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Eurasian Beaver


Friend Data
Voice N/A
Debut Opening
Home Area Lake Shore
Distribution ?
Promo No
Eurasian Beaver Anime Festival Pavilion Nexon Game Stage Play Gallery

Eurasian Beaver appeared in the Opening for the anime. However, she does not appear within the anime itself.


As she did not appear in the anime, any details about her personality are unknown. She can be seen near Black-Tailed Prairie Dog and with a pile of logs in the opening, so it's possible she would have had the same personality and relationship with her as North American Beaver does.

Role in the Plot

As she did not appear in the anime, she had no bearing on the plot or interaction with any characters.


  • She may have been replaced by, or confused with, North American Beaver during production of the anime. This is likely the case as North American Beaver instead appears in the Lake Shore in Episode 5 - Lake Shore, which is presumably where Eurasian Beaver would have appeared based on the opening and her proximity to Black-Tailed Prairie Dog.

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