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Lucky (Japanese: ラッキーさん Hepburn: Rakkī-san) is the nickname given to a certain Lucky Beast by Kaban. Lucky accompanies Kaban and Serval on their adventures during the Kemono Friends anime. Like other Lucky Beasts, he is referred to as Boss by most Friends that appear in the anime, but this wiki will use the name "Lucky" as it is the robot's sole unique name.


For the majority of the anime, Lucky is identical to other Lucky Beasts. After the apparent destruction of his body during the battle with the Black Cerulean, however, he is reduced to the belt formerly wrapped around his body and the lens-equipped panel which was attached to the center of his belly. The two pieces are combined to form a watch-like accessory which Kaban wears on her right wrist.


It is uncertain how much, if any, of Lucky's behavior is unique to him or is inherent to all Lucky Beasts. Due to his programming, in normal circumstances he carries out his work for the Friends in silence, but it is revealed that Lucky truly cares for the Friends of the park.

He has a confident attitude and is equipped to solve problems that arise, but when he encounters a problem that doesn't seem to have a solution he enters a malfunctioning mode where he nervously stutters or becomes silent. He is selfless enough to put the safety of humans and the park above his own, sacrificing himself in order to defeat the Black Cerulean.

Role in the Plot

Episode 1

Lucky introduces himself to Kaban as a Lucky Beast at the end of the first episode. While Serval is shown to be familiar with him, he surprises her with his ability to speak.

Episode 2

Once Kaban explains her goal to visit The Library, Lucky plans a course to take her and Serval there. He begins explaining the different areas and Friends of Japari Park as Kaban dozes off to sleep, until his explanation is interrupted by one of Mirai's voice recordings. In the morning, Lucky explains the plan to find the nearest Japari Bus in order to reach Japari Library. As they must pass through the jungle to reach the bus, he gives them a tour of the Jungle Area, introducing them to the various types of Friends and flora along the way. Some time into the tour, the path disappears and Lucky is unable to lead them any further, requiring the help of Jaguar and Asian Small-Clawed Otter to cross the river. Lucky identifies the two halves of the Japari Bus, and tests it out after the Friends work together to reunite them. He tells the Friends the battery is dead but can be charged in Japari Café on top of the mountain, setting the stage for Kaban and Serval's adventure in the next episode.

Episode 3

While being carried with Kaban by Crested Ibis, he gives facts about Crested Ibis and some of Sandstar's effects on the environment. Later, he helps weed the grass for Suri Alpaca's café. At the end of the episode he inserts the battery into the now-functioning Japari Bus. After the Friends play around with it for a bit, he begins driving Kaban and Serval on their way.

Episode 4

Lucky drives Kaban and Serval through the desert until getting caught in a sandstorm. They ultimately take a detour through an underground bypass, where they find the entrance to the Underground Labyrinth. As it is an attraction, Lucky does not follow the duo in, but moves to the exit to pick them up once they get out.

Episode 5

Lucky drives the bus by the Lake Shore. After explaining how he is able to wirelessly drive the vehicle without touching the wheel, Serval attempts to drive it herself, causing her to accidentally knock over North American Beaver's collection of tree trunks. When Serval and Kaban decide to help Beaver find new building material, Lucky recommends the best type of trees to use and where to find them. On the way to the grove, he also teaches them above various animals of the park and the homes they build.

Episode 6

Lucky spends the episode malfunctioning where he was left, as he cannot find Serval and Kaban after they are taken away by Arabian Oryx and Aurochs.

Episode 7

As they near the Library, he stops the bus in front of the mysterious signs, allowing Kaban and Serval to explore the Quiz Forest. Because they are inside an attraction, Lucky encourages Kaban to answer the questions on her own rather than give them himself.

Episode 8

Lucky drives Kaban and Serval to the Waterfront Area to see the Penguins Performance Project concert.

Episode 9

While driving through the Snowy Mountains, Lucky retrieves a set of snow treads to place on the bus tires to prevent the wheels from being stuck. He sets out to take Kaban and Serval to the hot springs and explains the climate of the area along the way. However, he becomes frozen in ice after Kaban and Serval want to walk in the snow and a storm picks up. Later, he plays back a message from Mirai theorizing the threat ceruleans pose to returning Friends to their original animal form. At the end of the episode, he suggests a lodge to rest in before heading to the ocean.

Episode 10

At the lodge, Lucky plays back many recorded notes taken by Mirai during a Cerulean outbreak. These recordings also cause the projection of Mirai that the guests of the Lodge perceive as a ghost.

Episode 11

After the group narrowly escapes a Cerulean, Lucky suggests they survey the situation. At the top of the Sandstar mountain, he goes into a warning mode once he detects the Black Cerulean drawing in energy from the volcano. He orders Kaban to evacuate as it is a park emergency, but Kaban insists she is not a visitor and needs to help how she can. Lucky sees her wearing Mirai's hat completed with both feathers and updates her status to a temporary park guide. He takes part in Kaban's plan to lead the Black Cerulean into the ocean by navigating the bus while it chases them.

Episode 12

Lucky stays on the boat while telling the Friends to rescue Kaban. He explains that he is only permitted to speak to Friends when a human is in danger. His warning transmits to other Lucky Beasts across the island, causing the various Friends to join together to save Kaban. When the Cerulean reaches the boat Lucky sinks it himself, sacrificing himself to defeat the Cerulean. However, his device and belt wash up on the shore and he is found to still be functional. Kaban wears him like a watch in this new form, allowing him to accompany her even as she leaves the island.



For much of the anime, Lucky treats Kaban as he would any other human visitor, guiding her and giving her information about the park. Kaban is implied to remind Lucky of Mirai due to her hat, as he often plays back recordings of Mirai while near her. Before the battle against the Black Cerulean, Lucky sees Kaban as a fellow Park Guide, partially due to her growth along their journey and the completion of Mirai's hat. It is at this point that they work together for the safety of the park.


While for the most part Lucky's programming prevents him from interacting with Serval, this should not be mistaken for a lack of caring. When Kaban needs to be rescued and he knows he is about to sacrifice himself, Lucky takes the opportunity to speak directly to Serval, saying he enjoyed their time together and thanking her for the fun. Further highlighting his closeness to her, he speaks Serval's name along with Kaban's as his last words while going down with the ship.


Lucky once accompanied Mirai while she was still a Park Guide. Mirai used him to take notes, which he keeps the recordings of. He occasionally plays back her recordings in Kaban's presence.


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