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Friend Data
Voiced by:
Nonaka Ai 野中藍
Attack Type:
Short-Range Short Range.png
Medium NexonMedium.png
"Nyan Nyan Family" Nyan Nyan Family.png
Yes NexonNocturnal.png
Savannah Claw of Strong Gales
ID #:
Serval Anime Manga Festival Pavilion Nexon Game Stage Play Gallery

A Serval Friend named Serval appeared as a major character during the original Kemono Friends mobile game. She is the leader of the Nyan Nyan Family.


Serval is the leader of the Nyan Nyan family. She is clumsy and regarded by others as trouble maker. Her hobby is eating Japari-man, reading manga, and playing game etc.


Yahoo! Is everyone doing alright? "Serval" actually means "Hound Dog". Even though I'm a feline, why is that? I'm actually often called a "Clumsy Girl" or "Trouble Maker", but that's not the case at all! It's my job to make everyone smile. So I'll do my best today as well!

Role in the Plot

Nexon Game

Serval is considered one of the main characters of the Nexon Game's storyline, as her encounters with Cerval are a major focus of the plot. The more serious portions of the plot often involve her ability Kemo Harmony, which allows her to strengthen all of the Friends around her. When portions of her Sparkle were stolen by Cerval, she lost the ability to use Kemo Harmony, and preventing the Celliens from using the stolen Sparkle to create their own version of the Kemo Harmony is considered the primary conflict of the story.

Serval also appears in many of the game's sidequests in several different roles, including quests where she is a main focus, and quests where she merely makes a cameo appearance.

Character Quests

Arctic Hare's Character Quest

Serval visits the snowfields to play in the snow, but discovers Arctic Hare, thinking she is a snowball. The two cause trouble, play in the snow, and fight Celliens, but ultimately end up inside of a snow hut, sharing food together with Mountain Hare.

Common Vampire Bat's Character Quest

Serval finds that she is repeatedly pranked by Namichi, much to her chagrin. While discussing this with Caracal during a Cellien hunting outing, they find that she helps them to find Celliens that they missed, causing Serval to question whether or not Namichi is the person she believed she was, due to Caracal explaining their custom of altruism. Namichi goes on to prank them again, though Serval resolves to put up with it due to Namichi's kindness. A few days later, however, the two are back to their usual relationship.

European Hare's Character Quest

She appears in this quest in a secondary role, discovering the line for the limited-time Japari Buns first. She serves as a referee during European Hare and Mountain Hare's competition, and later speaks to European Hare for a brief period once Mountain Hare leaves for the watering hole.

Ezo Red Fox's Character Quest

In this quest, Serval appears having just received a video game from Mirai that she had asked about recently, and is excited to play. She begins playing the game, but accidentally leaves out Ezo Red Fox, who is too nervous to ask to join. Realizing her mistake, she invites Ezo Red Fox, but Celliens attack. Later, when Ezo Red Fox feels ashamed over getting too distracted by the game to help fight off the Celliens, Serval reassures her that they are friends, and excitedly jumps back into playing games with her.

Forest Owlet's Character Quest

Forest Owlet takes Serval and Mirai on a tour of the deciduous forest, showing her the cosmos flower field that she started when she first came to this forest. Serval is amazed, and when Celliens attack, she helps to fight them off, causing Forest Owlet to feel overwhelmingly grateful towards Serval.

Italian Wolf's Character Quest

Serval asks why Italian Wolf looks up to Gray Wolf so much, causing her to go into a lengthy explanation about an event that happened long ago.

Japanese Wolf's Character Quest

Serval appears very briefly in this quest after seeing Japanese Wolf and Caracal together, asking to join in on whatever fun the two are having.

Jinmengyo's Character Quest

In this quest, Serval and Jinmengyo decide to go to the Japari Festival. She gets her hair done by Snow Sheep, eats stall food with Masked Palm Civet and Atlantic Puffin, and watches Jinmengyo dance with Greater Bird-Of-Paradise and Indian Elephant. However, she encounters Crested Ibis and Scarlet Ibis at a singing competition, terrifying her. Soon, Celliens attack, but Jinmengyo's frightening mask scares them away, and this causes the two ibises to stop singing, relieving Serval.

