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Sparkle flying towards Sandstar from Chokotto Anime Kemono Friends 3 episode 10.
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Sparkle (Japanese:輝き Hepburn:Kagayaki) is a mysterious, intangible energy that is best described as concentrated "good things". It is an abstract concept; existing within living things, inanimate objects, places, and perhaps even memories. Sparkles include things such as trust, motivation, hope, and joy.


Celliens from Generation 2 were capable of stealing Sparkle and causing chaos within the Park. Because Generation ? is unaware of the existence of Sparkle, it is unknown if it has any relevance to the Friends of the era. However, recent materials confirm that Sparkle has not been retconned, though whether or not it will ever be seen again is as of yet unknown.

In Kemono Friends 3, the existence of the Friends of Sparkle is also confirmed. There have been a few incidents of Friends' sparkle got stolen by celliens. Friends with their Sparkle stolen also lose their motivation or passion, in the case of Serval in the early chapters of the main story. Later in the story, Crested Ibis lost her voice, and Dhole and a few other Friends lost their memory after being attacked by celliens and losing their Sparkle. It has shown that Friends can regain their Sparkle by defeating the celliens that stole it.

Sparkle Friends

Serval of Sparkle Friends in Kemono Friends 3 commercial.

This concept appeared in Kemono Friends 3 in Captain Arai-san's Diary Quests. It is explained that Sparkle of Serval, attacked by Alex, has taken the form of Friends. As a result, another Friends (voice actor: Yuka Ozaki) has appeared in the form of Serval.

Serval of Sparkle Friends shares memories, Sparkle, etc. with the real Serval, and became stronger, the weaker the real Serval became, and as a result, Serval of Sparkle Friends succeeded in keeping the real Serval alive by annihilating itself.

After the disappearance of Serval of Sparkle Friends, White Serval was born as Friends, and Raccoon and others suspect that there is a causal relationship between the two, but it is not certain.

Serval of Sparkle Friends differs from the real Serval in eye color and the color of its ears and tail. And what appears to be a Sparkle or Sandstar is constantly being emitted.


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