Kyōshū Region

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Kyōshū Region

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Location Data
Debut Kemono Friends (2015 Mobile Game)
Location Type Region
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Kyōshū Region (Japanese:キョウシュウチホー/キョウシュウエリア Hepburn:Kyōshū Chiho/Kyōshū Area) is one of the regions of Japari Park. It exists in the western direction as seen from Park Central. It was the setting for several games and for the animated Season 1, Stage Play series.


The Kyōshū Region, equivalent to real-world Kyūshū, is featured as the first location visited by the player in the original Kemono Friends mobile game, serving as the setting of both the tutorial and Chapter 1. In this story, it was a temperate grassland home to several significant Friends, including Serval and Caracal.

Perhaps its most significant appearance, however, was as the setting of 2017 anime. The human Friend Kaban and her companion Serval embarked on a long journey which took them all across Kyōshū. They befriended many of its denizens along the way and solved problems which only served to improve the quality of life for those who live there. It is through this adventure that we have been able to learn intimately about Kyōshū and its current state.

It is also worthwhile to note that, while the climate of Kyōshū in the original game was consistently that of a prairie, the presence of Sandstar has led to the formation of several distinct climate biomes by this point in time. These ecological changes were observed early enough for signs to be erected in the various "areas", and Lucky Beasts employed as robotic Park Guides were programmed to explain each biome to human visitors. Whether these changes were observed in the rest of Japari Park is unknown.

One striking feature of the region, only seen in the anime, is the presence of the Sandstar Mountain. It is a large volcano settled in the center of Kyōshū, from which Sandstar erupts, facilitating the birth of both new Friends and Celliens. Kyōshū has seen numerous smaller eruptions, but only there have only been three major eruptions in recorded history -- the third of which would serve as the catalyst to the events of the anime, as it resulted in the birth of Kaban. This mountain is outfitted with a filter built during the time when humans inhabited the region, which can limit the flow of Sandstar Rō from its volcanic crater when activated using stone tablets named after the Four Gods. Due to the presence of more dangerous Celliens, the Sandstar Mountain and its surrounding area are off-limits to regular Friends, who must obtain approval from the island's chief Professor Konoha in order to visit it.



In Kemono Friends (2015 Mobile Game)

This region is the setting for the first chapter of this game, and this generation is a vast savanna. It was here that one of the events of the Queen Incident, the appearance of Cellval and the landing of Towa in Japali Park, took place. Serval and Caracal are also from here.

In Kemono Friends (2017 Anime)

This region is the setting for the 2017 anime. Kaban and Serval went around the region, solved various problems of Friends and found out who Kaban really is. Kaban and her companions restored the filter formed by the Four Gods of the volcanoes in the region in order stop the Black Cellien. After defeating the Black Cellien, they left for the Gokoku Region.


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