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image Item Name Type Text
NexonItemWildRelease1.png Wild Release ★ Wild Release Item ?
NexonItemWildRelease2.png Wild Release ★★ Wild Release Item ?
NexonItemWildRelease3.png Wild Release ★★★ Wild Release Item ?
NexonItemWildRelease4.png Wild Release ★★★★ Wild Release Item ?
NexonItemWildRelease5.png Wild Release ★★★★★ Wild Release Item ?
NexonItemGlint.png Glint Game Money ?
NexonItemStockEXP.png Stock EXP EXP Item ?
NexonItemJapariGold.png Gold Point ?
NexonItemJapariCoin.png Japari Coin Point ?
NexonItemLuckyBag.png Lucky Bag Item Set ?
NexonItemSPWildRelease3.png Special Wild Release ★★★ Wild Release Item ?
NexonItemSPWildRelease4.png Special Wild Release ★★★★ Wild Release Item ?
NexonItemSPWildRelease5.png Special Wild Release ★★★★★ Wild Release Item ?
NexonItemSaltAmulet.png Salt Amulet Event Item ?
NexonItemSpaceshipParts.png Spaceship Parts Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemTimePoint.png Time Point Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemRaidPoint.png Raid Point Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemFlowerSeeds.png Flower Seeds Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemGhostPoint.png Ghost Point Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemBeachPoint.png Beach Point Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemKemoFireworkShell.png Kemo Firework Shell Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemFoxsTalisman.png Fox's Talisman Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemGoodNightPillow.png Good Night Pillow Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemJapariCafePoint.png Japari Café Point Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemHalloweenPoint.png Halloween Point Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemNormalPointyHat.png Normal Pointy Hat Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemHardPointyHat.png Hard Pointy Hat Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemVeryHardPointyHat.png Very Hard Pointy Hat Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemImoMusume.png Imo Musume Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemKemoWatt.png Kemo Watt Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemSpiritOfSincerity.png Spirit of Sincerity Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemSpiritOfPride.png Spirit of Pride Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemXmasPresent.png Xmas Present Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemNormalHandbell.png Normal Handbell Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemHardHandbell.png Hard Handbell Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemVeryHardHandbell.png Very Hard Handbell Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemFriendsLogbook.png Friends' Logbook Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemRubysDiary.png Ruby's Diary Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemSensResearchRecords.png Sen's Research Records Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemYamasEmbarrassingDiary.png Yama's Embarrassing Diary Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemJaguarundisMemoirs.png Jaguarundi's Memoirs Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemTakinsJournal.png Takin's Journal Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemAutobiographyOfResplendentQuetzal.png Autobiography of Resplendent Quetzal Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemKusPictureDiary.png Kū's Picture Diary Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemTetosSongDiary.png Teto's Song Diary Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemJapariPoliceBadge.png Japari Police Badge Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemNormalDevilsMask.png Normal Devil's Mask Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemHardDevilsMask.png Hard Devil's Mask Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemVeryHardDevilsMask.png Very Hard Devil's Mask Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemBitterChocolate.png Bitter Chocolate Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemPlainsChocolate.png Plains Chocolate Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemForestChocolate.png Forest Chocolate Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemDesertChocolate.png Desert Chocolate Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemWaterfrontChocolate.png Waterfront Chocolate Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemSnowfieldChocolate.png Snowfield Chocolate Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemSkyChocolate.png Sky Chocolate Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemOceanChocolate.png Ocean Chocolate Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemKemoHinaDoll.png Kemo Hina Doll Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemNormalPaperLantern.png Normal Paper Lantern Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemHardPaperLantern.png Hard Paper Lantern Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemVeryHardPaperLantern.png Very Hard Paper Lantern Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemServalBadge.png Serval Badge Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemEveryonesDiary.png Everyone's Diary Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemScoutTickets.png Scout Tickets Gacha Tickets ?
NexonItem4OrHigherSubsidizedTickets.png ★4 or higher fixed Subsidized tickets Gacha Tickets ?
NexonItem4OrHigherFixedTickets.png ★4 or higher fixed tickets Gacha Tickets ?
NexonItemPipLiveTickets.png PIP Live tickets Gacha Tickets ?
