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Suri Alpaca

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Friend Data
Voiced by: Yukiyo Fujii
First Appearance: Episode 3
Home Area: Mountain
Associated Characters: Crested Ibis, Scarlet Ibis, Kaban
Has Promotional Video: Yes
Suri Alpaca Anime Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion Nexon Game

Suri Alpaca is a Friend who first appears in Episode 3 - Mountain of the Kemono Friends anime.


Suri Alpaca is a welcoming Friend who's always excited and delighted especially when she have new customers.

Role in the Plot

Episode 3 - Mountain

Suri Alpaca first appears when Kaban and Crested Ibis discover the café on top of the mountain, she gladly welcome them thinking they were customers and propose a tea. She then helps them to recharge the battery for the Japari Bus. At the same moment, she explains that she talked about her café to friends below the mountains, but she never had a customer. Afterwards, she helps Kaban, Lucky and Crested Ibis mow outside.

During the activity, she explains that she found this chalet in the mountain and decided to make it a peaceful spot for the friends who wants to find tranquility, for that, she learns how to make tea at the Japary Library. Later, Crested Ibis take her in the sky to admire the sign they made for the café. After that, she serves teas to the others to express her gratitude for the help they gave her. At the end of the episode, she says goodbye to Kaban and Serval before they continue their adventures, and remains with Crested Ibis and Scarlet Ibis.

Episode 12 - Amusement Park

Suri Alpaca helps take down the Black Cerulean with the help of Silver Fox, Ezo Red Fox and Tsuchinoko. At the end, She participates at the party by serving tea to the friends.


Crested Ibis

Crested Ibis is one of the most first customer of Suri Alpaca, she usually come to her café for singing and drinking tea.


Kaban help Suri Alpaca to attract more customers to her café at Episode 3, she's also one of of her first client along with Japanese Crested Ibis.

Scarlet Ibis

Suri Alpaca's customer


During recording Suri Alpaca's voice actor Yukiyo Fujii put in a lot of her own lines which helped to add to her character, other voice actors soon started doing the same as a way to help develop individual characters for the friends

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