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Friend Data
Voiced by:
Shōji Umeka 庄司宇芽香
Attack Type:
Mid-Range NexonMediumRange.png
Medium NexonMedium.png
Genbu's Multiple Barrier
ID #:
Genbu Nexon Game

The goddess Friend Genbu appeared as a minor character in the original Kemono Friends game.


She has a very calm personality. She spends most of her time playing with her hair. She has a habit of gazing at other people.


I'm the one who responsible for Japari Park northern part, four divine beasts Black Tortoise of the North. I manipulate the earth. With me protecting the ground, I shake off the calamity that will befall all of you. Do not regret. I am the same as you, those who feel emotion. Let's spend a finite time together.

Role in the Plot

Genbu's Character Quest

In the beginning of the story, Caracal is monologuing about the Four Gods that protect Japari Park. She explains that their power surpasses that which is possible for a human, and that Silver Fox tells her they are located in spots of great power in east, west, north and south. With the Ceruleans becoming more powerful, she believes that the Four Gods are needed, and dispatches Friends to investigate the power spots to locate the Gods.

The story then moves to a snowfield, where Caracal and Mirai are caught in an intense snowstorm. Serval sees Emperor Penguin and the rest of PIP performing a concert. Mirai becomes excited, asking the Protagonist and the rest of the group to join her in watching the performance. Crested Ibis notices someone coming closer, which is soon after revealed to be PIP. They explain that they cannot perform a proper concert in this snowstorm, and Hululu complains that she is unable to stand this cold. Mirai is disappointed that the concert has been cancelled, causing Serval to speculate that the snowstorm is a result of bad luck.

However, the group hears a voice stating that the snowstorm is not due to bad luck, and they begin to look for the source of the sound. They are unable to discover where the sound came from, until the voice speaks up again, asking the party to watch their legs, at which point Genbu appears and introduces herself. Silver Fox, hearing that the name of this Friend is the same as one of the Four Gods, decides to see for sure. Hululu proceeds to ask why Genbu is making a snowstorm. Genbu says that while she doesn't mind if the group sings, she wants to sleep, and the noise is preventing her from falling asleep, and a snowstorm seemed to be the best method to make them stop. Genbu then leaves, with White Rhinoceros trying and failing to stop her. Emperor says they are unable to cancel the concert, prompting Rocker to suggest persuading her to stop the storm.

Thomson's Gazelle asks PIP to calm down, as the Protagonist's group will confront the Goddess, as they also have a request to make of her. However, Mirai butts in and says that the snowstorm makes this idea very dangerous, then asks which friends would be able to handle the cold. Hululu complains about the weather, stating she is cold, and wants to go home and warm up. Rocker says that Hululu must be weak to the cold, causing Hululu to retort that she was joking around. White Rhinoceros then hears humming, and the group discovers it is Genbu.

Deciding to speak personally to Genbu, Emperor introduces herself as the leader of PIP, apologizing for disturbing the goddess's sleep. However, she says that she cannot stop the concert, because of the group's fans. Genbu says that she does not accept this reason, noting that their song also hurts her ears. This causes Jen to apologize and promise to be more careful. Rocker and Hululu follow suit, begging Genbu to stop the snow. Genbu states that she will not listen to their requests unless they are able to defeat her in her beast form. Immediately afterwords, she transforms into a giant black tortoise, startling and scaring Caracal, who is intimidated at the idea of defeating one of the Four Gods in their beast form.

Hululu, scared, says that she has business to take care of, and tries to leave, but Rocker prevents her from doing so. Rocker tells her that the name of PIP is on the line, and that they have to fight, whether to like it or not, a statement that Emperor agrees with. Genbu then encourages them to come and defeat her, insulting them by stating they do not know the difference between courage and foolishness. The idols battle the tortoise for a long while, but they are unable to pierce Genbu's defense. Hululu becomes scared, prompting White Rhinoceros to tell her not to be. Emperor tells PIP to calm their nerves by singing, causing Genbu to compliment the song, but remarks that a song will not be able to defeat her. Hululu spots an opening not long after, attacking Genbu's leg, causing her to fall.

Seeing this chance to strike, Emperor orders the rest of PIP attack Genbu all at the same time. After this attack, Genbu acknowledges their skill, and ends the fight by returning to her Friend form. Rocker asks Genbu about the song, who replies that she would be interested in hearing more. Confused, Emperor asks why she would say that, and Genbu admits that because she is unable to sing as well as PIP, she became jealous, and caused the snowstorm. She then apologizes for acting childishly, stating that they have changed her heart. She then stops the snowstorm. Emperor invites Genbu to their concert, an offer that Genbu accepts.

