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Friend Data
Voiced by:
Nagatsuma Juri 長妻樹里
Attack Type:
Short-Range Short Range.png
Medium NexonMedium.png
"Apron Lovers' Club" Apron Lovers Club.png
Yes NexonNocturnal.png
Brave Voice from the Belly
ID #:
Thylacine Nexon Game

Thylacine appeared as a minor character during the original Kemono Friends mobile game. She is also a member of the Apron Lovers' Club.


She likes working with children and she cultivating land for vegetables that will be used to make healthy food for them. She always bring sweets to be given to little kid. She uses 私 (watashi) to refers to herself but sometimes speaks in 3rd person


... ... I'm not really good with speaking. But, I will do my best. I'm the same with Koala, Red Kangaroo, and the like of them. I'm a wolf who have pocket, it's a bit unusual. Someday, within this pocket, I want to have lot of kids. That is my dream. It would be good if they come true

Role in the Plot

Thylacine's Character Quest

Thylacine's Character Quest, taking place in the Kyoshi Region, centers around Thylacine and her three friends. Namichi, Sika Deer, and Noro, who have been avoiding her recently. As a result, Koala appears and attempts to help Thylacine to become better with people, as Thylacine fears that the three of them are either scared of her or hate her. However, after repeated antics, the three of them appear to her and tell her that they were avoiding her so that they could surprise her with bouquets, assuring her they do not hate her. The three of them then invite Thylacine and Koala to play with them, which Thylacine happily agrees to do.



She has good relationship with Koala as both of them like to work with children

Suri Alpaca

Suri Alpaca helps Thylacine to makes up for her fault when she's troubling Thylacine by planting lot of sweet potatoes that soon will going to infested the said person garden

Tibetan Antelope

Tibetan Antelope helps Thylacine trouble by making dishes made from sweet potatoes that infested her garden


Friend Stats
Maximum HP: 10,488 Maximum ATK: 2,142
Movement: 90 Attack Speed: 45
Knockback: 41 Anti-Knockback: 66
Reach: 25 Damage Per Second (Single Target): 963
Skill Charge Speed: 3.33 Maximum Targets: 2
Advantageous Terrain: NexonForest.png Disadvantageous Terrain: NexonSky.png

Voice Lines

Line Japanese English
みんなが嬉しそう、だと... ... フクロオオカミも... 嬉しい... ... Everyone looks happy... ... Thylacine... is happy too... ...
Battle Cry
みんな、守る I will protect everyone.
目一杯大きな声で... With all of my might, in a loud voice...
疲れた? 私のポッケ、入る?... ... Are you tired? Want to come inside my pouch?... ...
Level Up
また強くなれた、ひひひ... I've gotten stronger again, heheheh...
Wild Release
これで、大好きなみんな... ... いっぱい、いっぱい、守れたらいい... ... With this, it would be good......if I could protect everyone that I love......

Home Screen Lines

Line Japanese English
Line 1 みんなと一緒、それだけで幸せ。今日も、頑張る Together with everyone, just with that, I'm happy. Today too, I will do my best
Line 2 オオカミだけど、袋持ってる。いっぱい、いっぱい入る。ちょっとした、特技っぽい? I'm a wolf but, I have pocket. Lot of thing can fit in. It's a bit like, special ability?
Line 3 コアラとは、いつも子供の話で、盛り上がる。すごく楽しい Koala, is always excited, with kid talk. It's really fun
Line 4 袋、持っている仲間、いっぱい。フクロオオカミは、とても幸せ There are, many friends, who have pocket. Thylacine, is really happy
Line 5 お菓子、食べる?ちっちゃい子たちに、いつもあげてる。よければ、あげる Would you like, to eat sweets? I'm always give it to small kids. If you don't mind, I will give you
Line 6 フクロオオカミ頑張る、嬉しい?フクロオオカミも、あなたと、一緒、嬉しい Thylacine does her best, you're happy? Thylacine too, is happy, to be together, with you
Line 7 子供たちの世話を一緒にしてくれてありがとう、「 」。すごく、感謝してる、本当に Thank you for looking after the kids with me, [protagonist]. I'm really, grateful

Apron Lovers' Club Apron Lovers Club.png
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