NexonItemKemonoPowerShowdownTickets.png Kemono Power Showdown Tickets Gacha Tickets ?
NexonItemOnePairOfSantasSocks.png One pair of Santa's socks Gacha Tickets ?
NexonItem5FixedTickets.png ★5 fixed tickets Gacha Tickets ?
NexonItemHarmonyTickets.png Harmony Tickets Gacha Tickets ?
NexonItemCostumeExchangeTickets.png Costume Exchange Tickets Exchangeable Items ?
NexonItemForestSchoolCompletionMedalBronze.png Forest School Completion Medal Bronze Achievement Items ?
NexonItemForestSchoolCompletionMedalSilver.png Forest School Completion Medal Silver Achievement Items ?
NexonItemForestSchoolCompletionMedalGold.png Forest School Completion Medal Gold Achievement Items ?
NexonItemKemoExamPassingMedalBronze.png Kemo Exam Passing Medal Bronze Achievement Items ?
NexonItemKemoExamPassingMedalSilver.png Kemo Exam Passing Medal Silver Achievement Items ?
NexonItemKemoExamPassingMedalGold.png Kemo Exam Passing Medal Gold Achievement Items ?
NexonItemExcursionClimbingCompletionMedalBronze.png Excursion Climbing Completion Medal Bronze Achievement Items ?
NexonItemExcursionClimbingCompletionMedalSilver.png Excursion Climbing Completion Medal Silver Achievement Items ?
NexonItemExcursionClimbingCompletionMedalGold.png Excursion Climbing Completion Medal Gold Achievement Items ?
NexonItemLibraryTourCompletionMedalBronze.png Library Tour Completion Medal Bronze Achievement Items ?
NexonItemLibraryTourCompletionMedalSilver.png Library Tour Completion Medal Silver Achievement Items ?
NexonItemLibraryTourCompletionMedalGold.png Library Tour Completion Medal Gold Achievement Items ?
NexonItemLibraryReadingCompletionMedalBronze.png Library Reading Completion Medal Bronze Achievement Items ?
NexonItemLibraryReadingCompletionMedalSilver.png Library Reading Completion Medal Silver Achievement Items ?
NexonItemLibraryReadingCompletionMedalGold.png Library Reading Completion Medal Gold Achievement Items ?
NexonItemGlassesDetectionMedalBronze.png Glasses Detection Medal Bronze Achievement Items ?
NexonItemGlassesDetectionMedalSilver.png Glasses Detection Medal Silver Achievement Items ?
NexonItemGlassesDetectionMedalGold.png Glasses Detection Medal Gold Achievement Items ?
NexonItemBirdGardenEnjoymentMedalBronze.png Bird Garden Enjoyment Medal Bronze Achievement Items ?
NexonItemBirdGardenEnjoymentMedalSilver.png Bird Garden Enjoyment Medal Silver Achievement Items ?
NexonItemBirdGardenEnjoymentMedalGold.png Bird Garden Enjoyment Medal Gold Achievement Items ?
NexonItemMovingCompletedMedalBronze.png Moving Completed Medal Bronze Achievement Items ?
NexonItemMovingCompletedMedalSilver.png Moving Completed Medal Silver Achievement Items ?
NexonItemMovingCompletedMedalGold.png Moving Completed Medal Gold Achievement Items ?
NexonItemServalMedalBronze.png Serval Medal Bronze Achievement Items ?
NexonItemServalMedalSilver.png Serval Medal Silver Achievement Items ?
NexonItemServalMedalGold.png Serval Medal Gold Achievement Items ?
NexonItemByakkoMark.png Byakko Mark Achievement Items ?
NexonItemGenbuMark.png Genbu Mark Achievement Items ?
NexonItemSuzakuMark.png Suzaku Mark Achievement Items ?
NexonItemSeiryuMark.png Seiryu Mark Achievement Items ?
NexonItemNinjaShuriken.png Ninja Shuriken Achievement Items ?
NexonItemMorphingLeaf.png Morphing Leaf Achievement Items ?
