Japanese Wolf's Character Quest

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Japanese Wolf


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Japanese Wolf's Character Quest is a quest in the original Kemono Friends mobile game centered around Japanese Wolf. It takes place in the Kyoshu Region.


The story begins in the Kyoshu Region of Japari Park with Caracal, who is getting a weird feeling as if someone is staring at her. Japanese Wolf then appears, staring at her, excitedly saying she is curious. Caracal is surprised, but recognizes Japanese Wolf, who greets her and asks what she is doing. Caracal is unsure why she is asking, but responds that she is simply taking a walk. Japanese Wolf asks where she is going, then, without waiting for a response, asks if she should escort Caracal. Caracal, growing uncomfortable, denies this, and Japanese Wolf says that is okay, and that she wants to know more about Caracal. Caracal, even more uncomfortable, asks if Japanese Wolf is a seducer.

Japanese Wolf refutes this, saying that she simply has a habit of focusing intensely on people who she sees. Caracal notes that a Park Guide had also said something like that, and Japanese Wolf says that because of this, she has also been called the delivery wolf. Hearing this, Caracal believes that Japanese Wolf is dangerous (this is due to a Japanese play on words - "delivery wolf" is also a term for men who escort women home with ill intent) and runs away from her in fear. Japanese Wolf becomes confused as to why Caracal is running and follows after her, but Caracal runs into a Cerulean. She exclaims that she is trapped between the Cerulean and the Japanese Wolf. (This is another pun, built upon "between the tiger and the wolf", equivalent to "out of the frying pan and into the fire" in English.)

However, Japanese Wolf assists Caracal, defeating the Ceruleans, and Caracal expresses relief. Japanese Wolf offhandedly comments that she is strong, which Caracal agrees with, showing gratitude for the help. Japanese Wolf responds, saying that it is natural for her to safely escort those she takes an interest in. Caracal, remembering the name "delivery wolf", asks if Japanese Wolf is using the name incorrectly. Japanese Wolf explains that in the past, she was considered to be the god of the mountains, because of the similar pronunciation between okami (wolf) and kami (deity). Hearing that Japanese Wolf was once considered a god, Caracal expresses disbelief, asking if a kid like her could really have been considered such a thing. She confirms that this is indeed true, but quickly moves on to asking Caracal to play with her, prompting Caracal to ask her to not change topics so quickly.

Before the two can continue their conversation, another wave of Ceruleans appears, and Japanese Wolf tells Caracal to be careful, saying she will protect her. After she defeats the Ceruleans, Caracal acknowledges Japanese Wolf's power, causing her to ask Caracal to compliment her more. Caracal tells her to stop following her, asking her to not push her luck, but Japanese Wolf, still fixated on her own ability, says that Caracal is acting this way because she sees Japanese Wolf's strength. Caracal replies that the two are different matters, but Japanese Wolf simply asks her to praise her again. This causes Caracal to call Japanese Wolf a nuisance. Just then, more Ceruleans appear, and Caracal asks Japanese Wolf not to protect her, saying that they should defeat it together, and that she isn't someone who needs to be protected. Japanese Wolf agrees to combine her power with Caracal's.

After the battle, Japanese Wolf feels like working together against a strong enemy has left her with a sense of accomplishment. She asks Caracal to form a group with her and act as a team, believing the two would work well together. Caracal rejects the offer, explaining that it would be troublesome, as she is already a part of the Nyan Nyan Family. However, Japanese Wolf insists, and Caracal says that she is clingy, and the tension reminds her of someone else. However, Japanese Wolf gets the hint, and asks if Caracal really doesn't want to make a group with her, and Caracal confirms this. Japanese Wolf becomes sad, causing Caracal to ask what is wrong. Japanese Wolf explains that because all of her friends are extinct, she wants to make a group again, as it would make her feel happy, but is sad, as in the end, she became a bother to Caracal.

