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Friends Beat!

Friends Beat Album Art.jpg

Song Data
Release Date June 19th, 2019
Price ¥3300
Catalog # VICL-65220
Publisher Victor Entertainment
Composer(s) Various
Performer(s) Various
Duration 28:02

Friends Beat!, released 6/19/2019, is a character song album for the Kemono Friends 2 anime. It contains eight original songs. Pre-orders for the album included the "Kemono Friends MUSIC Memorial Book" as a bonus. Included in all versions was one random "Japari Hotel Plushie" sticker from five possible stickers - Caracal, Giant Panda, Okinawan Habu, Red Panda, and Serval - each featured in Episode 10 of Kemono Friends 2.


An official promotional video was uploaded to YouTube prior to the album's release.

Track Listing

Track # Name Performer(s) Composer Length
1 Japari Dance! Serval, Caracal, Kyururu 田熊知存 3:58
2 Futari wa Panda Giant Panda, Red Panda Makana Yagime 3:50
3 Aritsukagera Fudousan no Theme Campo Flicker 中村友 0:40
4 Daayo Daayo Mambo Amigo Beast 小野貴光 3:55
5 Naze Naze? Forest no Tabi Gothic×Luck 宮原康平 3:37
6 Koumori Bansankai Vampire Bat Mewhan 3:56
7 Youkosoo ~Japari Cafe e~ Alpaca Suri Daisuke-P 4:30
8 Tadaima wo Kikitakute Domestic Dog (Mixed-Breed) 瀬名航 3:36


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