Stage Play "Kemono Friends"

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Stage Play "Kemono Friends"

Stage Play Kemono Friends.jpg

Stage Play
Japanese Title: 舞台「けものフレンズ」
Romanised Title: Butai "Kemono Furenzu"
Directed by: Hiroki Murakami
Written by: Hiroki Murakami
Music by:  ?
Venue: Shinagawa Prince Hotel
Original Run: June 14, 2017 –

June 18, 2017

Stage Play "Kemono Friends" is the Kemono Friends franchise's first official stage play. It features an original storyline that is not considered canon to the main series, but nevertheless features several Friends, including all of the members of Doubutsu Biscuits and PPP. The stage play boasts an original musical score in addition to its story, and most of the Friends who appeared in the anime are portrayed by their respective voice actresses.


One day in Japari Park, an Okapi Friend is born in the Savannah. Momentarily after her birth, she meets and befriends a Serval, who introduces her to the world she has been born into. Unlike the main character of the anime, it takes Okapi merely a moment to realize what kind of animal she was. However, her adventure is far from over. She and her new friend Serval embark on a journey that leads them to meet new Friends, become pop idols and learn more about the mysterious Japari Park.