Caracal senses Japanese Wolf's sadness, but Japanese Wolf quickly attempts to recover, telling Caracal that even though it was short-lived, she was happy to be able to act as a group with her. Caracal tells Japanese Wolf to wait, and not to decide such things by herself. She explains that while she is unable to make a group with her, she would be willing to play with her sometimes. Japanese Wolf is ecstatic, saying that she really likes Caracal, causing her to respond by asking her not to suddenly switch gears like that again. Serval then appears, noticing the two and wondering what they are doing. Before Caracal can explain, Serval decides that it looks fun, and decides to join them. Japanese Wolf becomes even happier that she has more friends, and Caracal asks both of them to cut it out before they get out of hand.


Character English Japanese
For some reason… … I feel weird. And for a while, I feel like someone was staring at me… … なんだか... ... 変な感じ。さっきから、誰かの視線を感じるような... ...
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
*stare* I’m curious, I’m curious! じーっ。気になる、気になる!
Wah, that surprised me! Aren’t you Japanese Wolf? わっ、びっくりした!ニホンオオカミじゃないの。
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
Good day! Hey, hey, what are you doing here? こんにちはー!ねーねー、ここでなにしてるの?
What am I doing?... ...I'm just taking a walk. なにしてるって... ...。ただ歩いてただけなんだけど。
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
Where are you going? Hey, hey! Ah, yes! How about if I escort you there? どこ行くの? ねえねえ!そうだ!私が送って行ってあげようか?
Y-you don’t need to go to the trouble of doing something like that… … べ、別にいいわよ。わざわざそんなこと... ...
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
It’s okay, it’s okay! After all, I want to know more about Caracal! いいからいいから!私、カラカルのこともっと知りたいし。
That's... ... could it be... um, are you... a seducer or something?... それ... ... まさか、それって、ナンパかなにか?
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
It’s not like that. I have a habit of staring intensely at people who I see! やだなー、違うよー。私、自分のなわばりに入った相手をじーっと観察するクセがあるんだ!
Come to think of it, I think Guide-san also said something like that before... ... そういえば、前に、ガイドさんもそんなこと言ってたような... ...
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
Because of that, I’ve been called the delivery wolf! だから、私は『送りオオカミ』って言われることもあるんだよ!
A predator!? You’re dangerous! Don’t come near me! 『送りオオカミ』!? やっぱり、ヤバいんじゃないの!近寄らないでっ!
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
Eh? Why are you running? え? なんで逃げようとするの?
I said don’t come near me! H-help! 来ないでって言ってるでしょ!た、たすけてー!
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
Eh!? But I said that's not what I am!? Wait, Caracal! It’s a Cellien! えーっ!? 違うってばー!!? 待って、カラカル!セルリアンだよ!
Th-this... ...! Is this what's called between the Cellien and the Japanese Wolf!? こ、これって... ...!『前門のセルリアン、後門のニホンオオカミ』ってやつじゃないの!
Hah, hah... ... Thanks to Japanese Wolf, I’m saved... はあはあ... ...。ニホンオオカミのおかげで助かったわ。
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
Ehehe, I’m pretty strong, you know? えへへ、私、けっこう強いでしょ?
You are. I’m grateful that you saved me. Thank you very much. まあね。助けてくれたことに感謝するわ。どうもありがとう。
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
You're welcome! It’s natural for me to protect the ones I've taken interest in! どういたしまして!なわばりに入った子を安全に送り届けるのは当然だよ!
Then... the delivery wolf? Don’t you think you're not using that name correctly... ...? それで、『送りオオカミ』? 使い方が間違ってるんじゃない... ...?
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
In the past, I was believed to be the god of the mountain. It’s because wolf and god have the same pronunciation! 私、昔は山の神様として信じられてたんだよ。『オオカミ』という言葉は『大神』と同じ発音だしね!
God... ...? A kid like you? Really? 神様... ...? あなたみたいな子が、本当に?
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
Yes, really! Hey, hey, let’s play together! そうだよー!ねえねえ、一緒に遊ぼう!
