New Zealand Giant Penguin

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New Zealand Giant Penguin

New Zealand Giant PenguinOriginal.jpg

Character Data
Also known as: Giant Penguin
Japanese Name: ジャイアントペンギン
Romanised Name: Jaianto Pengin
First Featured in: Kemono Friends (Anime)
Animal Data
Scientific Name: Pachydyptes ponderosus
Distribution: New Zealand
Diet: Piscivore
Average Lifespan in the Wild: Unknown
Read More: Palaeeudyptinae
Conservation Status: Status iucn3.1 EX.svg.png
New Zealand Giant Penguin Anime Pavilion KF3 Gallery

““Doesn't 'giant' mean 'big'? Do I look like a bully? Am I good at baseball? No, no! I'm ordinary! It's just that everyone selfishly became small! Isn't that right, Koutei?"
Koutei: "......””

New Zealand Giant Penguin's introduction

Giant Penguin is an extinct penguin Friend.


Giant Penguin has extremely long gray hair that extends up to her shoes. It fades into blue at the end, and in the front, it parts into a bicolored bang - a purple that fades into blue, outlined by black. She wears black headphones with red and white sections at the cap and blue LEDs - the headband has "PPP" written on it. She has thick, rounded gray eye brows, and pink irises with no highlights, signaling her species is extinct. Like the other penguins, she wears a unique type of hoodie that continues past the sleeves and becomes a sort of glove, imitating a penguin's wings. However, unlike other PPP members, hers lack thumbs. Giant Penguin's variation of the hoodie itself also has different coloration, being a gray that fades into black at the sleeves and 'gloves', with a white underside. The underside of the hood is black, tied by a zipper of the same color with a cyan LED on it. Just below the hood is a purple-to-blue pattern identical to the one seen on her hair. The rest of the hoodie is completely white, and it turns into a frilled skirt at the bottom. She has small socks with a light blue ring, and wears black boots.

In Real Life

Information: Pachydyptes is an extinct genus of penguin. It contains the single species Pachydyptes ponderosus, the New Zealand giant penguin. This taxon is known from a few bones from Late Eocene (37 to 34 MYA) rocks in the area of Otago. With a height of 140 to 160 cm and weighing around 80 to possibly over 100 kg, it was the second-tallest penguin ever, surpassed only by Anthropornis nordenskjoeldi (an extinct Genus) in height, but probably not in weight. Pachydyptes was slightly larger than Icadyptes salasi (an extinct Genus), the best-identified of the giant penguins.


Giant Penguin was first unveiled on the official website for the anime on October 18th, 2016.


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