NexonItemTheSerpentBearersWhistle.png The Serpent Bearer's Whistle Achievement Items ?
NexonItemCarnation.png Carnation Achievement Items ?
NexonItemMoonAndWolf.png Moon and Wolf Achievement Items ?
NexonItemRedFeather.png Red Feather Achievement Items ?
NexonItemKingStrawberry.png King Strawberry Achievement Items ?
NexonItemABottleOfJapariSake.png A bottle of Japari sake Achievement Items ?
NexonItemMagicLollipop.png Magic Lollipop AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemMrBatousOil.png Mr. Batou's Oil S AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemMrBatousOil.png Mr. Batou's Oil L AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemPenpenLollipop.png Penpen Lollipop AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemMarkhorsWoundMedicine.png Markhor's Wound Medicine AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemCracklingCottonCandy.png Crackling Cotton Candy AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemHoneyApple.png Honey Apple AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemLittleRedRidingHoodTart.png Little Red Riding Hood Tart AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemSuperKemonoWater.png Super Kemono Water AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemColorfulBananas.png Colorful Bananas AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemWholePumpkinPudding.png Whole Pumpkin Pudding AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemInariSushi.png Inari Sushi AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemKemoMarkCoffeeMilk.png Kemo Mark Coffee Milk AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemFreshBakedSweetPotato.png Fresh Baked Sweet Potato AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemFreshBakedSweetPotatoViolet.png Fresh Baked Sweet Potato Violet AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemBlueberryYogurt.png Blueberry Yogurt AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemSourLemonLollipop.png Sour Lemon Lollipop AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemStrawberryShortcake.png Strawberry Shortcake AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemJapariMochi.png Japari Mochi AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemMandarinOrangeWaferCake.png Mandarin Orange Wafer Cake AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemStakeoutBeanCurryBread.png Stakeout Bean Curry Bread AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemWolfCookie.png Wolf Cookie AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemSunflowerSeeds.png Sunflower Seeds AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemSweetRiceCrackers(PeachFlavored).png Sweet Rice Crackers (Peach Flavored) AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemNyankoLatte.png Nyanko Latté AP Recovery Items ?
NexonItemJapariBun.png Japari Bun AP Recovery Items ?


image Item Name Effect Text
NexonEquipmentRingD.png Ring D AKB 4% UP ?
NexonEquipmentRingD.png Ring D+ AKB 6% UP ?
NexonEquipmentRingC.png Ring C AKB 8% UP ?
NexonEquipmentRingC.png Ring C+ AKB 10% UP ?
NexonEquipmentRingB.png Ring B AKB 12% UP ?
NexonEquipmentRingB.png Ring B+ AKB 14% UP ?
NexonEquipmentRingA.png Ring A AKB 16% UP ?
NexonEquipmentRingA.png Ring A+ AKB 18% UP ?
NexonEquipmentRingS.png Ring S AKB 20% UP ?
NexonEquipmentRingS.png Ring S+ AKB 25% UP ?
NexonEquipmentBraceletD.png Bracelet D ATK Speed 4% UP ?
NexonEquipmentBraceletD.png Bracelet D+ ATK Speed 6% UP ?
NexonEquipmentBraceletC.png Bracelet C ATK Speed 8% UP ?
NexonEquipmentBraceletC.png Bracelet C+ ATK Speed 10% UP ?
NexonEquipmentBraceletB.png Bracelet B ATK Speed 12% UP ?
NexonEquipmentBraceletB.png Bracelet B+ ATK Speed 14% UP ?
NexonEquipmentBraceletA.png Bracelet A ATK Speed 16% UP ?
NexonEquipmentBraceletA.png Bracelet A+ ATK Speed 18% UP ?
NexonEquipmentBraceletS.png Bracelet S ATK Speed 20% UP ?
NexonEquipmentBraceletS.png Bracelet S+ ATK Speed 25% UP ?
NexonEquipmentNecklaceD.png Necklace D ATK 4% UP ?
NexonEquipmentNecklaceD.png Necklace D+ ATK 6% UP ?
