Powerful Girls Alliance

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Powerful Girl Allies.pngPowerful Girls Alliance icon

Powerful Girls Alliance is a group of Friends based on strong or large species. This group was introduced in the Nexon Game and appears in the game in the form of a group link. Group Link is a system in which special effects are added when Friends belonging to the same group activate Kemo Link with each other.


Nexon Game
Name Voiced by Attribute Size Nocturnal ID
African Bush ElephantNexonIcon.png African Bush Elephant Nonaka Ai Pure Medium No 00035
African Forest ElephantNexonIcon.png African Forest Elephant Ishigami Shizuka Cool Small No 00289
American BisonNexonIcon.png American Bison Nonaka Ai Cool Large No 00077
AurochsNexonIcon.png Aurochs Ōwada Hitomi Passion Medium No 00079
Bergman's BearNexonIcon.png Bergman's Bear Kōno Marika Pure Large No 00286
Black RhinocerosNexonIcon.png Black Rhinoceros Ōzora Naomi Cool Medium No 00013
Brown BearNexonIcon.png Brown Bear Ōzora Naomi Passion Medium No 00006
Ezo Brown BearNexonIcon.png Ezo Brown Bear Kano Yui Passion Medium No 00285
GaurNexonIcon.png Gaur Kingyo Wakana Cool Large Yes 00220
Giant Forest HogNexonIcon.png Giant Forest Hog Satō Akari Passion Large No 00270
Giant PandaNexonIcon.png Giant Panda Hirohashi Ryō Pure Small No 00004
Grizzly BearNexonIcon.png Grizzly Bear Takahashi Karin Cool Medium No 00116
Hippopotamus GorgopsNexonIcon.png Hippopotamus Gorgops Yahagi Sayuri Cool Large No 00288
HippopotamusNexonIcon.png Hippopotamus Yukiyo Fujii Cool Medium No 00033
Indian ElephantNexonIcon.png Indian Elephant Haruka Terui Passion Medium No 00036
Indian RhinocerosNexonIcon.png Indian Rhinoceros Anzai Hidemi Passion Medium No 00306
Japanese Black BearNexonIcon.png Japanese Black Bear Kakuma Ai Cool Medium Yes 00090
Japanese BoarNexonIcon.png Japanese Boar Masumi Asano Passion Small No 00087
Kodiak BearNexonIcon.png Kodiak Bear Yahagi Sayuri Cool Large No 00287
MuskoxNexonIcon.png Muskox Kaneko Yūki Passion Medium No 00247
Polar BearNexonIcon.png Polar Bear Ōwada Hitomi Passion Medium No 00032
Ryukyu BoarNexonIcon.png Ryukyu Boar Okutani Kaede Pure Medium Yes 00134
Spectacled BearNexonIcon.png Spectacled Bear Kimura Juri Cool Medium Yes 00316
Sumatran RhinocerosNexonIcon.png Sumatran Rhinoceros Shōji Umeka Pure Medium Yes 00271
Sun BearNexonIcon.png Sun Bear Shino Shimoji Pure Small Yes 00115
White RhinocerosNexonIcon.png White Rhinoceros Shiraishi Ryōko Passion Medium No 00014
Woolly MammothNexonIcon.png Woolly Mammoth Kanda Akemi Pure Large No 00062