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Friend Data
Group "Wolf Federation" Wolf Federation.png
Voice Haruka Terui 照井春佳
Game Data
Attribute Pure
Attack Type Short-Range Short Range.png
Size Medium NexonMedium.png
Nocturnal Yes NexonNocturnal.png
Skill Barrier of Absolute Rejection
ID 00049
Aardwolf Anime Season 2 Manga Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion​ (Gen 2)​ KF3 Nexon Game Gallery

Aardwolf appeared as a minor character during the original Kemono Friends mobile game. She is a member of the Wolf Federation.


Aardwolf has a bashful personality, frequently pausing and stuttering in her voice lines.


M-My name's Aardwolf.... I'm a tenant, I rented my home from somewhere that other people used to live in. I get kind of anxious when I talk to people I don't know, so... O-Oh, I didn't mean it like that, sorry. I really do want to make friends, though! I promise I won't let anyone down when it really counts.

Role in the Plot

African Bush Elephant's Character Quest

In this quest Aardwolf first appears being attacked by Celliens and saved by African Bush Elephant's group. After being saved she was asked by Leopard to become the youngest child of African Bush Elephant in one of her family game. Aardwolf doesn't really understand the circumstance but agrees to play along with them.

Barbary Lion's Character Quest

In this quest she first admires Barbary Lion's power and after hearing this the later asks her to join in her training in which Aardwolf gladly accepts although when being told the training program would be a fight against Celliens she becomes hesitant.

When they finally defeated the first wave of Celliens, Aardwolf expresses her curiosity about why Barbary Lion thanking the Celliens and learns from her that fighting is not only about power but also respect. When the next Celliens wave come, she thinks that bowing in respect to Celliens before fight is an unnecessary action.

In the end when Aardwolf decides she's already tired and asks permission to go home, Barbary Lion doesn't allow her leading Aardwolf to reluctantly joins her training once again

Aardwolf's Character Quest

In this quest she joins the protagonist group for a trip to see dragon fruit flower blooming and really excited with the prospect of spending time together with them and especially with Serval. Because the flower only blooms in certain time and only at night, the group becomes a bit worry after noticing the increases number of Celliens leading to the dragon fruit location.

When they finally arrived to the location, Mirai notices that every flower has been destroyed and all the fruits already eaten by the Celliens. Not wanting the trip to end in a sad note, suddenly Aardwolf runs towards the forest hoping to find some of them left only to be greeted by large number of Celliens.

When it seems all the dragon fruits has been eaten by Celliens, Aardwolf tries to comfort Serval by saying that she had a lot of fun with the trip in which Serval agrees although she's still curious with the fruit's taste. Aardwolf then looks around and finds there's still one dragon fruit left only to be eaten by the Cellien behind her back.

After having seen Serval's lamentation over the dragon fruit, Aardwolf acts independently from the group in search of dragon fruit and finally found one. In the end Aardwolf's face turns red because of Serval's compliment and tells her that she looks forward for their next trip together.

Maltese Tiger's Character Quest

In this quest she feels like being purified by the brightness emanating from Maltese Tiger and Golden Tiger; and lets out a groan. Seeing this Maltese Tiger comes towards her and offers to carry her into the tree shades thinking that she's sick. Aardwolf becomes really embarrassed and runs away from her.

Search for Ezo Red Fox!

In this quest Aardwolf tries to persuade disgruntled Tama-chan to accept the result of the popularity contest.

Keroro Platoon Invasion ~Part 2~

In this quest she gives a testimony of being saved from Celliens by someone she doesn't know. Based on others eyewitness report, this person turns out to be Kururu.

Tachikoma Friends ~Part 2~

In this quest she helps digging hole for Tachilien trap.

The Fireworks That Bloom in the Night Sky

In this quest she was spotted together with Ezo Red Fox. When asked by Serval if they on their way to the fireworks festival, Aardwolf answer with yes and tells her that she met with Ezo Red Fox on the middle of her journey and after gathered her courage, brave herself to asks Ezo Red Fox to go together with her.


In this quest Aardwolf wants to give chocolate to Spotted Hyena for being a good friends. After looking around to various places, she finally arrives at Common Brushtail Possum's fruit restaurant only to finds that the chocolate has been sold out. Seeing how disappointed Aardwolf is, Eastern Wolf decides to give her chocolate to her. This deeply moves Common Brushtail Possum and in the end as a special service she makes another her specialty "choco pineapple" so Eastern Wolf can keep her own chocolate.

