Japari Café (Album)

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Japari Café

Japari Cafe Album Art.jpg

Song Data
Release Date June 7th, 2017
Price ¥3240
Catalog # VICL-64787
Publisher Victor Entertainment
Composer(s) Various
Performer(s) Various
Duration 38:20

Japari Café, released 6/7/2017, is a character song album for the Kemono Friends anime. It contains a new version of the series' opening theme, Ozora Dreamer, three original songs and a handful of short songs performed by characters (e.g. Crested Ibis) during the anime. An original drama, just slightly shorter than an average episode of the show, is also included.


An official promotional video was uploaded to YouTube prior to the album's release.

Track Listing

Track # Name Performer(s) Composer Length
1 Kemono Parade ~Japari Park Memorial~ Doubutsu Biscuits, Kaban, PPP halyosy 4:16
2 Youkoso Japari Park e (with Kaban) Doubutsu Biscuits, Kaban, PPP Masayoshi Ooishi 3:25
3 Hop Step Friends Doubutsu Biscuits emon(Tes.) 3:48
4 Kimi no Mama de Kaban 40mP 4:37
5 Oozora Dreamer PPP halyosy 3:10
6 Original Drama "Japari Bun Hunt" Various TATSUKI 17:06
7 Toki no Uta ~Nakama~ (Acapella) Ropeway Landing ver. Crested Ibis Crested Ibis 0:30
8 Toki no Uta ~Nakama~ (Acapella) Japari Cafe ver. Crested Ibis Crested Ibis 0:22
9 Toki no Uta ~Hashira to Japariman~ (Acapella) Crested Ibis Crested Ibis 0:19
10 Kaban no Uta ~Hashira to Japariman~ (Acapella) Kaban Kaban 0:16
11 Sunaneko no Hanauta (Long Version) Sand Cat Mewhan 0:30


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