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Friend Data
Voiced by:
Takahashi Minami 高橋未奈美
Attack Type:
Short-Range Short Range.png
Medium NexonMedium.png
"Wolf Federation" Wolf Federation.png
Yes NexonNocturnal.png
Maid's Character: Large-Scale Explosive Impact
ID #:
Dingo Nexon Game

Dingo appeared as a minor character during the original Kemono Friends mobile game. She is also a member of the Wolf Federation.


She is a retainer and unlike other friends, she's a butler rather than maid. She has a hobby of observing every action of her master. She doesn't want to become retainer for someone weaker than her


I'm Dingo. I'm taking pride in serving my master. Sometimes, I'm risking my life to protect my master. But, it doesn't apply to everyone. Whether you are suitable to become my master or not, I will determine that.

Role in the Plot

Fraternal Myotis' Character Quest

In this quest she was one of the friends whose dream are seen by Fraternal Myotis'; asking someone she judges worthy to become her master.

Finished Reading at the Library Event Quest

In this quest she was spotted by the protagonist group borrowing lot of books from the martial art corner. Most of the books are concerning art of self-defense which she deems important for her to master as a retainer. According to her, this in turn makes her on high demand for employment. Before she parts way with the group, she gives Serval a lecture about self-defense technique.

Light Corridor Event Quest

In this quest Dingo watches Southern Brown Kiwi singing and when it's over she compliments her and asks Southern Brown Kiwi to join the choir group led by Indri.

Wolf Federation Group Quest

In this quest she first appears noticing that Arctic Wolf reactions when being asked about the circumstances of assault on Dhole is suspicious; followed by Coyote noticing the same reaction from Black-Backed Jackal. And when they can't give any alibi, it results in their house arrest.

When Aardwolf got attacked, she once again immediately points out that the culprit this time is Italian Wolf because she's sneaking behind Gray Wolf in which Coyote too agree with her statement. When others and especially Black-Backed Jackal notices that both Dingo and Coyote are the one who quickly suspects other. This overeagerness cause them to be put into house arrests.

In the end, seeing that Gray Wolf willingness to sacrifice herself to atone for her mistakes, Dingo tells her that even if she did for the group sakes, it means nothing if something bad happens to her.


She considers Peach Panther as her rival in serving one's master although she stating that unlike Peach Panther she will not spoils her master too much.


Friend Stats
Maximum HP: 7,375 Maximum ATK: 4,606
Movement: 90 Attack Speed: 67
Knockback: 27 Anti-Knockback: 57
Reach: 15 Damage Per Second (Single Target): 3,086
Skill Charge Speed: 3.85 Maximum Targets: 1
Advantageous Terrain: NexonPlains.png Disadvantageous Terrain: NexonSky.png

Voice Lines

Line Japanese English

ディンゴと申します。あなた様が私の主人としてふさわしいかどうか、見極めさせていただきますわ My name is Dingo. Whether you are suitable to become my master or not, I will determine that
Battle Cry

まさかこの程度の相手に、手間取りはいたしませんよね There is no way It's going to take time against an opponent like this right?

そろそろ黙らせましょうか Is it almost time to make them silence?

ご主人様、なかなかのお手前でしたわ Master, your skill is not bad
Level Up

主人のために日々精進するのは当然のことでございますわ Every day devoting yourself to one's master is obvious thing
Wild Release

うふふ、私がそんなに強くなってしまっていいのでしょうか。私より弱い方に仕える気はございませんわよ Ufufu, Is it a good thing to make me really strong? I don't have any intention to serve someone weaker than me

Home Screen Lines

Line Japanese English
Line 1 今のところ及第点かと。今後も私の主に相応しい振る舞いをお願い致します I think that now is a pass. From now on too please act worthy of my master
Line 2 あら、最近のメイドは文武両道、ご主人様に従うのではなく、従えることもありますのよ? Oh my, these days maids are accomplished in both literary and military art; not just following their master order but there are times when they subjugate them you know?
Line 3 好敵手はピーチパンサーです。私はあそこまでご主人様に従順ではありませんけど……ふふふ Peach Panther is a worthy rival. Well, I'm not so submissive to master that far though... ... fufufu
Line 4 本日もこのディンゴが身の回りのお世話をさせていただきます。お忘れ物はございませんか? Today too I will take care of you. Are we all set to go?
Line 5 ご主人様の観察が私の趣味でごさいます。一挙手一投足、しっかり拝見させていただきますわ Observing master is my hobby. I see every single of your move
Line 6 ……私をお探しですか?私なら、最初から後ろに控えておりました ... ... You're looking for me? I'm stay behind you since then
Line 7 「 」は私のご主人さまとして満点以上さ。今後とも、あなたの世話をさせてほしい As my master, [protagonist] is more than perfect. From now on also, let me take care of you

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