After Aardwolf gives her chocolate to Spotted Hyena, she immediately continues her journey towards the wolf house only to finds that Italian Wolf gets into conflict with the Continental Sisters. Their fighting end when they saw Gray Wolf has gathered a large amount of famous chocolate and gives it to Dire Wolf.

In the end, when Gray Wolf decides to eat the chocolate together with everyone, Aardwolf asks if she can join too in the feast, which Japanese Wolf happily accepts because she curious on how much chocolate Aardwolf can eat.


In this quest she appears together with Spotted Hyena on their way to the wolf house for the discussion about final preparation of their hinamatsuri group's stands. Because wolf house located on top of a hill, Aardwolf expresses her jealousy towards friends who can fly.

Wolf Federation Quest

In this quest Aardwolf acts as the first victim in thriller detective game by pouring ketchup all over herself in which at this point no one except Dhole, Gray Wolf, and Japanese Wolf know the truth.

After the game escalates to the point Golden Jackal got attacked by Cellien, Gray Wolf finally tells the truth about the game to everyone, only to cause everyone becomes angrier towards her. It is revealed that Gray Wolf gathers them on behalf of Aardwolf who wants to join into the rank of wolf friends because of her admiration towards them, this in end culminated with the establishment of Wolf Federation. And after hearing the conversation between Aardwolf and Gray Wolf, Dhole suddenly appears and proposes to held thriller detective game so those who haven't known each other could get along well through the game.

After everyone blames Gray Wolf for this incident, Aardwolf tells anyone that it's not Gray Wolf but instead her because she's the one who wants to be together with the Wolves even though she's not a canid. In the end everyone helps Gray Wolf defeat the Cellien and appointed her to be the leader of the newly formed group.


Friend Stats
Maximum HP: 8,584 Maximum ATK: 2,021
Movement: 92 Attack Speed: 31
Knockback: 28 Anti-Knockback: 45
Reach: 15 Damage Per Second (Single Target): 626
Skill Charge Speed: 2.86 Maximum Targets: 1
Advantageous Terrain: NexonPlains.png Disadvantageous Terrain: NexonSky.png

Voice Lines

Line Japanese English

ア、ア、アードウルフです。が、が、頑張ります! M-M-My name's Aardwolf. I-I... I'll do my best!
Battle Cry

た、戦わなきゃダメですか D-Do I really need to fight?

や、やってみます! I-I'll try!

か、勝ってました? あ、良かった D-Did I win? Oh, thank goodness.
Level Up

つ、強くなれたでしょうか I-I've gotten stronger, right?
Wild Release

少しですけど、もっと前向きになれそうです。あ、ありがとう … … です It's just a little bit, but... I feel like I'm becoming a bit more optimistic. Th-Thank you... very much.

Home Screen Lines

Line Japanese English
Line 1 はあ~。他のオオカミさんたちは堂々としてかっこいいですねぇ。私も頑張らなくちゃ Sigh... The other wolves are so cool and confident... I need to get myself together too.
Line 2 え、えっと、もしかして私なんかに会いに来てくれたんですか?あ、ありがとうございます! U-Um... Did you come here to see me? Th-Thanks, that means a lot!
Line 3 趣味?ど、どうしよう……教えてもいいですけど……あでも、その……んー…… My hobby? O-Oh, umm... I mean, I can tell you, but... I mean, that's just, you know... Nngh...
Line 4 も、もしかして私を頼りにしてくれているんですか?……い、一生懸命頑張ります! A-Are you... actually counting on me? Alright... I won't let you down!
Line 5 え、えっとお、みんなのお役に立てるにはっと……メモメモ Okay, let's see here... How to be more helpful to your friends... *mumble mumble*
Line 6 私は昼より夜の方が好きですね。夜になるとちょっとワクワクするんですっ I like it when it's nighttime more than daytime. It gets me a little giddy when it's dark outside.
Line 7 あ、あのあの……。思い切って言いますね。ずっと好きでした!「 」さんっ! S-So, umm... Okay, I'm going to say this right. I've always liked you, [Player Name]-san!


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