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King Cobra

King CobraOriginal.png

Friend Data
Group "Team I'll Bite You" Team Ill Bite You.png
Voice Yoshikawa Miku 吉川未来
Game Data
Attribute Cool
Attack Type Mid-Range NexonMediumRange.png
Size Large NexonLarge.png
Nocturnal Yes NexonNocturnal.png
Skill King Cobra's Lethal Glare
ID 00460
King Cobra Anime Pavilion KF3 Kingdom Nexon Game Gallery

King Cobra appeared as a minor character during the original Kemono Friends mobile game. She is also a member of Team I'll Bite You.


She always showing a king's aura but the truth is she's more like a maid that always obeying every order. She alongside with many team I'll Bite You members have a high resistance with poisonous gas and probably more because she lives near poisonous swamp. According to her she can hear multiple person conservation at the same time and remember all of it without changing the sentences. She uses 私 (watashi) to refers to herself.


I'm King Cobra. The snake king. If you doing something imprudent, I will hold you down. King is the one who gives order and guides their people to a better direction... ... And at the same time must grant people wish. If you have any trouble, just order (Ah, my lips selfishly) ... ... Ah, no! You can tell me. Do not constraint yourself! If you're in trouble, please rely on me!

Role in the Plot

King Cobra's Side Quest

“When the plum tree bloomed, I met with my fated opponent. Her name is King Cobra, and many, including myself, consider her to be very strong. I've heard that Serval and her friends want to borrow King Cobra's strength, so I've decided to go with them. However, no one will get in the way between me and her. If I can defeat King Cobra, I would be one step closer to becoming the king of all animals. Today, I must challenge her!”
Fossa, in her diary

The story begins with Fossa being confused that she is not allowed to enter the waterfront area. Serval pities her because she is the only one who isn't allowed to enter, but Mirai notes that Fossa is not the only one forbidden from entry. Mirai explains that she has seen multiple plates which say things like "Fox-Tanuki Forbidden", "Large Animals Forbidden", and "Feline Forbidden". Mirai says that she does not know why these signs have been put up. Sara and Coastal Taipan appear, and Taipan explains that King Cobra is tired of people challenging her, so she decided to block them from access by writing the signs.

Coastal Taipan then tells Fossa that she respects her shamelessness in regards to how many requests to fight Fossa has sent her, without even caring about whether or not that annoys King Cobra. Fossa then realizes that this was a mistake, and apologizes. Serval asks why Sara and Taipan are able to enter freely, causing Sara to explain that King Cobra is only allowing Team I'll Bite You to pass. Taipan tells Fossa that once again, she has come to the waterfront to bother King Cobra, but she admires her perseverance. Fossa does not deny this, but she wishes to challenge King Cobra just the same.

Sara tells Fossa that it might be difficult to meet with King Cobra, as she is currently in a vast forest filled with poisonous swamps. Taipan then follows up by saying Team I'll Bite You can make it through the poison safely, as they are all resistant to it. However, she believes it would be dangerous for any others. Mirai concludes that anyone other than Team I'll Bite You will be knocked out by the poison, which Sara agrees with, stating that anyone who enters would need to have great resolve, and that it would be better for the group to turn around. However, Fossa refuses, wanting to defeat King Cobra so she can become stronger.

After making it through the swamps, King Cobra appears and calls Fossa stupid for not being able to read the signs she made. Fossa apologizes, but states that she wants to defeat King Cobra. King Cobra refuses to fight her, then tells the group that she is the king of all snakes, and she could defeat anything, even if it is bigger than her. The scene changes briefly to the Savanna, where African Bush Elephant begins shaking, prompting African Forest Elephant to ask why she's shaking, and if she can help. Bush Elephant replies that it's alright, she just felt a chill, and thinks it may be influenza, and she decides to go home and sleep the sickness off.

Returning to the Waterfront, King Cobra continues her speech, stating that she doesn't have time to do something pointless, accusing Fossa of being thoughtless and impulsive, and indifferent to whether or not she is bothered by her repeated attempts to challenge her. She continues, calling Fossa rude and saying that she has no obligation to fight. Fossa replies that her reason to challenge King Cobra is that she wants to become stronger by practicing with someone strong, however, King Cobra replies that she does not care.

Seeing this bickering, Mirai notes that it seems like it may be impossible to borrow King Cobra's power. Serval suggests making King Cobra lend her power by force, but revokes this idea. Fossa then rudely demands that King Cobra become her opponent. Seeing how both Serval and Fossa want her to fight, King Cobra becomes excited all of a sudden, and agrees to fight Fossa and the Friend who she does not yet know the name of. Coastal Taipan then introduces Serval nonchalantly, calling her "the reliable Serval, the troublemaker of the Savanna, with an empty head, and the courage to charge into danger without thinking". She then introduces Mirai as well, calling her "the animal maniac Park Guide, who drools every time she sees a Friend, filled with love towards them". She then introduces the Protagonist as a bonus.

