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New Zealand Giant Penguin

New Zealand Giant PenguinOriginal.jpg

Friend Data
Voiced by: Hiromi Konno
First Appearance: Audio Drama
Home Area: Unknown
Has Promotional Video: No
New Zealand Giant Penguin Anime Pavilion Gallery
"I don't have any personality."
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New Zealand Giant Penguin is a Friend that was mentioned in the Anime. She then appeared briefly in the canon audio drama, Original Drama "Japari Bun Hunt".


Giant Penguin is a mysterious Friend, seemingly knowing details about PPP's current mission in the audio drama without having been told. In addition, she sets it up so that Raccoon and Fennec Fox come to the penguin's rescue, predicting their future danger and only adding to her mystery. She seems to be a Friend who knows many things and has ideas concerning how to fix many different problems, even problems that have not yet happened. She laughs in a very distinctive manner (shi-shi-shi-shi).

Role in the Plot

Mentioned by Margay.

In the Audio Drama

Giant Penguin first appears when PPP is attempting to find the place where Lucky Beasts produce Japari Buns, asking if the group is still unable to find the Buns. After having the situation explained to her, she suggests that the group pretend to be in trouble in front of the Lucky Beast, as they assist Friends who seem to be in trouble, not just humans. Giant Penguin then leaves for the time being.

Later, when PPP is trapped between many angry Lucky Beasts, the duo of Arai-san and Fennec come to their rescue. They say that they were told to look for a round thing needed for the Japari Bus by a specific girl who turns out to be Giant Penguin, who predicted the future danger and steered them in the direction of the penguins. Once the group is back at safety, she also attempts to calm Arai-san down, as she had just been tricked into going in the wrong direction.



The penguins of PPP seem to view Giant Penguin as someone to respect, as they all refer to her with the honorific -senpai. It is also implied that the penguins view her as a mysterious figure with many secrets.

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