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Friend Data
Voiced by:
Hanafusa Rie 花房里枝
Attack Type:
Short-Range Short Range.png
Medium NexonMedium.png
The Strongest Bird's Sound of Explosion
ID #:
Gastornis Pavilion Nexon Game Stage Play

Gastornis appeared as a minor character during the original Kemono Friends mobile game.


She always praise bird as the strongest race. She considers herself as big sis. She can't fly but she is good at running.


I'm Gastornis. Bird doesn't have a large body and has a feeble image don't you think? But you know, it's not true. Bird is the strongest on surface. I can't fly but... ... Bird could fly, they're smart and cool! That's why they're the strongest! Big sis will prove it to you!

Role in the Plot

Gastornis's Side Quest

“Lately, the Japari Police that I belong to - nicknamed the "Japari cops" - have had nothing to do, as Japari Park is in a state of peace. Lately, however, there has a been a suspicious person named Gastornis. She goes around saying that birds are the strongest animals in the world, and holds seminars about it. Anyhow...It's suspicious. Whether it's true or not, it appears we need to investigate as soon as possible.”
Shoebill, in her diary

The story begins with Gastornis preaching about how strong birds are, encouraging small birds to be more confident. Tundra Swan appears, and after hearing Gastornis speak, becomes attached to her and decides to join her.

The scene changes to the Japari Park Police Department, where Shoebill and Bald Eagle are having a conversation in which Shoebill is asking Bald Eagle for her opinion on Gastornis's seminars. Bald Eagle thinks it's okay, since it helps small bird Friends to be more confident in themselves. Shoebill agrees, but says she is worried, as every time Gastornis holds a seminar the attendance is large and more people follow her. She continues, saying that she is worried Gastornis plans to take over Japari Park and hold supremacy over it, and she is scared they would be unable to stop her. Bald Eagle denies that, saying it is impossible, as there is no way that every Friend attending the seminars would back her up, and there is no evidence of such a plan.

Shoebill agrees, but says that there is no guarantee she won't do that. She asks Bald Eagle to help her in the investigation, calling her the Police Detective of Justice, Bald Eagle, and she agrees to help Shoebill, calling her Sergeant. Shoebill says that they must search the place where Gastornis holds seminars, because she always hold them randomly. She also says that because the seminars only accept bird Friends, they cannot ask for help from Western Lowland Gorilla or Gharial. The two jokingly refer to Gharial as the Pun Detective before moving on.

Later, Shoebill and Bald Eagle arrive at the front desk for the seminar, noticing a large number of bird Friends. They notice Tundra Swan and Black Swan, followed by Medium Tree Finch who came to make more friends, and Southern Cassowary, who is glad she attends, as no one there is afraid of her anymore. Bald Eagle thinks this a good thing, but notices that something is wrong with Shoebill. Bald Eagle notices that Shoebill is observing a suspicious mask-wearing bird Friend, and she takes chase. Shoebill attempts to tell her to stop, but she is too late, and Bald Eagle chases her into the forest.

At the forest, Bald Eagle apologizes, and Shoebill tells her not to do that again, and the two hide behind a rock. They then hear some form of code, and Gastornis appears, welcoming everyone to her seminar, though she notes that she feels someone is hiding behind a nearby rock. Bald Eagle becomes worried that they have been discovered, but Shoebill assures her otherwise, telling her to wait. Tundra Swan appears, and Gastornis tells her to talk to her one-on-one after the seminar is over. After the seminar, however, before the two can talk, Shoebill notices something in Gastornis's hand, and tells Bald Eagle that has found evidence to allow her to confront Gastornis, ordering Bald Eagle to join her.

Seeing the two, Gastornis is surprised, and Shoebill accuses her of having weapons. confusing Gastornis. However, Gastornis decides to challenge the two to fight her if they believe they are proud birds. Accepting the challenge, the two of them fight Gastornis, and win. Gastornis is hurt, but acknowledges the power of the two of them. Shoebill proceeds to arrest Gastornis, saying she made the small bird Friends agitated and taught them bad things. Gastornis denies this, but Bald Eagle pressures her, asking more questions. Gastornis answers that they are simply volunteering to clean Japari Park. Bald Eagle then asks Gastornis about the weapons in her hand, revealing that it is a tool for cleaning up trash that she calls tongs, but admits that she does not actually know it's name.

Realizing their mistake, Shoebill and Bald Eagle apologize to Gastornis. Gastornis says that they do not need to apologize, and that she is glad she could fight them, as proof that birds are indeed strong. Shoebill asks Gastornis why she began doing seminars. Gastornis explains that by holding seminars, she could help bird Friends that are shy or have little confidence in themselves by giving them words of encouragement. Gastornis asks the two to join her seminars to act as an example to the other birds, which Bald Eagle gladly agrees to do. Shoebill, still embarrassed, agrees as well, saying that she would reject the offer out of shame for her rudeness in accusing her, but that she will instead help as an apology for her behavior.


Friend Stats
Maximum HP: 8,971 Maximum ATK: 6,445
Movement: 97 Attack Speed: 60
Knockback: 28 Anti-Knockback: 40
Reach: 25 Damage Per Second (Single Target): 3,867
Skill Charge Speed: 3.85 Maximum Targets: 1
Advantageous Terrain: NexonPlains.png Disadvantageous Terrain: NexonSnowfield.png

Voice Lines

Line Japanese English
ディアトリマだよ。トリ最強知らしめるため、今日も行くよ Gastornis here. to make everyone know that bird is the strongest, Today too I'll go
Battle Cry
セルリアンに負けるお姉さんじゃないよ I'm a big sis that will not be defeated by Cerulean
この強さは伊達じゃない This power is not just for show
ビクトリー。ほら、やっぱり鳥は最強でしょう Victory. See, Bird is the strongest right?
Level Up
お姉さんもまだまだ強くなるから、よろしくね Big Sis still becoming strong so, please take care of me
Wild Release
限界を超えるこの感覚。いいね、空も飛べる気がする。気だけね This feeling of exceeding your own limit. It's great, I feel like I can fly. Just my feeling

Home Screen Lines

Line Japanese English
Line 1 トリのみんなはもっと自信を持つべきだよー All of bird friends should have more confidence
Line 2 飛べないけど、足は早いんだから! I can't fly but I run fast!
Line 3 うー……空でも陸でも最強であるにはどうすればいいかな…… Uh... ... What should I do to become the strongest on sky and land... ...
Line 4 ランニングで良い汗かくのが何よりも気持ち良いね worked up good sweat by running feels good more than anything
Line 5 はーい!今日もお姉さんと一緒に頑張ろー! Alright! Today too, together with big sis let's do our best!
Line 6 あなたのおかげで、自分の力にもっともーっと自信が持てるようになったよ!ありがとう! Thanks to you, I have more and more faith in my power! Thank you!
Line 7 トリが大好きな「 」くんには、お姉さんとラブラブになれる権利をあげよう! For [protagonist]-kun who really like bird, big sis will give you a right that enable you to get lovey-dovey with her

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