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Kemono Friends

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Mobile Game
Japanese Title: けものフレンズぱびりおん
Romanized Title: Kemono Furenzu Pabirion
Publisher: Bushiroad
Genre: Observation Game
Platform: Android, iOS
Release Date: Late January 2018

Kemono Friends Pavilion (Japanese: けものフレンズぱびりおん Hepburn: Kemono Furenzu Pabirion) is an upcoming mobile game created by Bushiroad. It is an "observation game" where players are primarily tasked with leaving out Japari Buns and playthings for the Friends of Japari Park to enjoy. Not much is known about the game thus far, but some key features have been publicly revealed.


Pavilion is a largely passive game where players mainly observe Friends in their natural habitat. They are able to leave out Japari Buns and playthings for Friends, who are lured by them and will come to play in the designated "guest area". Official promotional media states that the player will be able to visit a variety of areas as they meet various Friends, implying that there are other observable locations (currently, only the Savannah Area has been shown).

Friends whom the player has met will be registered in the "Friends Archive", which also appears to be track Friends' levels and EXP progress, although the nature of their level-ups has not been revealed yet. The archive also tracks stats like the number of toys a Friend has played with and the number of times the player has met them.

Upon satisfying certain conditions, Friends are able to participate in "Kemo Talks" with one another, which are special dialogue scenes. The significance of these scenes beyond entertainment value is as-of-yet unknown.


Much of the lore details of Pavilion are still under lock and key, but we know that the game takes place in "a time when Japari Park was still operational", heavily implying that it takes place before the anime, which features an abandoned park. The Japari Park Pavilion itself is an advanced work of technology that somehow allows visitors to observe regular animals and Friends alike. Japari Park Pavilion is managed by Type 3 Lucky Beasts, a never-before-seen model of Lucky Beast unique to this game, although details of their capabilities and nature have not been disclosed to the public.

The game's official website takes care to inform readers that, despite the game's simplistic nature, it is nevertheless entrenched in the world of Kemono Friends, posing the following three open-ended questions with the implication that their answers will be revealed within Pavilion:

  • What is the purpose of the Japari Park Pavilion?
  • What role do Type 3 Lucky Beasts play?
  • Just how many Friends will appear?

Confirmed Friends

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Frequently Asked Questions

Email preregistration instructions, courtesy of Park Guide kjwkjw.

Q: Is there gacha?

A: Yes, there is. The preregistration bonus tiers specifically use the word ガチャ, so we can safely assume the game will have gacha elements.

Q: Will there be an English release?

A: We don't have official word on that yet, but you shouldn't count on it.

Q: Where does this fit in the series' timeline? Is this game canon?

A: We're not sure about the timeline, but as of now there is no reason to doubt Pavilion's canonicity.

Q: How do I preregister?

A: Simply follow the Twitter or, to preregister by email, follow the instructions imbedded on this page (to the right).