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Giant Pangolin

Giant PangolinOriginal.jpg

Friend Data
Voiced by:
Yamashita Mami 山下まみ
Attack Type:
Short-Range Short Range.png
Medium NexonMedium.png
Yes NexonNocturnal.png
Pangolin-Style Steel Tail
ID #:
Giant Pangolin Season 2 Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game

A Giant Pangolin friend named Sen appeared as a minor character during the original Kemono Friends mobile game.


She's the type who talk less do more. She always serious and when she's angry, even her best friend Giant Armadillo fear it although this is a very rare occurrence. She works as general merchant, taking order from anyone no matter what the requests are. Flattery doesn't have any effects on her. She takes pride for being a member of order Squamata.


I'm Giant Pangolin. Using this scale, I can attack and protect. Order squamata name is not only for show. I'm finish. After this, I will prove it using action.

Role in the Plot

Common Ostrich's Character Quest

In this quest she's the first client of Common Ostrich's fortune telling shop. She asks Common Ostrich about the future prospect of the general merchant she runs. To this Common Ostrich tells her that there will be no problem for now and tells her to be more careful with her hard and round partner who often wasting money. Not long after this Olma screams for help getting attacked by Celliens. After they defeated the Celliens, Giant Pangolin scolds alma for wasting money in buying japari bun. In the end she forgives Olma for this and comments how quick it is for Common Ostrich's prophecy to become true.

The Devil Flower; The Great Battle for Subjugation Event Quest

She first appears in this quest when Hilgendorf's Tube-Nosed Bat proposes to the protagonist group to get help from general merchant duo Double Sphere in solving the "Hanalien" problem that causing many friends lost their willingness to do anything. Hilgendorf's Tube-Nosed Bat then proceeds to tell the protagonist group that she doesn't really like to get involved with them; citing they listen to no one and do thing as they like. When the group finally arrives at Double Sphere place, Giant Pangolin tells Olma to get lost when the later discloses Hilgendorf's Tube-Nosed Bat customer information and seeing the dislike look on Hilgendorf's Tube-Nosed Bat. She also tells Olma to stop calling her Sen-chan in front of other people. Seeing that the "Hanalien" problem is a severe one, she decides to split the group into two with the protagonist group come with them and the Bats group on the other. When Olma calls a bunch of Celliens that appear as mysterious power in work, Giant Pangolin tells her to not saying anything stupid. The group then finds White-Eared Opposum lying on the ground thinking that she's dead. This causes Grevy's Zebra to lost her consciousness and when she comments that Grevy's Zebra self-destruct herself she was surprised by White-Eared Opposum who tells her that she just pretending to be dead. This cause her to lose her composure. Olma teases and pats her because of it on which Giant Pangolin responds that she's not embarrassed and tells Olma to stop patting her. In the end of the quest she finally understand that the special type Hanalien produces smaller bud like Cellien that will grow into larger "Hanalien" in which the cycle will continue. After knowing this they need to suppress the increase of "Hanalien" while searching the medicine to cure the disease it's cause; comments that it will take a lot of times and efforts.

Tachikoma Friends ~Part 1~ Event Quest

In this quest after Giant Pangolin sees Olma bothering the Tachikomas with many questions and touching their armament she tells her to not being so clingy to the person she first met. She becomes embarrassed when HAW-206 staring at her tail for a long time. After some chitchat Giant Pangolin tells the protagonist group that she's in the middle of investigation when they saw the "Tachilien" and right now in the middle of the chase of said Cellien. After they defeated the Tachilien, Giant Pangolin asks the group what are they going to do after this before finally going separate way.

Light Corridor Project Event Quest

Giant Pangolin comes to help decorate the forest for christmas. Seeing how much light they put she becomes a bit worry about the electricity its needed. She then notices professor Common Chimpanzee running towards them being chased by Celliens. After this Common Chimpanzee tells the group that she has a way to solve the electricity problem and with that Giant Pangolin and others start to decorating the forest road and tells Olma not to talk too much and just work.

That Friends Now? ~The Memory of Devil Flower~ Event Quest

In this reminiscent quest, Giant Pangolin looking back at the investigation report concerning the "Hanalien" incident while cleaning the house. She then wonders why Olma is late; thinking that maybe she's loitering around again as usual, only to be cut off when Olma calls her name and entering the house through the window much to her chagrin. Olma then proceeds to tell her that there's an accident and it's not the time to clean the house. Giant Pangolin agree to her statement and set out to solve the case.

