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Silver Fox

Silver FoxOriginal.jpg

Friend Data
Voiced by:
Shiraishi Ryōko 白石涼子
Attack Type:
Short-Range Short Range.png
Medium NexonMedium.png
Combined Technique of Rapid Change and Brilliance
ID #:
Silver Fox Anime Manga Pavilion Nexon Game

Silver Fox is a type of Friend that appeared as a major character during the original Kemono Friends mobile game.


She has cool personality and according to many other characters she has good brains. She can makes invention by improvisation in the time of needs.


I have confidence in my ability to memorize thing. Because I like to use my head to find the answer, I'm also good at logical thinking. In time of emergency, I'm helping with improvised invention. But, don't get me wrong, the reason I'm helping you is because for "that person" sake.

Role in the Plot

She first appeared when she is trailing Serval's group under order from Oinari-sama to helps the protagonist.

In 4th chapter She is investigating "Gao-gao disease" and then make a vaccine out of it before being attacked by Giant Cerulean and losing her consciousness. After that the said Cerulean bring her to the Hokkai Region.

In 5th chapter to regain her memory she is traveling together with the protagonist to the Hokkai Region onsen. In which she sees Serval's clumsiness and begin to regains her memory.



She thinks Mirai is a strange person.


She thinks Serval has bad naming sense.


Caracal thinks that her invention and medicine prescription are on the same level of that Serval. In which she doesn't take that kindly by saying "How rude".

Ezo Red Fox

Ezo Red Fox thinks she is a smart person but remarks that she is often careless


She devoted herself to Oinari-sama. The person she admires most and also her superior.


She is a regular customer of Takin. In which she is often buys information from her.

Common Chimpanzee

Common Chimpanzee considers her as rival in invention.

Buru Babirusa

wants to compare her medicine prescription ability to her.


Friend Stats
Maximum HP: 10,689 Maximum ATK: 6,035
Movement: 97 Attack Speed: 54
Knockback: 50 Anti-Knockback: 62
Reach: 30 Damage Per Second (Single Target): 3,258
Skill Charge Speed: 2.5 Maximum Targets: 1
Advantageous Terrain: NexonSnowfield.png Disadvantageous Terrain: NexonSandySoil.png

Voice Lines

Line Japanese English
私、ギンギツネの頭にあるデータがきっと役に立つときがくるわ I'm Silver Fox. the data that stored inside my head will someday going to be useful
Battle Cry
大丈夫、恐れることはないわ It's okay, there is nothing to be afraid of
これが私の導き出した応えよ This is the answers of my conclusion
データ収集完了。全て覚えたわ Data gathering finish. I have remembered all of them
Level Up
レベルアップ、いい感じよ Level up, feels good
Wild Release
私のデータにない感覚、新鮮だが The sensation of something not stored in the memory, it feel fresh though

Home Screen Lines

Yamata No OrochiNexonIcon.png
"I'll hear what you have to say."
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