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Kyushu Owl

Kyushu OwlOriginal.jpg

Friend Data
Kyutie (キューティ, キューティー)
Voiced by:
Shizuka Ishigami (石上静香)
Attack Type:
Mid-Range NexonMediumRange.png
Medium NexonMedium.png
"Carefree Floaters' Club" NexonRelaxingFloatersClub.png
Yes NexonNocturnal.png
Self-Taught Setting Diagonal Flash
ID #:
Kyushu Owl Nexon Game

A Kyushu Owl Friend named Kyutie appeared as a minor character during the original Kemono Friends mobile game. She is a member of the Carefree Floaters' Club. and is met during the main story in the Tohoku Region.


Kyutie is an eccentric owl Friend with a very strange personality quirk. She has a fondness for writing her own characters and then emulating their personalities and behavior as a personal "setting" which she apparently changes once per day. She is typically absorbed in her own world, committing herself to her characters, whose personalities vary considerably from one to the next.

Other than her love for writing and portraying characters of her own ideation, Kyutie the Kyushu owl's true personality is a mystery.


"Oh my, did I surprise you......?

I have been standing behind you this entire time......

That's fine; I don't talk much, and I don't have much presence...... Ah, how sad......

......That's my setting for today. I'm going for the image of a unremarkable, ordinary girl."

Role in the Plot

Chapter 6

Kyutie makes a very brief appearance during the sixth chapter of the game, along with many other bird Friends native to the Tohoku Region.


Friend Stats
Maximum HP: 6,842 Maximum ATK: 4,886
Movement: 94 Attack Speed: 42
Knockback: 40 Anti-Knockback: 46
Reach: 180 Damage Per Second (Single Target): 2,052
Skill Charge Speed: 4.17 Maximum Targets: 1
Advantageous Terrain: NexonSky.png Disadvantageous Terrain: NexonWaterfront.png

Voice Lines

Line Japanese English
本日の「キュウシュウフクロウ」は、どんな設定で行きましょうか? What setting will today's "Kyushu Owl" live by?
Battle Cry
なけなしの勇気を振り絞って戦う少女・・・そんな設定もいいですね。 A girl who summons up what little courage she has to fight...that kind of setting is nice, too.
この設定だけは譲れません。 Only this setting is non-negotiable.
「勝ったおかげで記憶が戻りました。」なんていうのは、どうでしょう? "Thanks to this victory, my memories have returned." How do you think that sounds?
Level Up
強さに目覚めた私の中に、熱血主人公系キャラクターキャラクターが生まれた気がします。 Awakening from this strength, I feel as though a hotblooded protagonist-type character was born within me.
Wild Release
あ、これでキャラの幅が広がりました。今度はどんな設定にしましょうか? Ah, my range of characters has expanded. What setting shall I pick next time?

Home Screen Lines

Line Japanese English
Line 1 みんなを影から支える女の子。……そんな感じの設定で今日も頑張ります A girl that supports everyone from the shadow... ... With character setting like that, today too I will do my best
Line 2 今日も色々なジャンルの知識を蓄えねば。設定作りには必要不可欠ですからね Today too I must accumulate various genres knowledge. It's something indispensable in the making of character
Line 3 サーバルさんはドジッ娘……。この様に、その人がどんな設定に近いかすぐに判別できるのです Serval-san is a clumsy kid... ... Like this, I know how to distinguish the closest character archetypes of someone
Line 4 みなさん、個性が強くて、私の設定が揺らぎそうです。もっとオンリーワンの設定を考えなければ Everyone has strong personality that looks like my character is swaying. I must think a more unique character
Line 5 あなたがすごく気になります。……設定か、それとも本音か、どちらでしょうね? I'm really interested in you... ... Is that a character setting? Or is it a true intention? Which one is it?
Line 6 今日も元気に行きましょうね!……どうしました?わたしの元気娘設定、おかしかったですか? Today too let's go energetically!... ... What is it? Is my energetic kid character weird?
Line 7 今日の私は恋に落ちた乙女設定。「 」さん、お慕い申し上げておりますわ。ぽっ My character today is a maiden falling in love. [protagonist]-san, I'm adore you. "blush"


  • Kyushu Owl's name "Kyutie" is written inconsistently between her two appearances in-game. During her appearance in Chapter 6, it is written キューティ (Kyūti), but during the Carefree Floaters' Club. quest it is written キューティー (Kyūtī) instead.
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