Wha- stop... ...! Hey, don’t be so playful all of a sudden! ちょ、やめ... ...!いきなり、じゃれついてこないでよ!
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
Ah! A second wave of Celliens is coming! Be careful, Caracal! I will protect you! あっ!また、セルリアンのニオイがする!気をつけて、カラカル!私が守ってあげるから!
Again, you protected me. More or less, I acknowledge your true strength. また、守ってもらっちゃったわね。一応、あなたの実力は認めるわ。
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
Ehehe! I’m amazing, right? Please compliment me more! えへへー!私、すごいでしょ? もっと褒めて褒めて!
Wha- don’t follow me like that! Don’t try your luck too much! ちょ、まとわりつかないでよ!あんまり調子に乗らないの!
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
It’s because you've acknowledged my power, right? だって、私の実力を認めてくれたんでしょ?
This and that are different matters. それとこれとは別の話よ。
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
Eeh. Praise me more, Caracal! ええー。もっと褒めてよ、カラカル!
Wait, I said stop it! You’re being a nuisance! ちょっと、やめてってば!うるさーい!
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
Ah, The Celliens are coming again! あ、またセルリアンが近づいてきてるよ!
Again!? So that's how it is... This time, let’s defeat it together. I’m not someone who always needs to be protected! またなの!? しかたないわね。今度は一緒に倒しましょう。私だって守られてばかりじゃないわよ!
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
Yes! Let’s combine our power and fight! うん!力をあわせて戦おう!
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
Fuh, working together against a strong enemy makes me feel really accomplished! Alright! From now on, let’s form a group, and move together! I think we would be a good team. ふー、協力しあって強敵と戦うのって、すごく達成感があるよね!そうだ!これから一緒に『群れ』で行動しよ!私たち、いいコンビになれると思うんだよね。
A group? No, that's too troublesome. After all, I’m already a member of the Nyan Nyan Family. 『群れ』? イヤよ、面倒だし。だいたい、私はネコ科なんだから。
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
It’s fine, don’t worry about it. Hey, hey, let’s make a group! いいじゃん、そんなの、気にしないでさ。ねーねー、『群れ』作ろうよ!
Ah! So clingy! (*good grief, this kind of tension reminds me of someone else… …*) だーっ!しつこい!(まったく、このテンション、どこかの誰かを思い出すわね... ...)
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
You really don't want to make a group with me... ...? ほんとに、私と『群れ』作ろの、イヤ... ...?
Yes, didn't I already say that? ええ、そう言ってるでしょ。
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
I see... ... そっか... ...
Eh… …? Japanese Wolf? え... ...? ニホンオオカミ?
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
... ... I... because all of my are friends extinct... if I could make a group again, I would be happy, but... ... instead, I troubled Caracal... ... ... 私、もう仲間が絶滅しちゃったから、もし、また『群れ』ができたらうれしかったけど... ... カラカルは、迷惑だったんだよね。
Ah... ... あ... ...
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
Yes, I think that's enough. It was just for a brief moment, but I’m happy that I could work together with you! うん、だから、もういいよ。ちょっとの間だったけど、一緒に行動できてうれしかったよ!
What is that... ... Wait, Japanese Wolf. Don’t decide that by yourself! なによ、それ... ... ちょっと、ニホンオオカミ!ひとりで勝手に決めないでよね!
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
Eh... ...? え... ...?
I can’t make a group with you, but,... ...well, uhm... ... I'll play together with you, sometimes. 『群れ』にはなってあげられないけど、たまには... ... まあ、その... ... 一緒に遊んであげてもいいわよ。
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
R-really!? Waai, yes! I really like Caracal! ほ、ほんとに!? わーい、やったー!カラカル、大好きー!
Wait! Stop that, didn't I say not to be so energetic out of nowhere?! ちょっ!? だから、いきなりじゃれついてくるのはやめなさいって!
Eh? Caracal, Japanese Wolf, what are you two doing? あれ? カラカルとニホンオオカミ、どうしたの?
Ah, Serval. This is... ... あ、サーバル。これは... ...
Whatever it is, it looks fun! Let me join! なんだか、楽しそうだね!私も入れてー!
Japanese WolfNexonIcon.png
Japanese Wolf
Wai, I have new friends! It’s fun if you have a lot of friends! わーい、仲間が増えたー!友達が大勢いると楽しいね!
Ah, geez! Cut it out, both of you! ああ、もう!あなたたち、いい加減にしなさいよ!
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