet and be given a first-time player message, and be asked if they would like to use this card to play Planet Tours. Upon doing so, they will be prompted to enter a username for the game, and the game will afterwards move on to the tutorial.

There is also evidence that supports the notion that the game will be able to print out physical cards, but this is not confirmed and is merely speculation.

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