Sometime later, Mirai is happily watching the PIP concert with the group. Midway through the concert, Serval asks Genbu to lend her power to them so they may defeat the Ceruleans. However, Genbu refuses, telling Serval that they must show her more power in order for her to want to lend hers. Silver Fox notes that she expects it will not be easy getting stronger, prompting Crested Ibis to suggest that perhaps it may be easier to give up on the Four Gods. Serval exclaims that they will never give up, and even if they must challenge Genbu many times, they will eventually persuade her to join them. Genbu comments that Serval is similar to Byakko, prompting Serval to ask what it is that she said that prompted this. Genbu dismisses the question, saying it is trivial, and Serval need not think harder about it. She then says that she will accept the group's challenges any time they wish to fight her.


The Four Gods

Together with three other divine beasts, they protect the park from any invader that means to cause harm.


She keep eyes on Byakko but the reason is either the responsibility as older sister to her youngest, or she is worried about her defenses being broken, as Byakko challenges.


Friend Stats
Maximum HP: 10,664 Maximum ATK: 6,422
Movement: 70 Attack Speed: 33
Knockback: 81 Anti-Knockback: 90
Reach: 150 Damage Per Second (Single Target): 2,119
Skill Charge Speed: 3.13 Maximum Targets: 3
Advantageous Terrain: NexonSnowfield.png Disadvantageous Terrain: NexonSky.png

Voice Lines

Line Japanese English
わしはジャパリパーク北方守護者ゲンブなり。大地の観護をそなたに I'm Black Tortoise of the North, protector of the Japari Park's northern part. I’m watch over the ground for you.
Battle Cry
ゲンブに挑むか。私の守りは金城鉄壁。たやすく崩壊はせぬ You challenge me, Genbu? My defense is a impregnable castle. It will not going to collapse easily.
何人たりとも傷をつけさせん Whoever the person I will not going to hurt them
終わったか、瑣末なことよ Is it over? How trivial.
Level Up
鬼に金棒とはまさにこのことなり Like giving a kanabō to an oni is exactly this situation.
Wild Release
遊休のときを過ごしたわしじゃが、まだ知らぬ己がいたか ... ... 面白いものよ。はて、ビャッコはついて来れるだろうか It's me who spend idle time, there is a part of me that I still don't know about... ... interesting. Dear me, I wonder will Byakko going to follow me.

Home Screen Lines

Line Japanese English
Line 1 ビャッコを見ているのは面白いが些か不安も多い。若さゆえ、気を張らなさ過ぎねばよいが…… Watching Byakko is amusing but there lot of small thing I'm worry about. Would be nice if you can do thing light-heartedly while you're young
Line 2 他者を眺めるのが癖なり。千変万化する表情は、移ろう季節を見ているようで、心が洗われる Looking at other person is my habit. The innumerable changes of emotion is like seeing a changing season; I'm feel peaceful
Line 3 この顔つきは、みなを緊張させてしまうようだな。ふむ……。表情とは、雄弁であるな Looks like this face makes everyone nervous. Yes... ... Emotion is so eloquent
Line 4 そなたを慕う者をよくまとめている。その力を活かし、わしと共に四神獣の皆を東ねてくれ You unite everyone who looks up to you really well. Make use of that power, let's unite the four goddess together with me
Line 5 よろしく頼む。……肩の力をぬかぬか。わしとそなたは仲間だろう? I'm looking forward to work with you... ... Please take it easy? You and me are friend right?
Line 6 よく髪をイジることで時を過ごしていた。存外、奥が深くてな。色々できるが、試してみるか? I often tamper with my hair to pass time. Unexpectedly, I'm pretty fond with it. I can do various types, would you like to try?
Line 7 いつの間にかよい顔になっているな「 」。よかろう、わしの想いと力、お主に託すぞ You put on nice emotion before you know it [protagonist]. Very well, I will entrust my feeling and power to you


  • If the legend is anything to go by, she is the oldest of the four guardians, followed by Seiryu, Suzaku, and Byakko.
  • Despite in the game her element being Earth, in the mythology, Genbu represents the Water element.
    • The four elements in China are Fire, Water, Wood and Metal, represented by Suzaku, Genbu, Seiryu and Byakko respectively.
  • "Like giving a kanabō to an oni" is an japanese popular term. Kanabō is a club weapon and Oni are fierce ogre-like youkai which normally wields it, which means pulling more strenght or effort on something, similar to the western expression "like adding fuel to fire".

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