NexonEquipmentNecklaceC.png Necklace C ATK 8% UP ?
NexonEquipmentNecklaceC.png Necklace C+ ATK 10% UP ?
NexonEquipmentNecklaceB.png Necklace B ATK 12% UP ?
NexonEquipmentNecklaceB.png Necklace B+ ATK 14% UP ?
NexonEquipmentNecklaceA.png Necklace A ATK 16% UP ?
NexonEquipmentNecklaceA.png Necklace A+ ATK 18% UP ?
NexonEquipmentNecklaceS.png Necklace S ATK 20% UP ?
NexonEquipmentNecklaceS.png Necklace S+ ATK 25% UP ?
NexonEquipmentTiaraD.png Tiara D KB 4% UP ?
NexonEquipmentTiaraD.png Tiara D+ KB 6% UP ?
NexonEquipmentTiaraC.png Tiara C KB 8% UP ?
NexonEquipmentTiaraC.png Tiara C+ KB 10% UP ?
NexonEquipmentTiaraB.png Tiara B KB 12% UP ?
NexonEquipmentTiaraB.png Tiara B+ KB 14% UP ?
NexonEquipmentTiaraA.png Tiara A KB 16% UP ?
NexonEquipmentTiaraA.png Tiara A+ KB 18% UP ?
NexonEquipmentTiaraS.png Tiara S KB 20% UP ?
NexonEquipmentTiaraS.png Tiara S+ KB 25% UP ?
NexonEquipmentWatchD.png Watch D Move Speed 4% UP ?
NexonEquipmentWatchD.png Watch D+ Move Speed 6% UP ?
NexonEquipmentWatchC.png Watch C Move Speed 8% UP ?
NexonEquipmentWatchC.png Watch C+ Move Speed 10% UP ?
NexonEquipmentWatchB.png Watch B Move Speed 12% UP ?
NexonEquipmentWatchB.png Watch B+ Move Speed 14% UP ?
NexonEquipmentWatchA.png Watch A Move Speed 16% UP ?
NexonEquipmentWatchA.png Watch A+ Move Speed 18% UP ?
NexonEquipmentWatchS.png Watch S Move Speed 20% UP ?
NexonEquipmentWatchS.png Watch S+ Move Speed 25% UP ?
NexonEquipmentLunchBoxD.png Lunch Box D KB 4% UP ?
NexonEquipmentLunchBoxD.png Lunch Box D+ KB 6% UP ?
NexonEquipmentLunchBoxC.png Lunch Box C KB 8% UP ?
NexonEquipmentLunchBoxC.png Lunch Box C+ KB 10% UP ?
NexonEquipmentLunchBoxB.png Lunch Box B KB 12% UP ?
NexonEquipmentLunchBoxB.png Lunch Box B+ KB 14% UP ?
NexonEquipmentLunchBoxA.png Lunch Box A KB 16% UP ?
NexonEquipmentLunchBoxA.png Lunch Box A+ KB 18% UP ?
NexonEquipmentLunchBoxS.png Lunch Box S KB 20% UP ?
NexonEquipmentLunchBoxS.png Lunch Box S+ KB 25% UP ?
NexonEquipmentPlainsShoes.png Plains Shoes Add plains to specialty terrain ?
NexonEquipmentForestCompass.png Forest Compass Add forest to specialty terrain ?
NexonEquipmentDesertBottle.png Desert Bottle Add desert to specialty terrain ?
NexonEquipmentSnowfieldSkiing.png Snowfield Skiing Add snowfield to specialty terrain ?
NexonEquipmentSkyBalloon.png Sky Balloon Add sky to specialty terrain ?
NexonEquipmentCityBoard.png City Board Add city to specialty terrain ?
NexonEquipmentCatEyes.png Cat Eyes Granted nocturnal activity ?
NexonEquipmentOceanGoggle.png Ocean Goggle Add ocean to specialty terrain ?
NexonEquipmentWatersideFin.png Waterside Fin Add waterfront to specialty terrain ?
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