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Short-Beaked Common Dolphin
Short-Beaked Common DolphinOriginal.png
Short-Beaked Common DolphinONA.jpg
Friend Data
Nickname Malka
First Episode Episode 31
Voice Soyama Momoko 祖山桃子
Game Data
Attribute Passion
Attack Type Mid-Range NexonMediumRange.png
Size Medium NexonMedium.png
Nocturnal No
Skill Over Marine Leap
ID 00402
Short-Beaked Common Dolphin Anime Season 2 Festival Pavilion KF3​ (V2)​ Kingdom Nexon Game Gallery

A Short-Beaked Common Dolphin friend named Malka appeared as a minor character during the original Kemono Friends mobile game.


She has an energetic personality and seems more than Serval. The truth is she is quite shy, so every time before she starts her activity, she always says "It's okay, it's okay". She is the type who act first think later. She always speaks in 3rd person


The name is Short-Beaked Common Dolphin. Please call her Malka. You think Malka is a hyper kid? Malka guess so, Malka jump and splash the water surface, also Malka rotating her body mid-air. But you know, If you don't do fun activity you lose! The earth's surface is continues without breaking, it makes Malka excited. Even in the land, Malka will be energetic

Role in the Plot

In chapter 8, together with Narwhal, save Arai-san and Fennec from drowning.

In chapter 9, she, together with the dolphins group, Narwhal and Blue Whale are getting ready for the battle against the Cellien. After winning the fight she talks with her group about a thing called submarine.


Blue Whale

She has great respect towards Blue Whale.

Common Bottlenose Dolphin

She has a good relationship with Common Bottlenose Dolphin, whom she thinks of like a sister figure to her.

Chinese White Dolphin

She often plays with Chinese White Dolphin.


She has good relationships with Narwhal.


Friend Stats
Maximum HP: 6,309 Maximum ATK: 3,394
Movement: 90 Attack Speed: 24
Knockback: 43 Anti-Knockback: 44
Reach: 140 Damage Per Second (Single Target): 814
Skill Charge Speed: 3.23 Maximum Targets: 3
Advantageous Terrain: NexonOcean.png Disadvantageous Terrain: NexonSky.png

Voice Lines

Line Japanese English

マイルカのマルカ。楽しめることを全部楽しむよ Short-Beaked Common Dolphin, Malka. Malka enjoys every enjoyable thing.
Battle Cry

はっ! 急に何なに? Hah! What, what suddenly happened?

マルカは智勇だ! Malka is wise and courageous!

これで遊べる? わーい With this Malka can play? Hooray
Level Up

レベルアップしたよ。ドルカちゃんにもみせてこうよう Malka is level up. Malka will also show this to Dolka-chan
Wild Release

すっごい強い力を感じる。これなら陸上も水中もすいすいのすいだよ Malka feels a great power. With this wether it is on land or under water Malka could do it swimmingly

Home Screen Lines

Line Japanese English
Line 1 考えるよりもまず動けー!前進あるのみー! Rather than thinking, first start with action! We can only move forward!
Line 2 よーし、泳ぐぞー!……って、ここ陸だよね。マルカうっかり、ごめんなさーい♪ Alright, Malka will swim!... ... Wait, here is land right? Without realizing it Malka... sorry♪
Line 3 海ならマルカに任せて!どこまでも、スイスイ行っちゃうよ! If it's the sea, leave it to Malka! No matter how far, Malka will go unhindered
Line 4 マルカは、ドルカちゃんのことが大好きなの!お姉さんって感じがして、安心する! Malka really like Dolka-chan! She's like a big sister figure; it makes Malka feel safe!
Line 5 君と一緒だと、楽しいが二倍楽しい!全部二倍で幸せだよ、ありがとっ! If Malka with you, the fun thing doubled! All thing doubled in happiness, thank you!
Line 6 実はちょっと人見知りなんだー。だから毎日、大丈夫大丈夫って言い聞かせてから外にでるの! The truth is Malka is a bit shy. That's why before Malka go out, she tells herself that it's going to be fine so many times
Line 7 「 」ちゃんと二人で回遊したいなー。とってもきれいな海を見せてあげたいの! Malka want to go on seasonal trip together with [protagonist]-chan. Malka want to show you the very beautiful sea

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