Pachislot Kemono Friends

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Pachislot Kemono Friends


Sけものフレンズ FS
Pachislot Machine
Romaji Title S Kemono Furenzu FS
Developer Rodeo
Publisher Sammy
Model ?
Price per Play ?
Release Date May 5th, 2022
Release Date (777Real) Jun 28th, 2022
Release Date (777TOWN mobile) 2022/6/28 Aug 9th, 2022

Pachislot Kemono Friends is a pachislot machine developed by Rodeo and published by Sammy (both subsidiaries of Sega Sammy Holdings). Mobile game versions were released on the 28th of June, 2022 on Sammy's pachislot app platform called 777Real, and on the 9th of August, 2022 on 777TOWN mobile.


Overview of Pachislot

This section provides a general overview of how pachislot machines operate that is necessary for explaining the gameplay of Pachislot Kemono Friends to a western audience. Those who are familiar with the machines may ignore this section.

Like most pachislot machines, the primary gameplay of Pachislot Kemono Friends revolves around setting three reels in motion, each adorned with pictures such as bells and a 7, and attempting to create certain patterns with favorable results. Unlike most western slot machines, pachislot machines require the player to manually stop each individual reel, and so there is some degree of player skill involved rather than a pure reliance on luck. The order in which you stop each reel matters more than the patterns on the reel itself. While payout is often low (limited to 15 medals), during gameplay, events will occur at random that can place the game into one of three high-payout states known as Big Bonus, Regular Bonus, and Assist Time. Big Bonus and Regular Bonus states rig the probability of the game to near-constant payouts, with Big Bonus naturally resulting in higher gains. Assist Time states, however, instead tell the player which reels to stop to receive a good payout. The player may also enter into a Chance Zone states where their luck and skill may allow them to enter Assist Time or Bonus modes. Unlike Bonus or Assist Time, there are sometimes multiple forms of Chance Zone in a single machine, which operate under different rules and may be entirely luck, or entirely skill.

Pachislot Kemono Friends

During play, the player will be able to enter an Assist Time state known as Japari Time. Additionally, entering Japari Time appears to be capable of leveling up Serval, Fennec Fox, and Raccoon in some way. As they level up, they may Wild Release, which may increase payout. Additionally, there are also Chance Zones called Kemono Quests, featuring characters from Sammy's popular pachislot series, Beast King, as well as Serval. Another form of Chance Zone that seems to be present is Animal Channel, which features an educational animal video. Friends that appear in Animal Channel include Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey and Crested Ibis. During normal gameplay, the player may also collect "V" symbols. Collecting six symbols likely places the player into Japari Time. Additionally, Friends in Animal Channel also have levels, implying a form of progression. Lastly, screenshots show that there is also a meter labeled "Lucky Gacha", which may send the player into a Bonus state.


The story follows Friends from Japari Park who pay a visit to Juuoh Park, an artificial floating island extending from a small uninhabited island in the abandoned mines of Japari Park. Upon arriving, they meet the Beast King Friends. The Friends have fun at the UFO tower integrated resort that combines various tourist amenities such as theaters, restaurants, amusement parks, sports facilities and hot springs. However, when the artificial sun stops rising in Juuoh Park, the Friends team up to fight the culprit- a massive Cellien- and allow Juuoh Park's sun to shine once again. After resolving the crisis, Japari Park's Friends return home, bidding farewell to the Beast King Friends.

Featured Friends

Beast King Friends

Pachislot Kemono Friends features ten new Friends based on recurring animal characters in the Beast King pachislots, as well as one based on Sammy's alien mascot, Aliyan.


Pachislot Kemono Friends is the first game in the Kemono Friends franchise that doesn't have Japari Park as it's main setting.



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