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Friend Data
Voice Ishigami Shizuka 石上静香
Game Data
Attribute Passion
Attack Type Short-Range Short Range.png
Size Medium NexonMedium.png
Nocturnal No
Skill Byakko's Raging Wind Fist
ID 00172

Byakko Festival Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game Gallery

The goddess Friend Byakko appeared as a minor character in the original Kemono Friends game.


She has an energetic personality and high sense of responsibility. Her hobby is talking with other friends. She is aware of her responsibility as park protector. She controls the wind element. Her dream is to break Black-Tortoise of the North defenses. She is the youngest of the divine beasts.


I'm the one who protects the western part of the Japari Park, four divine beasts White Tiger of the West. I'm the person who helps everyone with the blessing gale. I watch over this land since antiquity. To be able to exert power together with everyone, I'm happy. Please rely on me anytime. This warrior also exists for that reason.

Role in the Plot

Byakko's Character Quest

The story opens with Serval monologuing about four Friends that protect Japari Park called the Four Gods. She says that they have a power surpassing human ability, and that according to Silver Fox, they are located in places of great power in the east, west, south, and north. As the Celliens are growing stronger and evolving, the Friends need to borrow the power of the Four Gods, and the group launches an investigation.

The story then moves to the Savanna, where Serval and Lulu are searching for one of the Four Gods on an extremely windy day. White Tiger tells them that if they are unable to continue, it's okay to let her handle the search on her own, as she wishes to know more about Byakko, the western guardian of Japari Park. Toki then realizes that the group is not making any progress at all. Serval says that this is because of the strong wind, which is making it difficult to stand, much less walk. Caracal complains about why Byakko has to live somewhere like this, which causes White Tiger to respond that she isn't quite sure either.

About to give up, Toki then sees someone collapse. As they approach, it turns out to be Byakko, who has just woken up because of the commotion. White Tiger, unaware of Byakko's identity, tells her that she is stupid for sleeping in a place like this. Hearing this, Byakko reveals her identity as the White Tiger of the West, one of the Four Gods who protect Japari Park. Immediately, White Tiger asks if they are the same, as they are both White Tigers. However, Byakko blasts White Tiger away, surprising everyone and causing White Rhinoceros to question Byakko's actions. Byakko responds that although they have the same name, they are different.

White Tiger is impressed with Byakko's power, but Serval is unable to move past her attack on White Tiger and tells her that it is rude to do such a thing on their first meeting. Byakko then begins reflecting on her actions, and while she is doing so, Serval follows up by asking if Byakko would be willing to lend her power to the group in the fight against the Celliens. Byakko says she is willing to do that, but only if they are able to defeat her, turning into her beast form.

White Tiger is still in disbelief at how powerful Byakko was, but Serval reminds her that she will not be fighting alone. They then engage Byakko in battle, and defeat her. Byakko congratulates them on their victory, and not only does she congratulate their victory, but she also acknowledges their bravery in facing such harsh conditions to meet her. The group is happy that Byakko will now lend the group her power, but Byakko refuses to help, telling them that defeating her just once or twice will not convince her to lend her power. Mirai notes that Byakko seems to enjoy fighting, and Silver Fox notes that White Tiger feels the same way. White Tiger does not mind fighting Byakko repeatedly, and White Rhinoceros agrees, though Serval feels tired of fighting. The story ends with White Tiger beginning another battle with Byakko.


The Four Gods

Together with 3 other divine beasts "Genbu", "Seiryu", and "Suzaku" they protect the park from any invader that tries to destroys it.


She hopes to break Genbu's defences.


Friend Stats
Maximum HP: 12,571 Maximum ATK: 5,042
Movement: 105 Attack Speed: 52
Knockback: 41 Anti-Knockback: 69
Reach: 30 Damage Per Second (Single Target): 2,621
Skill Charge Speed: 2.63 Maximum Targets: 2
Advantageous Terrain: NexonForest.png Disadvantageous Terrain: NexonSandySoil.png

Voice Lines

Line Japanese English

ジャパリパークの西方守護者、ビャッコだ! 一緒に冒険に出かけるとしようぞ The name's Byakko, I'm the protector of Japari Park's western areas! Whaddya say we go on an adventure together?
Battle Cry

かかってくるか? ならさっさと倒すとするかのう? 疾風迅雷のごとく So they want to go? If that's the case should I defeat them? I will, like the speed of lightning

巻き起これ疾風! Rising gale!

大事無いようで良かったぞ。みんなに怪我があったら、守護者失格だ Looks like there's nothing to be worried about; that's good. If anybody got hurt, I'd have failed as a protector.
Level Up

着実に私の武は研磨されているぞ。うん、いい気分だ My skills are steadily growing sharper. Yeah, feels good.
Wild Release

新たな力の奔流を感じる。これでゲンブにも追いつけるはずぞ!待っておれい! I can feel the new stream of power. With this I could release it with fury on Black Tortoise of the North! Just you wait!

Home Screen Lines

Line Japanese English
Line 1 みなと話せる……。それだけで私は満足だ。さあ、私と語らおうぞ! Able to speak with everyone... ... Just by that I'm satisfied. Now, let's talk with me!
Line 2 ぬしも風をまとってみるか?そしたら私と揃いだな。怖いものなしぞ! Would you like to be clad in wind too? Then you'll be matching with me. There's nothing to be fear!
Line 3 ぬしは、大黒柱ぞ。みなを支える存在そのものだ。これからも共に、支えあおうぞ! You're the backbone. You're the very existence that support everyone. From now on too, let's support each other!
Line 4 さて、今日はどこへ行く?どこでもついていくぞ。私は守護者だからな Then, where we'll go? I will follow you wherever you go. I'm a protector after all
Line 5 私の拳で、ゲンブの堅き守りを突破してみせる……。必ず、いつか必ずっ! Using my fist, I will pierce through Genbu strong protection... ... Surely, someday I'm surely!
Line 6 戦闘中でも女袴がめくれない?風の力で抑えているのだ。中が見たくば、自力でめくってみせい During the battle my *hakama (skirt) doesn't get flip up? I pin it down using wind power. If you want to see the inside, flip it with your own power
Line 7 「 」、もはや私とお主は一心同体。私の想いと力を預ける、思う存分操って見せよ! [protagonist], you and me already become one. I will entrust my feeling and power to you; use it to your heart's content!

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