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Friend Data
Voiced by: Yū Kobayashi
First Appearance: Episode 4
Home Area: Desert
Has Promotional Video: Yes
Tsuchinoko Anime Manga Festival Pavilion​ (Gen 2)​ Nexon Game Stage Play Gallery

Tsuchinoko appeared as a major character in Episode 4 - Desert Area, found in the Underground Labyrinth beneath the Desert.


She is generally shy and does not want to come into contact with other Friends. Despite this, she has a very loud and potentially dirty mouth. She will use this kind of voice to assert what she wants to say. It is not uncommon for other Friends to consider her speech patterns rude.

She seems to be fond of knowledge, researching about Japari Park and taking note of its history. She becomes gleeful when she comes across discoveries that wasn't known to Japari Park before. However, she seems to know a lot about things that could be considered ancient around the Park.

Role in the Plot

Episode 4 - Desert Area

Tsuchinoko is first encountered when Kaban and Serval ends up locking themselves in the Underground Labyrinth after following a tunnel. She was incredibly surprised to see someone find their way down there, and gets mad at them for closing the entrance that she kept open so that she can escape when neeeded. After some convincing to go together, Tsuchinoko then lets the two come along so they can find a new exit together.

She uses some of her special abilities to navigate through the maze. These include: a strong sense of smell to find the exit, her pit organ (apparently; she's not sure what it's called) to sense the presence of Ceruleans, and some other ability that let's her see through the floor, among others.

During this time, she ends up discovering other artifacts that would give some hints as to the history of Japari Park, such as the lava blocking the exits, Japari Coins, and the monument just outside the maze.

She is the first Friend to show hints of knowledge about Japari Park's past, implying that she knows something about Kaban that most other Friends normally do not.

Episode 6 - Plains

Tsuchinoko encounters, much to her dismay, Raccoon, Fennec Fox, and Sand Cat while she was presumably researching on the monuments she found earlier. She tells Raccoon that Lucky Beast responded to Kaban, which prompts her to show a red feather.

Episode 12 - Amusement Park

Tsuchinoko lends her knowledge to battle the Black Cerulean. She commands Ezo Red Fox, Suri Alpaca, and Silver Fox to siphon water from the ocean. After the other Friends weaken the Cerulean's leg, she commands them to pour the water over the weakened leg, turning that part into volcanic rock. In the celebrations after, she simply relates the recent discoveries to some of Japari Park's facts, such as Sandstar's forming of Friends and the presence of volcanic rock around the park.


  • Tsuchinoko's personality in all other media is of the quiet type. However, the Tsuchinoko in the anime is a loud mouth. This may be because of Yū Kobayashi's popularity as a voice actress, where she is famous for her very unique and notable screams in voice acting.
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