Clan of the Kings of a Hundred Beasts

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Clan of the Kings of a Hundred Beasts.pngClan of the Kings of a Hundred Beasts icon

Clan of the Kings of a Hundred Beasts (Japanese:百獣の王の一族) is a group based on large feline animals. This group was formed during group quest "A host in oneself!: Battle of the Hundred Beast Kings". The leader is Barbary Lion.

Group Link: King's Lunch

King's Lunch (Japanese:王様のランチ) is a group link that increases ATK for 30 seconds, absorbs part of the damage inflicted, and heals. The rate of increase and recovery changes with the number of participating members. 5 members increases the ATK increase to 80% and the life recovery rate to 100%. The effect is activated once per quest.


Name Voiced by Attribute Size Nocturnal ID
Arizonan JaguarNexonIcon.png Arizonan Jaguar Kimura Juri Pure Medium Yes 00386
Barbary LionNexonIcon.png Barbary Lion Masumi Asano Cool Large No 00048
Bengal TigerNexonIcon.png Bengal Tiger Shiraishi Ryōko Cool Medium Yes 00002
Black JaguarNexonIcon.png Black Jaguar Eriko Matsui Cool Medium Yes 00053
Cape LionNexonIcon.png Cape Lion Yamazaki Haruka Passion Large Yes 00385
CheetahNexonIcon.png Cheetah Saitō Yuka Passion Large No 00017
Golden TigerNexonIcon.png Golden Tiger Mami Yamashita Pure Large Yes 00208
JaguarNexonIcon.png Jaguar Nagatsuma Juri Passion Medium Yes 00052
King CheetahNexonIcon.png King Cheetah Kanae Itō Cool Large No 00055
LionNexonIcon.png Lion Masumi Asano Pure Large Yes 00003
Maltese TigerNexonIcon.png Maltese Tiger Morishita Yukiko Cool Large Yes 00209
Masai LionNexonIcon.png Masai Lion Nagae Rika Passion Medium Yes 00292
SmilodonNexonIcon.png Saber-Toothed Tiger Aizawa Mai Cool Large Yes 00110
Shisa LeftyNexonIcon.png Shisa Lefty Murakawa Rie Passion Large No 00148
Shisa RightNexonIcon.png Shisa Right Kimura Juri Passion Large No 00149
Siberian TigerNexonIcon.png Siberian Tiger Kakuma Ai Pure Medium Yes 00195
South Chinese TigerNexonIcon.png South China Tiger Gotō Yukari Cool Medium Yes 00236
Transvaal LionNexonIcon.png Transvaal Lion Yamazaki Haruka Cool Medium Yes 00291
White LionNexonIcon.png White Lion Satō Akari Pure Medium Yes 00111
White TigerNexonIcon.png White Tiger Uwagawa Emi Passion Medium Yes 00028
Clan of the Kings of a Hundred Beasts Clan of the Kings of a Hundred Beasts.png
Arizonan JaguarBarbary LionBengal TigerBlack JaguarCape LionCheetahGolden TigerJaguarKing CheetahLionMaltese TigerMasai LionSaber-Toothed TigerShisa LeftyShisa RightSiberian TigerSouth China TigerTransvaal LionWhite LionWhite Tiger