Carefree Floaters' Club

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Carefree Floaters' Club (Japanese:まったり浮遊部) is a group of Friends based on resident birds. This group was formed through the group quest "Professor and Assistant visit!: Exploring the ecology of birds!". The group's leader is Northern White-Faced Owl. It is the only group mentioned in the guidebook of the first season of the anime.

Group Link: Seven Color Song

Seven Color Song (Japanese:七色ソング) is randomly increases the status of all allies for 15 seconds. The status to be increased is one of the following five: ATK, DEF, SPD, MOV, and KB. The rate of increase changes with the number of participating members, and when 5 members participate, the increase is 100%.


Name Voiced by Attribute Size Nocturnal ID
Acorn WoodpeckerNexonIcon.png Acorn Woodpecker Yahagi Sayuri Passion Small No 00272
Barn OwlNexonIcon.png Barn Owl Ikki Chihiro Cool Medium Yes 00274
Campo FlickerNexonIcon.png Campo Flicker Yoshikawa Miku Pure Medium No 00458
Chukar PartridgeNexonIcon.png Chukar Partridge Shōji Umeka Passion Medium No 00223
Common CuckooNexonIcon.png Common Cuckoo Lynn Passion Medium No 00243
Eurasian Eagle-OwlNexonIcon.png Eurasian Eagle-Owl Ōwada Hitomi Cool Small Yes 00045
Forest OwletNexonIcon.png Forest Owlet Suwa Ayaka Pure Small Yes 00202
GoldcrestNexonIcon.png Goldcrest Kaneko Yūki Passion Small No 00226
Greater Bird-Of-ParadiseNexonIcon.png Greater Bird-Of-Paradise Shōji Umeka Passion Medium No 00230
Greater HoneyguideNexonIcon.png Greater Honeyguide Mami Yamashita Pure Small No 00185
Green PheasantNexonIcon.png Green Pheasant Kaneko Yūki Passion Medium No 00256
Japanese Bush WarblerNexonIcon.png Japanese Bush Warbler Anzai Hidemi Pure Small No 00257
Kyushu OwlNexonIcon.png Kyushu Owl Shizuka Ishigami Cool Medium Yes 00123
Large-Billed CrowNexonIcon.png Large-Billed Crow Ishigami Shizuka Cool Large No 00277
Marvelous SpatuletailNexonIcon.png Marvelous Spatuletail Kano Yui Passion Small No 00254
Medium Tree FinchNexonIcon.png Medium Tree Finch Ōnishi Saori Passion Medium No 00237
Northern White-Faced OwlNexonIcon.png Northern White-Faced Owl Saitō Yuka Cool Small Yes 00044
Red JunglefowlNexonIcon.png Red Junglefowl Mikami Shiori Pure Small No 00390
Resplendent QuetzalNexonIcon.png Resplendent Quetzal Satō Akari Cool Medium No 00225
Rock DoveNexonIcon.png Rock Dove Yahagi Sayuri Pure Medium No 00162
Rock PtarmiganNexonIcon.png Rock Ptarmigan Takahashi Minami Pure Medium Yes 00200
ShoebillNexonIcon.png Shoebill Murakawa Rie Cool Medium No 00310
Spectacled OwlNexonIcon.png Spectacled Owl Numakura Manami Pure Large Yes 00318
Superb LyrebirdNexonIcon.png Superb Lyrebird Numakura Manami Passion Medium No 00259
YatagarasuNexonIcon.png Yatagarasu Ōnishi Saori Cool Large No 00278

Carefree Floaters' Club NexonRelaxingFloatersClub.png
Acorn WoodpeckerBarn OwlCampo FlickerChukar PartridgeCommon CuckooEurasian Eagle-OwlForest OwletGoldcrestGreater Bird-Of-ParadiseGreater HoneyguideGreen PheasantJapanese Bush WarblerKyushu OwlLarge-Billed CrowMarvelous SpatuletailMedium Tree FinchNorthern White-Faced OwlRed JunglefowlResplendent QuetzalRock DoveRock PtarmiganShoebillSpectacled OwlSuperb LyrebirdYatagarasu