Four Gods ~Seiryu~ Event Quest

In this quest together with Giant Armadillo she investigating the abnormal increase of water that cause many friends to leave their home. After some hours pass Olma finds scale in which Giant Pangolin comments on how blue and beautiful it is thinking that it could be some kind of ornaments. They then greeted by Serval's group that tells them there is probability the incident is caused not by Celliens but rather one of the four gods who protect Japari Park that is Seiryu. Giant Pangolin then asks them to be calm and starts to summarize their investigation results. After that she declares that wether it's Cellien or Seiryu who cause this incident she will solve it. After reviewing numerous eyewitness reports she finally concludes that the culprit is a Giant Cellien. After some times they finally meet with the Giant Cellien and prepares to fight it before being interrupted by Seiryu who defeats the said Cellien in just one hit. The protagonist group then asks Seiryu to lend her power to fight against the increasing number of Celliens only to be turned down by her. Seiryu then starts blaming other friends for being to weak and wasting their time. This remarks makes Giant Pangolin angry and she demands Seiryu to take back her words. Seiryu then tells tells the group talking more is just waste of time before tells Giant Pangolin to prepare herself against her. When the protagonist group finally defeated Seiryu, she admits that she knows about protagonist deed and acted like that so they would come and fight her. In the end Giant Pangolin and Seiryu become friends with Seiryu asks her how to take care their tail so it stays beautiful.


Giant Armadillo

Giant Armadillo considers Giant Pangolin as an important friends and partner. She's really afraid when Giant Pangolin angry. Giant Armadillo calls Giant Pangolin "Sen-chan". Giant Pangolin hopes that Giant Armadillo to become more serious and always have composure. Giant Pangolin doesn't hesitates to hit Giant Armadillo if the said person push her limit.


She becomes friend with Seiryu after defeating her. Seiryu thinks that Giant Armadillo has beautiful tail and asks her how to tend it. She calls Giant Pangolin at one time as Squamata Girl.


Friend Stats
Maximum HP: 11,312 Maximum ATK: 5,981
Movement: 82 Attack Speed: 50
Knockback: 62 Anti-Knockback: 72
Reach: 45 Damage Per Second (Single Target): 2,990
Skill Charge Speed: 5.56 Maximum Targets: 1
Advantageous Terrain: NexonForest.png Disadvantageous Terrain: NexonSnowfield.png

Voice Lines

Line Japanese English
語る言葉はありません。オオセンザンコウは行動でもって証明します I don't have any word to tell. Giant Pangolin will prove it by action
Battle Cry
目標を捕捉、戦闘開始します I seize my target, commence fight
目標確認、砕きます Verifying target, I will break it
目標を倒しました。何も問題はありませんでしたね I defeated my target. There's no problem at all
Level Up
有鱗目の名は伊達ではないこと。強くなった私が証明します Order squamata names is not only for show. I who have become strong will proof it
Wild Release
力の解放感じます。嬉しいなど思っていません I feel my power got released. I don't think it's pleasant or anything

Home Screen Lines

Line Japanese English
Line 1 感謝の気持ちは、行動で証明します。だから、私のこと見ていてください I'll show my gratitude trough action. That's why, please watch me
Line 2 何かありましたら、何でも屋『ダブルスフィア』にご一報を……何故私がこんなことを If you need anything, just inform us the general merchant "Double Sphere"... ... wait, why I'm doing something like this?
Line 3 ……困りごとですか?それであれば相談にのりますよ。遠慮なくオーダーを聞きましょう ... ... You have any trouble? If so, I would provide consultation for you. Please don't hesitate and tell me your order
Line 4 戦うのは得意です。今からお見せしましょうか? I'm good at fighting. Should I show it to you now?
Line 5 有隣目オオセンザンコウ。実力は行動でもって証明します。さて、今日のオーダーは? Order squamata, I'm Giant Pangolin. I show my true strength trough action. Now, what's the order for today?
Line 6 オルマーには、もっと落ち着いてほしいものです。心配がつきません I want Olma to be more calm. It really caused me never-ending worries
Line 7 私は「 」を応援し、同時に嫉妬もしているんですよ。私にもその勇気がほしい、と I support [protagonist] and at the same time feel jealous. I'm too really want that courage of yours

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