=LOVE Stage Project "Kemono Friends"

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=LOVE Stage Project "Kemono Friends"

LOVE Stage Project.jpg

Stage Play
Japanese Title:  ?
Romanised Title:  ?
Directed by: Keita Kawajiri
Written by: Keita Kawajiri
Music by:  ?
Venue: AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo
Original Run: February 15, 2018 –

February 18, 2018

"T-that's not all of it!"
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The =LOVE Stage Project "Kemono Friends" is the Kemono Friends franchise's second official stage play. The play features mostly Friends that are extinct, with the exception of Tsuchinoko. The play's cast is comprised of the Japanese idol group =LOVE, which was formed to promote the voice acting course at Yoyogi Animation Academy.


Tsuchinoko discovers a script for a stage adaption of Momotaro, and selfishly hoards it.


=LOVE Stage Project "Kemono Friends"
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