Ocelot's Character Quest

During this quest, Ocelot tries to get Serval to swim after appearing from the water. Serval is afraid to enter the water, but after fighting Celliens, becomes covered in dust, causing Ocelot to suggest washing it off in the water. She attempts to inch her way in slowly, but Ocelot pushes her into the water. Once more Celliens appear, Serval uses a figure of speech that causes Ocelot to mistakenly believe that Serval has an interest in getting stepped on. After Celliens attack again, Serval is covered in mud, causing Ocelot to repeat her suggestion, so Serval enters the water and attempts to learn how to swim. However, she finds that Ocelot is too fast for her, and learns nothing about how to be a good swimmer as she is unable to keep up.

Sand Cat's Character Quest

Serval is in the desert with Sand Cat and Mirai, playing in the sand, when she decides to build a sandcastle. However, Sand Cat throws sand at it, knocking it over, upsetting Serval, and she fights with Sand Cat concerning why she's bullying her like this. Eventually, however, after Celliens attack, Sand Cat throws healing sand onto Serval and calls it play, causing Mirai to realize that Sand Cat was playing with Serval before in the way that she believes sand is played with. Once Serval realizes this, she throws sand at Sand Cat, who happily returns the attack, and the two play together like this afterwards.

Scarlet Ibis's Character Quest

Serval makes a brief cameo in this quest, believing that the world is coming to an end once Crested Ibis and Scarlet Ibis begin singing in unison.

Group Quests

Team I'll Bite You Quest

Serval takes a secondary role in this quest. In the beginning, she and members of the Nyan Nyan Family are at a waterfall, when Komodo Dragon appears, with a large Cellien following her. Serval and the group work together to drive the Cellien away, and this inspires Komodo Dragon to create her own group. She takes the protagonist along with her to the Japari Park Crocodile Garden, and Serval and Mirai follow her. From this point on, Serval mostly takes a minor, comic relief role, up until the large Cellien returns, spurring her into action. As a result, Komodo Dragon, Tsuchinoko and Boomslang work together to defeat the Cellien, forming Team I'll Bite You, which Serval is overjoyed to see.


The Serval from the Nexon Game appears during the anime, alongside Mirai. She is first heard during a recording played by Lucky in Episode 10 - Lodge, where she teases Mirai about her sudden appearance on Japari Park, telling her that at first, she believed that Mirai and other humans were aliens. The two joke around playfully about this, with Mirai imitating an alien and Serval playing along and pretending to be scared.

Later, she appears on-screen alongside a holographic image of Mirai, telling her and Caracal that the Black Cerulean has been spotted, and that the plan is ready to be set into motion. Her on-screen appearance shocks Kaban and the Serval of that generation, causing the latter to start crying for reasons she is not quite aware of.



She has close relationship with Mirai. During the events of the Nexon Game, she refers to her as "Guide-san" and "Park Guide-san" rather than Mirai, like most Friends. The two set out together along with the protagonist and an ever-growing party of Friends to defeat the Cerulean Queen, and get into many antics along the way.

By the time of the anime, Serval refers to Mirai by her actual name, indicating a much closer relationship, and it is implied that the two of them worked together to attempt to stop the Black Cerulean alongside Caracal.


Caracal is her longest and best friend. The two of them hunt Celliens together and work together as members of the Nyan Nyan Family. Caracal is eventually picked up as one of the members of the main party during the main story quest.

Crested Ibis

Serval hates her singing, and often cowers in fear simply upon seeing Crested Ibis. However, despite this, the two work together in the fight against the Cerulean Queen during the main story.

Common Vampire Bat

Serval is a common victim of Namichi's pranks, and has a love-hate relationship with her due to how Namichi helps her with Cellien hunting despite pranking her so frequently.


Friend Stats
Maximum HP: 6,203 Maximum ATK: 5,990
Movement: 95 Attack Speed: 51
Knockback: 55 Anti-Knockback: 56
Reach: 25 Damage Per Second (Single Target): 3,054
Skill Charge Speed: 5 Maximum Targets: 1
Advantageous Terrain: NexonPlains.png Disadvantageous Terrain: NexonSnowfield.png

Voice Lines

Line Japanese English
はいはい、サーバル今日も絶好調だよ〜 Alright, today Serval is also in good condition too
Battle Cry
いっくよー! Let's go!
ここで決めるんだから! It would be settle here!
お疲れ様!やったね Thanks for your hard work! We did it
Level Up
うふふ、レベルアップだよ! Fufu, Level up!
Wild Release
うむ、私、まだまだ強くなれるよね? Hm, I'm still can becoming more stronger right?

Home Screen Lines

Yamata No OrochiNexonIcon.png
"I'll hear what you have to say."
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