Serval feels like Coastal Taipan didn't make her sound very good, which Mirai agrees with, but notes that since it's the truth, it hurts more. King Cobra comments that Serval and her group are messed up, and demands that they all attack her at once. They fight her, and successfully manage to defeat her. Fossa is in disbelief that she has defeated her, and becomes more confident in her title as the king of all animals. Cobra, however, told her not to act too cockily, as she does not use her full strength against plebs.

Sara comments that despite Cobra's strength and fearsome image, she also has a cute side. Serval, confused, asks what cute side King Cobra could have. Axolotl then orders King Cobra to rub her shoulder, an order which she follows gladly. Fossa comments that suddenly, King Cobra's ruler aura has vanished, looking closer to a maid's. Taipan explains that despite Cobra being so strong, she enjoys when people give her orders, following the commands gladly, regardless of who gave them. She then says that Cobra is, in reality, a very friendly person.

Cobra tells Taipan to watch her mouth, saying that she shouldn't tell everyone about her secret, being that her body seems to move on it's own when she gets orders. Mirai then realizes that the reason why King Cobra accepted Fossa's challenge was because she was ordered to by Serval and Fossa. Cobra admits defeat, however, she says that she will not acknowledges the group's power. Serval then comforts Fossa, but Fossa finds King Cobra interesting and ask whether she can give order to King Cobra in which Mirai promptly says to cut it out.



Because of Fossa obstinate request to challenge her. King Cobra planting lots of plank to not disturb her. Affecting many friends except the Team I'll Bite You members. In the end she accepts her challenge because Fossa order her to.

Axolotl and Coastal Taipan

She has good relationship with team I'll Bite You. Especially with Axolotl and Coastal Taipan. She sometimes need to warns Coastal Taipan when she can't control her mouth

Indian Peafowl

She tells other that she didn't want to get involves with Indian Peafowl because the said person is too nice and she doesn't know how to deal with her.


Friend Stats
Maximum HP: 7,860 Maximum ATK: 4,696
Movement: 90 Attack Speed: 39
Knockback: 64 Anti-Knockback: 33
Reach: 135 Damage Per Second (Single Target): 1,831
Skill Charge Speed: 2.7 Maximum Targets: 3
Advantageous Terrain: NexonForest.png Disadvantageous Terrain: NexonSnowfield.png

Voice Lines

Line Japanese English

キングコブラだ。さて、民の話を聞いてやろう。で、お前は何か私に命令したい... じゃなかった、頼みたいことはないか I am King Cobra. I will now listen to what the people have to say. Is there anything you'd like to order me... I mean, request my assistance for?
Battle Cry

セルリアンを倒せか。それは命令か。ふ、いいだろう、倒してやろう! Defeating Cellien? That's an order? Fuh, alright, I will defeat it

命令は絶対だ! Order is absolute!

ふ、一飲みだったな。次も命令... ではなく、指示をしてもらって構わんぞ Fuh, it's an easy opponent. Also the next order... not that, I don't mind receiving any direction
Level Up

強くなれというお前の願いは、しかと聞き届けたぞ Your wish to make me strong, I will surely grant it
Wild Release

お前には打ち明けを。実は、その... 私は命令に従うのが好きなんだ。褒められると嬉しい。だから、何かあれば言ってくれ I'm going to confess to you. The truth is, that... I like following an order. I'm happy getting praise. That's why if there's anything, please tell me

Home Screen Lines

Line Japanese English
Line 1 今日も何か命令……じゃなくて、頼みたい事があればすぐに呼ぶのだぞ Today too if you have any order... ... not that, request, please call me immediately
Line 2 多人数から同時に話しかけられても全て聞き取れるぞ。まあ、王として当然の技能だな Even if I'm being spoken to by many people at the same time, I can hear them all. Well, it's a natural ability for a king
Line 3 く、クジャクの話はするな!ヤツは誰にでも優しくする、私にもな……それが苦手なんだ D, don't talk about Indian Peafowl! She's kind to everyone, including me... ... I'm not good with that
Line 4 王の威厳、か……。私の姿は皆にどう映っているか、少し興味があるな King's dignity, huh?... ... I have a bit interest in how do I look in everyone eyes
Line 5 その……お前の命令は、いつも心地良い。こ、これからも、私を頼ってくれると嬉しい…… Uhm... ... your order is always pleasant. From now on too, if you rely on me, I would be happy... ...
Line 6 依頼された案件の完了を報告する際の感覚はクセに……な、なんでもないぞ!忘れろ! The sensation when reporting that the requested task has been finished is become a habit... ... n, nothing! Forget it!
Line 7 「 」の命令なら従ってやる。ただし、私の心はそう簡単には揺るがないぞ! If it's [protagonist] order, I will obey it. But, my heart can't be sway easily!

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