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Japari Café


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The Japari Café (Japanese:ジャパリカフェ Hepburn:Japari Kafue) is a generic name for coffee shops operating in Japari Park and Kingdom. Though multiple locations may exist per setting, any given piece of Kemono Friends media tends to focus on just one of its own respective Japari Cafés.


Japari Café locations tend to be half-timbered, house-like buildings with gabled roofs- typically in red or blue- of a somewhat steep pitch, which may feature chimneys and/or dormers. Their interiors are often cozy and cottage-like, though the interior design itself varies greatly from location to location and depending on who manages a given café at a given time.

The staff of a Japari Café is typically composed largely or entirely of Friends.


Kemono Friends (2015 Mobile Game)

The Japari Café in this game is run by Bobcat, who employs Asian Golden Cat and Iriomote Cat as staff; Eurasian Lynx is the the café's most loyal customer, and helps supply some ingredients. This Japari Café is the setting for many side stories in the game.

Kemono Friends: Welcome to Japari Park!

In this manga, Peach Panther is the owner of this café, which operates in the style of a maid café. At one point, Serval and Caracal work as assistant staff.

Kemono Friends (2017 Anime)

Main article: S1E03: Mountain

In the first season of the anime, Suri Alpaca is the owner of the restaurant. Kaban and Serval visit this Japari Café to recharge the batteries of their Japari Bus. As a gesture of appreciation, Kaban later paints an advertisement for this café in the weeds. Finally, Crested Ibis and Scarlet Ibis become regular customers. Notably, this is the only Japari Café for which a site is fully known, residing on top of a mountain in the Kyōshū Region; the exact locations of other Japari Cafés are unknown.

Other Appearances

In Kemono Friends 2

Japari Café is the setting for the post-credits sketches.

In Kemono Friends Kingdom

Like in the 2017 anime, the Japari Café focused on in Kingdom is found high on a mountaintop, is owned and operated by Suri Alpaca, and is frequented by Crested Ibis. However, as Kingdom is a distinct area from Japari Park, the regional location of this Japari Café is indeterminate.



  • The design of the Japari Café in the first season of the anime was inspired by a coffee shop that once existed in Tokyo called "Schatzkiste".

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