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Royal Penguin

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Friend Data
Voiced by: Mikoi Sasaki
First Appearance: Episode 8
Home Area: Waterfront
Associated Characters: Margay, Emperor Penguin, Gentoo Penguin, Southern Rockhopper Penguin, Humboldt Penguin
Has Promotional Video: Yes
Royal Penguin Anime Season 2 Manga Festival Pavilion Stage Play Gallery

Royal Penguin, nicknamed Princess, is a member of P.P.P. and makes her first appearance in Episode 8 - PPP Live.


Princess has a sense of confidence that P.P.P. can become something great. This shows itself through her criticisms of mistakes that the group makes, as well as her passion for practicing routines. Despite this, she's a firm believer that being an idol should be fun, and encourages the rest of the group to loosen up and enjoy themselves while improving their technique. She is described by Margay as the 'pillar of the group'.

Role in the Plot

Episode 8 - PPP Live

Princess is present when P.P.P. are introducing themselves before their performance in the Waterfront area. During introductions, she is the first one to state her name and nickname. After the introductions have finished and P.P.P. assemble backstage, Princess chastises the group for being 'sloppy'. Regardless, she encourages the group to practice their technique, so that they can become legends.

During practice, Princess finds the group lacking and gives them stern pointers on where they need to improve. When Kaban, Serval, and Margay turn up holding the ticket for a backstage pass, P.P.P. invite them to watch their rehearsals; however, during their practice, Princess is quick to stop and criticise the group once again for being out of sync.

When Margay points out that the current generation of P.P.P. has five members, as opposed to the first generation's three members and the second generation's four, Princess becomes mysteriously defensive and storms off. Serval and Kaban find her sitting on Waterfront area's pier. Princess admits that she's scared of performing due to there never being a Royal Penguin in P.P.P. before. Kaban and Serval help bring Princess back to the stage, where the rest of P.P.P. are getting ready for the performance.

Princess returns in time to hear the group talking about how much they need her, and she decides to rejoin P.P.P. once more. After the performance, she thanks Serval and Kaban for their help. She offers the role of group manager to Margay, who accepts.

Episode 9 - Snowy Mountains Area

Princess appears at the end of this episode, helping Arai and Fennec locate where Kaban is.

Episode 12 - Amusement Park

Princess appears alongside the rest of P.P.P. to fight off the Black Cerulean. She can be seen hitting one of its legs alongside the other group members.



Princess acts as the motivator of P.P.P. She's quick to point out the errors in her group's ways, but also encourages them to do their best and improve as much as they can.

Serval and Kaban

Serval and Kaban meet with Princess backstage at P.P.P.'s performance. When Princess flees due to her stage anxiety, Serval and Kaban try to talk her into coming back to the stage. Princess objects and says she could not face the group again. Serval ends up having to carry Princess back to the stage, despite Princess's complaints.


Princess meets with Margay after she comes along backstage with Serval and Kaban. After P.P.P.'s performance at the Waterfront area, Princess offers Margay the role of the group's manager, who accepts.

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